Google is looking to supercharge the Raspberry Pi Foundation in 2017

Victor, 24 January 2017

Raspberry Pi managed to do an incredible amount of good for the entire realm and kick-start a veritable single-board computer revolution. Over the years the small PC-on-a-chip has become recognized as the founder of a whole new tech niche. This hasn't gone unnoticed by Google, which is now trying to board the creative train and empower future tinkerers and developers.

"Hi, makers!". That is how the online titan has affectionately chosen to address all those interested in matters Raspberry Pi in a new survey, which could determine future development paths. Google has quite a few things to offer enthusiasts along the lines of machine learning, AI and powerful online services. The survey in question is a sort of probe so Google can decide what range of tools would be most beneficial for its development.

Hi, makers! Thank you for taking the time to take our survey. We at Google are interested in creating smart tools for makers, and want to hear from you about what would be most helpful.  As a thank you, we will share our findings with the community so that you can learn more about makers around the world.

Filling out the document also provides at least some idea about said tools and the uses they target. These range from general machine learning, IoT, speech-to-text translation, facial and emotional recognition, all the way to much more tangible things, like wearable tech, robotics and home automation.

This is not the first time Google has taken interest in the Raspberry Pi Foundation either. Last year, a mysterious Android code branch was found that seemed to indicate a ROM in progress for the hardware. This hasn't yielded any results yet, but does indicate preexisting cooperation efforts. If single-board computers are something you find interesting and important for their future potential, be sure to hit up the source link and fill out Google's survey.

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  • Trooper

I guess Google want a piece of the pi/e. :p

  • AnonD-325194

Any New RPi ? Version 4 ?

Chrome os on a pi. Now that i gotta see.