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  • loner pawn

How to downgrade from android 9 to android 8. ??

  • M&M

Excellent performance. The Google services/software is the best thing you can wish. I never saw something like that before. However, poor battery. I´m a heavy use user and I used to charge it 2 or 3 times per day, just taking pics and texting or using Twitter. (I don´t play games in my cell). The battery charging is fast, so, is not big deal. But is really annoying hang your power bank every were you go...
Excellent camera... I have no words... I bought it for that specific reason, and I have no complains... It was exactly that I was looking for. Iphone X and Galaxy S8 have nothing to do against it (I know about what I´m talking about, ok?)... And the night mode camera (night shift)... all my friends were really jealous about it... Excellent for indoors pictures or night pictures.
The pure Android interface... beautiful. Intuitive, and really helpful. Perfect.

But, please, don´t buy it.
If you have enough money, please try the 2XL version (idem, but it have a really bigger screen and battery). It´s awesome.
Don´t buy the small model if you don´t have enough money for the XL version. Battery is not enough and the difference between both screens is really stunning.
And if you already have one: DO NEVER PUT IT INTO THE WATER!!! Take my advise. I lost my last pixel for that reason. keep it as far as the water as you can. I made a few pics under the water a few weeks ago, just a few cm under the surface, and for less than a minute. And I washed it a few times in my bath, just less than a minute under the water flow... And game over. One day the screen turned of. When the tech service open it, it was rust marks, close to the connection port. To be fair, I have seen same problems in other models of cellphones, including Galaxys with IP67 and 68 protection. A few Iphones to. But that´s my experience. Just less than a minute per week under the water, and it was death before a month.

PD: if you are searching for a case for pixels, and you don´t wanna pay 50 bucks for the original case, try with the Spigen serial cases. I always buy that cases. Less than 30 bucks. Excellent protection. Strong. And they look really fine.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your Pixel 2XL

  • Anonymous

jimm, 14 Jun 2019Battery out of the box is not too bad i was averaging out about ... moreThnx my friend

  • Anand

Adel J, 03 Jun 2019You have the answer. It's you to decide, not us.Almost Pixel 2 is single sim !

  • jimm

loner pawn, 06 Jun 2019I will buy this phone this week. Can anyone help me and tell me ... moreBattery out of the box is not too bad i was averaging out about a day and a half, what i would say is do not use the live backgrounds it really drains the battery

  • loner pawn

I will buy this phone this week. Can anyone help me and tell me about battery ?

  • Adel J

Anonymous, 25 May 2019Hey. I can buy Pixel 2 and MI 8 SE for about similar prices. Whi... moreYou have the answer. It's you to decide, not us.

  • Anonymous

Hey. I can buy Pixel 2 and MI 8 SE for about similar prices. Which shld I go for. I want the Pixel 2 course got good camera and fast updates but MI 8 SE has 6gb ram and a better battery, also like both stock Android and MIUI

  • Giedrius

Its a good phone, but Im not really sure about it. I want to like it, but somehow I don't. Every youtuber is raving about software but I actually find it small, confusing and, compared to Huawei Mate 20 Lite EMUI, it lacks features. It has great camera, I give that to it, but apart from that I find it hard to recommend it. Also compared to before mentioned Huawei, Pixel 2 has poor battery life, though its on par or slightly better then my spare iPhone 6s. So all in all to me its an odd phone and I find it difficult to use. Its weird but I'd rather use cheap Huawei phone than Pixel 2. Or better still - an iPhone.

  • Anonymous

This is an incredibly underrated phone. I sold my pixel 2 XL a year ago and then bought this after cracking my iphone SE. Never looking back!
the bezels don't look bad at all, the display kicks the pixel 2 XL's ass even with the smaller size, and the speakers are much better with less crackling too. The build quality is tremendous and android 9 is butter-smooth on it. This was HTC's last hurrah and I intend to keep mine for as many years as possible!

  • AK

I am a big fan of Pixel 2's camera, but I'll go with Samsung S8. Because it has very great design and specs are almost similar with Pixel 2.
I'll be installing gcam on my S8 and making it camera beast like Pixel 2 :)

  • Ashfaq

Facing microphone issue ,, can any help me to it's remedial !! ,.

  • pisces031160

Apoorva, 26 Feb 2019I bought pixel2 a year back.within 4 months my charger had some ... moreHi, please let us know the contact number or email of GOOGLE PIXEL 2 technical support team. Thank you.

  • Apoorva

I bought pixel2 a year back.within 4 months my charger had some issue. Around 3 months back my mobile was not charging so they took my mobile to the service factory and changed MOTHER BOARD and returned my mobile after 15 days. But again I got the same issue after 2+ months and they changed MOTHER BOARD again. And it took abviously 15+days.

I can't believe Google mobile will have mother board issues with in a year that too within a 2 months span. And worst part is support team doesn't acknowledge this and they will not replace or extend your warranty. Which they are supposed to do according to their warranty policy.

Worst mobile. For the same price any other brand mobile would be great atleast they will have MOTHER BOARD issues. Which is the MAIN PART of mobile.

  • Kajal

Google Pixel 2 India Support - My phone crashed on its own and went into the bootsrap mode. Everything else except the support is good about the phone. They don't have a support center in India and they will pick your device service it and bring it back. Takes about 3 weeks. I have given my phone 5 days back and have no status update from them except that the device is collected. In our country where even big gadgets are repaired and send within a week need to wait for 15 working days for the most important gadget that is your own phone and rely on their partners like B2X who are least sensitive about your emergency of getting the phone back

  • R98

Pixel 2 is great in general, but the review couldnt be more biased on the video section: while stills are ones of the best, video is the oposite. It is just functional video: doesnt look beautiful, colors are just wrong, full of noise... and this review is trying to say it excelent, even saying it has better color rendering than iPhone (best video camera) when in reality it doesnt even have decent colors. Just wow.

  • Anonymous

NathanCE, 12 Jan 2019These are good phones but the back camera design is just so ugly... moreBest thing is back camera design.

These are good phones but the back camera design is just so ugly compared to the Pixel 2 XL or Pixel 3.

Best phone so far. Before used Samsung. Google never lag. Has good processor. Works fine with everything. Really like alll the updates. Camera updates, etc... I am using one year this phone - no problems.
Battery keeps one day if not doing a lot. If using internet a lot can take 12hours.

  • Adel J

Best best phone ever made. I'm enjoying everything about it.