Google Maps now works with Apple's CarPlay in iOS 12

18 September 2018
The new version which enables this functionality just went live in the App Store.

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  • Anonymous

All you people touting apple maps haven't lived in another country. See how far your precious apple maps gets you in a foreign country outside of the capital cities.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2018Good as admitting (Cr)apple maps never works in the first place.They allow it now because apple maps is better now and noone want to change to google. Apple loses no users by offering plugins for inferior services. We know you havent tried apple maps, and its best if you never do as it will be very shameful for you to admit you were talking away like a parrot about things you dont understand.

  • Anonymous

Apple maps is so good for real life usage now that changing to google will be a big downgrade, not to mention that GM does NOT work at all if you dont share your location with google. Apples maps are faster and very accurate, its no coincidence that Apple allows this now when noone want to use Google maps on their Apple devices anymore.
The biggest problem with google that is causing most people to get lost is the inaccurate locations added by random people, info that is never checked by google. I have experienced hotels in google maps located as far from the hotel as i could get within the city limits. I understand that Google is ok for farmers who never go anywhere but for me who drive alone in foreign countries in completely unknown places GM is a menace and a danger to your safety, in one case i have no doubt that the location was added to GM by criminals who wanted to rob or scam strangers who got lost by leading them to their own place where they can rob them in peace and quiet. I been to such a place already thanks to GM.

  • .alpha

I just like Apple Maps' navigation UI better. Google Maps UI is more suited if the phone is vertical and if horizontal, took up too much screen

  • goober

oh no it dont

  • Anonymous

BiyoBiyo JunJun, 19 Sep 2018apple always late , android already support google mapfor c... more"android already support google map for car 3 years ago".

You do know that Android is owned by Google, don't you?

  • Anonymous

Na I think ill stay with apple Maps.
PS anyone that complains about apple maps not being correct should be blaming TomTom since they provide the data.

  • Anonymous

Good as admitting (Cr)apple maps never works in the first place.

apple always late , android already support google mapfor car 3 years ago ... apple copy , apple greedy , ~~~~~