Global OnePlus 11 to come with 80W fast charging [Update: US only]

Ro, 19 January 2023

The OnePlus 11 debuted in China earlier this month and the phone is even on the shelves for some time now. However, we are still awaiting the global release of the handset and now we learn it will bring at least one change.

Global OnePlus 11 to come with 80W fast charging

While the Chinese version boasts 100W charging support, the global option will settle for 80W SuperVOOC.

The information comes from leaked marketing text matirals. The text mentions some of the highlight features, charging tech included. Notably, the OnePlus 10 Pro also had 80W SuperVOOC for most markets, so there is no upgrade in this department.

[UPDATE] A new source claims that the initial source of this leak misread the information. Allegedly, the OnePlus 11 will have 100W charging everywhere except in the US. This is similar to how the OnePlus 10T had 150W wired charging support except for where 110V sockets are used, where it was 125W. We assume the reason is similar too, something to do with how OnePlus' proprietary fast charging system works.



Reader comments

The wattage is using Power Delivery standard (80-100W). The SuperVOOC tech from oppo is basically their proprietary charger management for the charger and ensures that the battery stays healthy throughout, I actually dont know how it would be transla...

How fast can it charge with other chargers then? Such as PD charger?

Wrong. Every chinese manufacturer uses fastcharging and phone is bundled with fastcharger in every country the phone is sold in. EU sometimes do good things but usually they ruin everything.

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