Google admits current Motorola devices not up to their standards

01 March, 2013

About nine months ago when Google acquired Motorola, the company also inherited about 18 months worth of product pipeline. This included models such as the RAZR HD and the RAZR M. It seems, however, that none of these products are up to Google's standards.

While talking in a conference, Google's Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President Patrick Pichette said that the current products in Motorola's pipeline are "not really to the standards that what Google would say is wow innovative, transformative."

That's an awfully honest thing to admit. But Pichette did not stop at that. He also said that "We've inherited 18 months of pipeline that we actually have to drain right now, while we're actually building the next wave of innovation and product lines".

We have been hearing rumors of Google working on an X Phone with Motorola, with some even expecting it to be announced at this year's Google I/O. However, now that we know that Google still has several months to go before they empty Motorola's current pipeline of products, this mythical X Phone won't be coming any time soon.