Google I/O 2013 tickets sell like hot cakes, all sold out now

13 March, 2013

While not a record-breaking sale (last year's tickets sold out in under 30 minutes), the sale period again shows how hot the developer event is.

Regular attendees pay $900, while reduced $300 tickets apply for students and faculty staff. Of course, you have got to remember that all attendees get all sort of high-tech freebies, easily matching the ticket value.

Another important note is that Google I/O is not merely a developer's conference, it's also a venue for some pretty major product announcements and tech demos - getting everybody a first glimpse of Android's next release.

Google I/O 2013 will be held between May 15-17 with the major announcements usually taking place on the first day.



Reader comments

  • theejhay

is galapad 7 a good tablet?planning to buy one.

  • fakkad

Outdated?!! What would be the % of LTE users as against cellphone users worldwide?

  • AnonD-123714

Well the problem there is that taking up that option would require them to change their domain name everytime a new cellular network standard launches. Seems like alot of hassle over nothing to me...