Google now lets you add app-like bookmarks on Android

Yordan, 03 February 2017

Google released new Chrome Beta version and it comes with the feature called Progressive Web Apps. When a mobile site is launched and you want to “Add to Home Screen” through the Chrome options, a shortcut appears.

The difference is it doesn’t act as a normal bookmark, but as an app that can draw notifications, be uninstalled and such. This is really important for users who want to use mobile site instead of downloading an app.

Other new features of the Chrome Beta v57.0 are the “CSS Grid Layout” that gives developers more options of positioning various segments on media player lockscreens. Chrome Beta can be downloaded right away at Play Store.

Source | Via | Chrome Beta at Google Play


Reader comments

  • AnonD-632062

This might actually be pretty good, since many free websites offer the same functionality as their paid app counterparts.

  • Anonymous

So basically, what already Firefox OS had.

  • Rafaelinux

Welcome to Symbian In 2010!