Google Pay arrives in Germany with four banks

Peter, 26 June 2018

Google Pay is now available in Germany with support for four local banks: Commerzbank, Comdirect, Wirecard and N26. You should be able to add all MasterCard and most Visa cards. Two more banks (LBBW and Revolut) will be supported soon.

As for where you can go, supermarket giants Aldi Sud, Kaufland and Lidl are ready for you, as are retailers MediaMarkt and Saturn, DIY chain Hornbach, along with McDonalds and Adidas.

Google Pay arrives in Germany with four banks, support for two more on the way

Aside from brick and mortar stores a number of apps and websites support Pay too.

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Reader comments

IR blaster payment. Lol.

Hey guys, it isn't up to Google to support NFC payments, but the bus companies themselves. Plymouth(not officially on the list) is having this contactless payments in use for at least 8 months. Before mentioning Google, think of the other companies b...

  • RejZoR
  • 26 Jun 2018
  • M}3

My bank already has a payment app. And it behaves like a native debit or credit card. I don't need Google's stuff to pay. Plus, it's just another way for Google to hoard what and where you buy stuff. NOPE

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