Google job listed for drivers to test self-driving cars in Arizona

12 May, 2016

If you live near Arizona and would like to receive up to $20 per hour, you should check out the job listing found on HireArt. Google is looking for good drivers to test self-driving card who would be constantly alert to take-over in the event the car might do something incorrectly.

Google is growing its self-driving vehicle program in Chandler, Arizona and what better way to test self-driving cars than to make sure every car has a human operator inside. The operators must have clean driving records and are expected to provide detailed reports both verbally and written as to the behavior of the self-driving cars.

The position requires that drivers travel for up to a month at a time for total contracted periods of either 12 or 24 month contracts. The idea of self-driving cars is basically here. Itís crazy to think that cars might be able to drive themselves in the next 10 or 20 years! What are your thoughts about cars being able to drive themselves? Will technology companies be able to make it an everyday reality?

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