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  • arT
  • 11 Sep 2022

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2022How is the battery life on this phone ?I have this phone from 2018 and battery life starts to go out quickly. With normal day usage its less than a day, can survive a bit more if no wi-fi/lte/gps is on.

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    • trollkatt
    • tDG
    • 10 Sep 2022

    I used this phone as my daily driver until 2021. It still works great, although it's starting to feel a little slow. It's a Swiss Army Knife in how many things it can do (like becoming an impromptu Wifi Ethernet access point with the right set of adapters) which is why I still carry it with my new phone when I travel.

    It also takes great pictures, although it's been largely superseded by newer high-end phones.

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      • Anonymous
      • v@H
      • 15 Aug 2022

      JadabendraS, 17 Jul 2022If you just looked at the specs of this phone on paper you ... moreHow is the battery life on this phone ?

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        • Dha
        • 05 Aug 2022


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          • JadabendraS
          • pLh
          • 17 Jul 2022

          If you just looked at the specs of this phone on paper you might think you were getting a dinosaur, but it's a really great phone that the majority of people will find 100% adequate for their needs. I like the smaller size as I don't want to be carrying around a tablet in my pocket. 4GB RAM is more than enough for everyday tasks and running popular android games. This phone really stands out however for it's camera. Don't look at the MP value, look at the pictures themselves. The basic hardware combined with some pretty powerful software gets you some absolutely stunning images in varying light levels. It's the best point and shoot camera I've ever used by a country mile and so much easier to get a good picture every time than when using a DSLR. For 99% of people this is all the technology they will ever need for their photographs. There are cameras with 3x the Megapixel value that don't take photos half as good as this. It does everything else exactly as it should. I kind of overloaded on apps but it has shown no signs of slowing like previous phones. It's just a great phone all around. Probably in about a year I will upgrade to the Pixel 6, or before if I accidentally drop this one down the toilet!

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            • Liar
            • sSy
            • 29 Jun 2022

            Bro seriously google used very small battery. Small screen,and how can i forget to mention *google used reciever speaker as dual media speaker thats not fantasticat all after i bought my phone the left speaker started buzzing

              Pal9, 01 Jan 2022It is one of the best phone I have ever used. Thanks Googleyeah, you are right int hta one

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                • Anonymous
                • LKj
                • 24 Jun 2022

                DaevM, 15 Jun 2022I've had a Google Pixel 2 since Nov.2018, following on... moreso, that means u will not use it anymore ?

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                  • DaevM
                  • yat
                  • 15 Jun 2022

                  I've had a Google Pixel 2 since Nov.2018, following on from the original Pixel. My wife had my original pixel when I bought the 2. That then bricked and we got her a 4a. As the 2 ceased being supported in October 20 and I totally run my life from this phone I reckon it's time to trade it in against a 6a. I also subscribe to Google1 (Chrome fanboy) so will get a decent discount against it also.
                  We are total Google freaks and love the whole device provision. Everything from sound and vision to chromebooks and phones.
                  Regards the 2, never had a single issue with it in 4 years of ownership - as I say I do everything grown ups do with phones (basically running my life) with it - I don't play games so can't comment on that BUT for everything else, it rocks.
                  Can't wait to get me claws into the 6a ;)

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                    • Henry
                    • YUU
                    • 19 May 2022

                    Does anybody play injustice 1 on this phone ? The view on this phone compared to the pixel 3 was not in same size when i:m playing the game ..

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                      • Anonymous
                      • A$6
                      • 19 May 2022

                      I originally had the pixel 2 xl and that broke so I decided to try the regular pixel 2 and I'm very surprised with battery I got 4+hrs of screen on time

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                        • Hazel
                        • YiU
                        • 17 Apr 2022

                        I got the phone for about $30 USD Im running Android 11 on it it's snappy the Camara is good I have the 64GB Model and I find myself having about 43GB Free which is plenty for games apps videos pictures and the topic of media Google still has the unlimited storage backup for pixels (worse quality) the stock battery if I'm gonna be honest is pretty bad I find that it goes from 100% to 60 percent in a hour so I'm gonna get that replaced and I cracked the screen and the screen replacement was only $30 unlike my old phone the LG G8 ThinQ which was about $130 to replace one thing that I don't like about this phone is no 3.5mm headphone jack. 5.0 inches screen size is not bad I'm more used to the 6in phone's that iv had previously but hey AMOLED screen vibrant colors it's good front firing speakers are decent but the back "plastic" scratches easily overall this phone is good and if you can find it on eBay for $30 like i did I recommend this over a budge phone you find at a dollar general for the same price

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                          • Hazel
                          • YiU
                          • 17 Apr 2022

                          It's a good phone I have the Android 11 update if you have the original battery I recommend replacing it I cracked it and the price for the AMOLED screen is $30 wayyy better then the $120 bucks I have to shell out on my LG G8 ThinQ and good Camara I have the 64GB model and find myself having around 43GB Free which is plenty

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                            • Pal9
                            • gN}
                            • 01 Jan 2022

                            It is one of the best phone I have ever used. Thanks Google

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                              • AZaz
                              • rMe
                              • 21 Dec 2021

                              Don't know if these are available anywhere, but don't buy it unless you like charging your phone by noon. Terrible battery life. And many I called were getting an echo unless I turned the volume way down. The good, a very fast processor. Web pages loaded fasted than on my desktop. I just got the Pixel 4a and it is great.

                                PixelatedFolf, 18 Nov 2021I'm planning to get the Pixel 1 or 2 to store some pho... morePixel 1 = infinite cloud storage photos
                                Pixel 2 = better camera

                                  I'm planning to get the Pixel 1 or 2 to store some photos, which one is worth it? Thanks!

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                                    • pct
                                    • 17 Nov 2021

                                    Pal9, 28 Oct 2021Hello everyone, currently I am using Android 9 in my pixel... moreStay there if you can. Newer Androids are boring.

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                                      • Fans
                                      • tue
                                      • 06 Nov 2021

                                      I am using this phone ..and love the size but the thing i notice that does pixel does not have auto cut charging..? I had powerbank with the auto cut charging but it seems does not work with this phone but work well with other devices..

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                                        • Pal9
                                        • Dk3
                                        • 28 Oct 2021

                                        Hello everyone,
                                        currently I am using Android 9 in my pixel 2 without any single issue and i am more than Happy with this update, can anybody suggest, is it safe to update Android 10 in terms of battery life and RAM Management. Pls share