Google Maps begins accepting parking fare via Google Pay

Enrique, 03 September 2020

On Wednesday, software company Passport introduced a new partnership with Google to accept parking fares directly through the Google Maps app.

Google Maps begins accepting parking payments via Google Pay

Back in 2016, Passport acquired local parking app startup ParkX. A few years later, Passport updated the city of Austin, Texas with a back-end system to manage the city’s parking meters. In 2019, the ParkX app would eventually be rebranded to ParkATX.

Google Maps integration solves the need to download a new app to pay for parking since all Android devices come with Google Maps built-in and many iOS users already drive with Google Maps. However, the process isn’t any shorter.

Google Maps begins accepting parking payments via Google Pay

As the user approaches their destination, an option to pay will appear in the Maps navigation window. You still must enter a zone number, just like many existing parking apps. You still must select a vehicle (or add one with the plate number), and the payment is handled by a payment method via Google Pay.

Sure, using Google Maps is more convenient, but if you already park in the city on a regular basis then chances are you already have your local pay-to-park apps downloaded and set up on your phone.

Pay to park via Google Maps is now rolling out in Austin, Texas and “will become widely available in the coming weeks”.



Reader comments

  • Real.Talk
  • 04 Sep 2020
  • 3Zy

Nearly impossible? Is air Google owned? No, and you're using it. Are your clothes Google owned? Nope and you got them on. Yeah... I could go on and on... ;)

  • Anonymous
  • 03 Sep 2020
  • 3yK

No it's not. Choose not to use it. Today.

Best of luck with that, that's going to be nearly impossible.

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