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Someone name best custom rom based on Android 12 for Pixel 2?

  • Anonymous

G, 30 Mar 2021Be great if they'd give us more updates, this phone is... moreman be grateful its still the most updates for any android phone period, and updates aren't that much of a necessity seeing how phones with android 6 can run fine but iOS 10 and below is a cripple

also it's a pixel, slap a custom ROM on it whenever you want and you're good to go for another year or 2

  • G

Be great if they'd give us more updates, this phone is still brilliant, smooth and fast, everything works, battery still got, camera incredible, why the cut off? Planet's suffered enough.

Why Google not provide Android 12 for Pixel 2 even Snapdragon 835 was a flagship and enough powerful processor?

  • Ben

Someone, 28 Feb 2021Hey does pixel 2 doesn't had shortcut to dark mode on ... moreYes, it does.

  • Anonymous

Someone, 28 Feb 2021Hey does pixel 2 doesn't had shortcut to dark mode on ... moreWell you have to manual drag it out. It have dark mode from 9 thou

  • Someone

Hey does pixel 2 doesn't had shortcut to dark mode on control center .. even on android 11 ?

Google should deliver Android 12 to Pixel 2 bcos Snapdragon 835 is more than enough powerful and hardware like Camera is already best as compared to other phones, pls. Google you should give another update like Apple iPhone 6s they already give 6 updates.

Got new update today, maybe this is the last patch? 16 december 2020

  • Otto

Had this phone for a little over 2 years. Almost from the start I have had problems with charging. teh receptacle inside the phone is loose. The charging cable falls out with the slightest movement. In the last 6 months I have started having dropped calls. A Google rep reset my network settings and the phone seemed to work OK for about 3 weeks. Then it started again. I will never buy another Google phone.

  • Pixel2user

Dodong Jill, 06 Nov 2020Hi. How is this comparing to pixel 4a? I cannot find a pixe... moreHey, do not buy this phone as an alternate to 4A. Battery life is a huge issue plus performance is not great either. Just go for 4A if you can.

  • Pixel2user

After opening this phone for about 3 years I can give my honest opinion.
For starters, this phone is not fast by any stretch, it is fine for daily tasks but don't expect much of it. Plus, it's not consistent in performance as well.
Moving on to the battery, it's mediocre as well. Runs out way too quickly even when browsing web or using social media. However, I will say standby time is better than most android devices.

Most people don't mention it but build quality is bad as well. Usb port is loose, don't click the wire in and that started happening just about a year of purchase.

Finally, the good points. The camera. The camera is absolute beauty image quality is great! But the experience is just awful sometimes.It still suffers because of poor performance and lag, sometimes it takes upto 3 second to load a picture.
The fingerprint scanner, again not rapid but fast and very consistent.
Vibration motor is pretty good as well.
Screen, not on par with Samsung's amoled but a crisp display for sure and fairly bright.
Stereo speakers are great as well if you enjoy content without earphones.

Overall, if you're buying this phone at a really low price go for it. Any other scenario is not recommended.

Decent phone but the battery drain is such a drag.

  • Anonymous

The WORST phone I've ever made the mistake of purchasing! And it's only because of the absolutely TERRIBLE battery life. Since when is 14 idle hours a good battery? And that's at the outer extreme because I bought mine new and it has NEVER lasted me an entire workday. Thank god I've never been stranded somewhere and needed to call for help because this phone would most certainly be dead. Google is no help at all. They'll shift blame onto an app, until you tell them you don't have any downloaded apps. Eventually they'll replace the battery for a couple hundred dollars, but they'll just replace it with another awful battery. Unless you only need your phone for 3 hours at a time, do NOT buy a Pixel phone.

  • Anonymous

Classic Design.

  • Dodong Jill

Hi. How is this comparing to pixel 4a? I cannot find a pixel 4a in our country. Maybe this is a good alternative?

  • Anonymous

Anon, 21 Oct 2020RIP. After 3 years, working fine as of last night, woke up ... moreWow, wonder if it was an update, mine died Oct 29th in the same way

  • Joey

I love my pixel 2. Had it since July 2018 when I bought it new. Battery life is much shorter now than when new. Build quality is good, I use a case and have dropped many times even on hard floor without damage. Updated to Android 11, no problems. I use Google Fi in US, so get monthly security updates. Camera is great, screen is okay. Screen is not so good with 3D games/videos. No SD slot, but that doesn't bother me.

  • Anon

RIP. After 3 years, working fine as of last night, woke up this morning and it wouldn't turn on, even for hard reset.

  • Anonymous

Avichishty, 04 Oct 2020How can i extend battery timing battery draining too fastYes with me too