Google Assistant rolls out in Italian

Yordan, 25 October 2017

Earlier in 2017 Google promised that Assistant will learn more languages and now Italians can finally talk to it in their native language. Following the last update, now Assistant can answer all questions and actions with a deep soothing Italian voice.

According to Italian media, the update will reach all Android users in Italy by November 1.

Google Assistant in Italian Google Assistant in Italian Google Assistant in Italian
Google Assistant in Italian

Google already said the incorporation of new languages happens after working with natives and collecting speech samples. After that the machines train themselves to improve accuracy when exposed to more examples.

Our initial tests reveal that Google understands dialects both from Northern and Southern Italy. To allow the Assistant to speak back, the language must be added as primary on the phone for Google to work.

Via 1 (in Italian) Via 2 (in Italian)


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  • Anne

Great job Google...

  • User

hope to see Persian

  • pasta dude

in the clickable picture that takes me to this article i see the italian peninsula in the shape of a boot, colored in the italian flag, but no sicily or sardinia! are they not important? mama mia...