Google Maps now works with Apple's CarPlay in iOS 12

Vlad, 18 September 2018

iOS 12 supports third party map apps in CarPlay, and Google has now updated its very own Maps in the App Store in order to enable this functionality.

You obviously need an iPhone with iOS 12 on board in order for this to work. Head over to the App Store to download (or update to) Google Maps' newest version (that's 5.0, by the way). And then voila, you aren't stuck with Apple Maps in your car anymore.

CarPlay is Apple's version of Android Auto, in a nutshell. It lets you use some of your phone's functionality through your car's touchscreen, in supported vehicles.

Google Maps on CarPlay does not integrate with Siri, but it does have its own voice search built-in. This may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what your thoughts on Siri are.

Since the navigation app works with your Google account, you can save addresses like work and home for quick access to directions. In the future, Google-owned Waze will put out a new version of its app for iOS that will support CarPlay too.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

All you people touting apple maps haven't lived in another country. See how far your precious apple maps gets you in a foreign country outside of the capital cities.

  • Anonymous

They allow it now because apple maps is better now and noone want to change to google. Apple loses no users by offering plugins for inferior services. We know you havent tried apple maps, and its best if you never do as it will be very shameful for y...

  • Anonymous

Apple maps is so good for real life usage now that changing to google will be a big downgrade, not to mention that GM does NOT work at all if you dont share your location with google. Apples maps are faster and very accurate, its no coincidence that ...

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