Google Photos expands AI editing tools to all users without a subscription

Vlad, 11 April 2024

Today Google has announced that the AI-powered tools inside Google Photos will be available to anyone using the app, without any subscription required. We are talking about Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and Portrait light.

This will happen from May 15, which, coincidentally or not, is the day after Google's annual developer conference. As always, expect the rollout to take a few weeks after that date, since that's the way Google likes to do things. The three aforementioned features will also be available on "more devices, including Pixel tablets", Google revealed.

Google Photos expands AI editing tools to all users without a subscription

Last year, Google launched Magic Editor on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. It uses generative AI to make complex edits with simple actions, like repositioning the subject or turning the sky a different color. Now, this is expanding to all Pixel devices with unlimited usage.

Additionally, all Google Photos users on both Android and iOS will get 10 Magic Editor saves per month. Going beyond this limit requires either a Pixel device or a Premium Google One plan that includes 2TB of storage or more.



Reader comments

Agreed. The app is nag central. Every single time I open the app, it nags me to update it (as if it isn't handled by the Play store automatically), and nags me to back up all my photos to Google drive. I clicked no, and that just led me to anoth...

  • Bibising nepali
  • 13 Apr 2024
  • 7jW


I've tried to remove a relatively small object (less than 3% of the entire image) from a photo using this AI and oh boy it did the job horribly. You could clearly tell where the removed object was. It was an eye sore. Sorry, this is far from rea...

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