Google Messages prepares app to let you pin conversation threads and favorite messages

Ricky, 28 May 2021

Over the years, Google's Messages app has become the default messaging app for Android-powered devices. Similar to iMessage, it layers the traditional SMS (Short Message Service) protocol beneath a newer internet-based platform, in Android's case, it's called RCS.

In XDA-Developers' latest APK teardown, version 8.1.050 of the Google Message app was dissected and strings of text within the code show that the messaging app will gain two features: the ability to pin message threads to the top of a list of conversations, and the ability to “star” individual messages from a conversation thread. XDA has been able to successfully enable the conversation pinning feature.

Source: XDA-Developers Source: XDA-Developers
Source: XDA-Developers

Other messaging apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, and Telegram have long had the ability to pin a conversation, so it isn’t pushed down the list. The update will be a welcome addition to Android’s default SMS/RCS messaging app.

It’s noted in the teardown that the star feature for marking messages may show a star badge to identify them throughout the thread, but it’s possible that one would be able to filter through starred messages. As with all features uncovered through teardowns, their final completion and implementation are never guaranteed.



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  • Anonymous

Reasons to switch to android messages:- • Have on the most clean & minimal UI • RCS chat features, an amazing IM platform • End to end encryption • if u have no internet connection, messages automatically switch to sms to make sure yo...

  • ChaRliE8593

Hangouts is being shutdown

  • ChaRliE8593

It's an IM service platform which can send an SMS if a internet connection is not available. There are messaging apps other than whatsapp and Android messages is new platform which has a lot of potentials.

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