vivo X100 Ultra's camera samples shared by company official

Sagar, 04 May 2024

vivo is expected to unveil the X100s and X100 Ultra this month. The brand recently shared camera samples of the vivo X100s, showcasing the phone's AI-powered image editing capability. Now, we are looking at a couple of pictures clicked with the vivo X100 Ultra, which were shared by the company's VP on Weibo.

These pictures show China's Chang'e 6 lunar probe. The photos' borders reveal the camera has an f/2.67 aperture, while the focal length equivalent to 230mm suggests they were captured at 10x zoom.

vivo X100 Ultra camera samples vivo X100 Ultra camera samples
vivo X100 Ultra camera samples

Reliable tipster Digital Chat Station says these photos were clicked with the vivo X100 Ultra's 200MP periscope telephoto camera, which has a focal length of 22.48mm. It uses a 1/1.4" sensor, and in high-res mode, the 200MP camera can take pictures in a 16,320x12,888-pixel resolution.

vivo X100 Ultra official teaser
vivo X100 Ultra official teaser

DCS also claims that the 200MP camera supports 100x zoom and telephoto macro, which will likely be called Super Macro mode. We were impressed with the periscope telephoto-enabled Super Macro mode on the vivo X100 and X100 Pro, and we look forward to what improvements the X100 Ultra's Super Macro mode will come with.

While we await more details about the X100s and X100 Ultra from vivo, you can read our vivo X100 review here and X100 Pro's review here to learn more about them.

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While your observation is spot on, we have to consider that these are photographs of a rocket launch with tons of hot air and gases causing the air to shimmer, a phenomenon that can also be observed on asphalt roads on warm summer days when you look...

What can be seen is that despite having some detail, a lot of it is blurred and hazy, quite like Vivo's hi res that despite being sharp and with some detail, half of it is lost in blur. Unlike in the past, samsung and apple lead in hi res (ra...

I'm a professional photographer & I use my Xiaomi 13U when I don't feel like carrying a bunch of lenses & Canon SLR with me off work. I've taken photos from Iphone 14 pro from my buddy & 13U and most people prefer photos fr...

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