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  • Nu6
  • 16 Sep 2023

Margaret thatcher , 17 Aug 2023That's a great phone. It runs smoothly and has that ti... moreSeriously the phone's dope , is classic as it is, I love it, but unfortunately, I lost it to thieves, so please, why could I get a second-hand , because I really missed that phone( pixel 2). I want to have it again.

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    • Nightman
    • 0TV
    • 11 Sep 2023

    Battery Life is decent. Turn on battery saver to extend battery life. I keep mine charged between 10%-90% & the battery lasts longer. Most ppl have access to charging in their car, at work, at home, charger packs etc. I easily get a full days use from one charge.
    It's a great phone, light weight & easy to carry with me, great sound, great screen detail, etc.

      Margaret thatcher , 17 Aug 2023That's a great phone. It runs smoothly and has that ti... morethis is not a LG battery

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        • Margaret thatcher
        • fu%
        • 17 Aug 2023

        Anonymous, 04 May 2023Probably not if you are using an original battery consideri... moreThat's a great phone. It runs smoothly and has that tiny screen that is missing in 2023, considering that 6 inch is the smallest screen available. The 2700 mAh LG battery is also something unacceptable and LG batteries are not known to have the longevity of a Xiaomi and oppo battery. But this capacity of 2700 mAh is way too small to consider buying this phone. If I have to buy a phone, used or new, the 4000 mAh battery is the bare minimum because bigger batteries now have more charge cycles

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          • Anonymous
          • skx
          • 04 May 2023

          Anonymous, 18 Feb 2023What about the battery life in 2023? Can it go for a day?Probably not if you are using an original battery considering the age of this device. But having replaced the battery of mine once a couple years ago, I can say from experience the answer can be yes if you do that and don't use it too heavily that day. It's still fine as a daily driver if you don't care about software updates or install eg Lineage. Not motivated to replace it yet personally anyway.

            Replaced the battery in my unit, now I'm getting way better battery life! 3 - 5 hrs of SOT depending on my usage

              Anonymous, 18 Feb 2023What about the battery life in 2023? Can it go for a day?Basically got a new old stock of this one, battery life is excellent, around 5-7 hours of continuous use. But the standby time is even longer.

                Been using one as a secondary device for over a year now and I'd say it's still a pretty good phone!!

                The compact size is a big plus for me since i don't really have to do a lot of hand gymnastics to perform tasks, but that does cut down on the battery life. I bought mine used with a pretty tired battery with less than 60% battery health (using Accubattery), i get around 2 - 3 hrs of SOT with usage more to consuming social media, if you ever get this phone, i totally recommend changing out the battery if it wasn't already by the previous owner if ur buying used..

                Other than that, this phone is great when it comes to software, with custom rom support at that! It's snappy, well optimized and a big difference compared to my experience on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 9. However, the screen does feel a bit cramped (being 5.0 inches compared to the 6.53 on the Redmi which I'm used to..) But the colors look good imo, it's the first time owning a phone with an OLED Display and it's worth it for me.

                Haptics are sharp, tactile and button like, typing on it feels amazing and it's no slack to alerting you when a notification comes it.

                Speakers on my unit were not the best, it's really crackly and doesn't really sound that good but the stereo pair is really an added treat! I'd recommend testing the speaker out before buying and not do the opposite (like i did...)

                Cameras on Google Pixel devices are no slouch either, it's pretty well known that the cameras on these devices are nothing less than amazing!! Despite this device being over 5 years of age at the time of writing this, It still takes stunning photos with the 'Pixel Look'. Videos however, could be better but couldn't complain much due to the age and pixels not known for having the best looking video on a smartphone.Never the less, the footage is more than usable! Laser Autofocus is also a big treat, you can focus on smaller objects quite easily without much focus hunting happening.

                All and all.. I do think this device is still worth considering! A Small compact device with superb cameras and a lightweight yet sturdy build!

                But do keep in mind that this device is getting old, there's no lie that this device would be considered 'Obselete' in the spand of a few more years and software updates don't really exist since 2020.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • X}e
                  • 18 Feb 2023

                  What about the battery life in 2023? Can it go for a day?

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 8gA
                    • 11 Jan 2023

                    duhhhhh, 12 Oct 2017Please go back to working on your search engine and leave t... moregoogle has been making phones for years what are you talking about like have u never heard of the google nexus phones etc

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                      • Vishnu
                      • 7k3
                      • 04 Jan 2023

                      I've been a pixel2 user from 2017, in 2023 its still runs smoothly, decent battery life, awesome camera. Planning to use this till it lasts.

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                        • Anonymouse
                        • 4Da
                        • 03 Jan 2023

                        Anonymous, 15 Aug 2022How is the battery life on this phone ?It's good for about three years, then needs replacement

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                          • arT
                          • 11 Sep 2022

                          Anonymous, 15 Aug 2022How is the battery life on this phone ?I have this phone from 2018 and battery life starts to go out quickly. With normal day usage its less than a day, can survive a bit more if no wi-fi/lte/gps is on.

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                            • trollkatt
                            • tDG
                            • 10 Sep 2022

                            I used this phone as my daily driver until 2021. It still works great, although it's starting to feel a little slow. It's a Swiss Army Knife in how many things it can do (like becoming an impromptu Wifi Ethernet access point with the right set of adapters) which is why I still carry it with my new phone when I travel.

                            It also takes great pictures, although it's been largely superseded by newer high-end phones.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • v@H
                              • 15 Aug 2022

                              JadabendraS, 17 Jul 2022If you just looked at the specs of this phone on paper you ... moreHow is the battery life on this phone ?

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                                • Dha
                                • 05 Aug 2022


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                                  • JadabendraS
                                  • pLh
                                  • 17 Jul 2022

                                  If you just looked at the specs of this phone on paper you might think you were getting a dinosaur, but it's a really great phone that the majority of people will find 100% adequate for their needs. I like the smaller size as I don't want to be carrying around a tablet in my pocket. 4GB RAM is more than enough for everyday tasks and running popular android games. This phone really stands out however for it's camera. Don't look at the MP value, look at the pictures themselves. The basic hardware combined with some pretty powerful software gets you some absolutely stunning images in varying light levels. It's the best point and shoot camera I've ever used by a country mile and so much easier to get a good picture every time than when using a DSLR. For 99% of people this is all the technology they will ever need for their photographs. There are cameras with 3x the Megapixel value that don't take photos half as good as this. It does everything else exactly as it should. I kind of overloaded on apps but it has shown no signs of slowing like previous phones. It's just a great phone all around. Probably in about a year I will upgrade to the Pixel 6, or before if I accidentally drop this one down the toilet!

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                                    • Liar
                                    • sSy
                                    • 29 Jun 2022

                                    Bro seriously google used very small battery. Small screen,and how can i forget to mention *google used reciever speaker as dual media speaker thats not fantasticat all after i bought my phone the left speaker started buzzing

                                      Pal9, 01 Jan 2022It is one of the best phone I have ever used. Thanks Googleyeah, you are right int hta one

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • LKj
                                        • 24 Jun 2022

                                        DaevM, 15 Jun 2022I've had a Google Pixel 2 since Nov.2018, following on... moreso, that means u will not use it anymore ?