Google Go and Maps Go reach 10M downloads each

Yordan, 26 September 2018

Google introduced the Oreo (Go Edition) for cheap smartphones with low-end specs, targeting the developing markets. Along with the optimized OS, the company launched several apps tailored for the Go platform, including Maps Go, Gmail Go, Assistant Go, etc.

Latest Installs counter in the Play Store revealed that two of the more popular apps - Maps Go and Google Go reached 10 million downloads, becoming the first of the bunch to reach the milestone.

Google Go features

The Go Edition was introduced with Android Oreo, but Google promised last month that there are plans for a lite variant of Android Pie as well. The new OS will have 500 MB smaller footprint, will boot faster and will offer tracking and monitoring the data consumption.

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Reader comments

  • Nirav Soni

Kudos!!! Congrats to the developers.

  • AnonD-632062

Thumbs Up!

  • YoloBS

Still waiting for someone make a qwerty phone with android go.