Gartner: Global smartphone shipments down 2.7% in Q1, Apple sells 10M fewer units

Yordan, 29 May 2019

Smartphone shipments kept falling in the first quarter of the year according to the latest Gartner report. The global total is down 2.7% on a yearly basis and declined 8.65% sequentially.

Company Q1 2019 (in thousands) Q1 2019 Market Share Q1 2018 (in thousands) Q1 2018 Market Share
Samsung 71,621.1 19.2% 78,564.8 20.5%
Huawei 58,436.2 15.7% 40,426.7 10.5%
Apple 44,568.6 11.9% 54,058.9 14.1%
Oppo 29,602.1 7.9% 28,173.1 7.3%
vivo 27,368.2 7.3% 23,243.2 6.1%
Others 141,405.2 37.9% 159,037.1 41.5%
Total 373,001.4 100% 383,503.9 100%

Samsung shipped about 10% fewer units, but still maintains its top position. However, the Huawei and Apple switched and now the Chinese manufacturer is behind its Korean competitor with a massive 44% increase, compared with Q1 2018.

Huawei's numbers are sure to drop in the current quarter, though, following the US ban, but we'll have to wait and see the magnitude of the decrease.

Gartner: Global smartphone shipments down 2.7% in Q1, Apple sells 10M fewer units

While the USA-China trade war is hurting Huawei, two other smartphone manufacturers in Top 5 gain a bit of share along with improved sales numbers. Oppo and vivo snatched a slightly bigger chunk of the market pie at the expense of other companies.

Xiaomi did not make it into the Top 5 by the slightest of margins - 27.2 million placed them sixth, or first of the rest.



Reader comments

Nokia :D Nokia has maybe few percent shair as their phones are behind competition in price and features

Jacks are still used all around. It's not the past. There is no a single audio equipment or PC with USB type C audio support. Only through external sound controller. SD is also not the past. It's currently dominant standard on the market of home...

bbk is the first. It has 4 brands on market - One Plus, Oppo, vivo and realme. Huawei is second, as Honor is only a subbrand. Samsung is only third.

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