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Now playing works fine on Android 9 but I am fear to update on Android 11 if someone face bugs like Always on display , now playing, battery drainage, wifi automatically on or off etc. If yes please share

Sohrab, 15 Sep 2020Screen usage since full charge is 1 hr 3 mins so far, the b... moreTrue, mine is almost same it gives 4 to 4.5 hrs SoT

  • Avichishty

How can i extend battery timing battery draining too fast

Pal9, 14 Sep 2020Can you share your SOT on Android 11. My Pixel 2 gives 4.5 ... moreScreen usage since full charge is 1 hr 3 mins so far, the battery percentage is 76% right now.

  • blabla

Pal9, 14 Sep 2020Can you share your SOT on Android 11. My Pixel 2 gives 4.5 ... morei got 3-3.5 hours sot on android 10 , and i update to android 11 i got 4-4.5 hours sot

Sohrab, 12 Sep 2020I agree. I am using Android 11 that runs smoothly. One of t... moreCan you share your SOT on Android 11. My Pixel 2 gives 4.5 to 5 hrs SOT on Android 9. Is it worth to upgrade on Android 11?

Jimbob, 04 Jul 2020I have to say this is still the best compact phone you can ... moreI agree. I am using Android 11 that runs smoothly. One of the best budget phones in 2020 i would say.

ids, 10 Sep 2020Is anyone already getting android 11 here? what do you thin... moreYes, i have already installed it.

  • ids

Is anyone already getting android 11 here? what do you think about android 11 in pixel 2?

  • FrugalOldTechie

The software user experience is not very good! Very small icons, no smart dial on the dialer either, so you need to download a dialer just to use it, because the stock dialer is not worth beans, and I don't like the texting app either.

Wallpapers have nothing exciting but most don't anyway.

  • FrugalOldTechie

Oh and the ringtone totally are garbage on this phone they are so stupid sounding! It's not a big deal since I am used to putting on my own ringtones, but also you can't use a microSD card either for the ringtones, got to connect it to the PC to do it.

Yeah the ringtones are an absolute abomination on this phone! It's like some lousy midi files from the 90's or something :) Even an old Nokia has better ringtones! Way better actually I should record them and put em on this thing!

The icons are really small on the screen bad phone for older people or anyone that doesn't have really good vision!

It's like a framework of a phone and you have to finish it yourself or something :)

At least it is a little smaller in the hand and pocket than some other phones.

  • FrugalOldTechie

The processor, the RAM are good, 128GB lots of space, good camera, good OS support.

Bad battery was draining all the time super fast even in airplane mode!!! Finally after 3 updates it seems to be acting normal now (I hope). The Android 10 update caused massive battery drain for many people, including myself (although I had bought the phone used so didn't know if it was that or the battery, so I bought a new battery but they are pretty difficult to replace and you can ruin the phone trying). No 8-10 months later I pull the drawer out of the file cabinet and I let it run the updates (there were 3 I think and this is after Android 10), now it seems to be somewhat normal on the battery life. Now I have the spare battery on the way but might have been a waste of money. I was seriously dissapointed though I though it had a problem with battery or hardware but it was just the lousy Android update from google that caused the problem.

It's kind of an ugly phone with the big chin/bezels kind of big for only 5 inches, but then again it is still smaller than the Moto X4 (but the Moto X4 is a nice looking phone) which also has a 5 inch screen

Build quality is questionable, it is plastic back plain old black nothing too special about the looks, basically bland and kind of ugly but not really bad. You know they could at least make the back look nicer but no, it's an ugly phone compared to many others out there, like Samsung and I liked the old HTC M8-M10 phones were neat looking.

So when you buy the Pixel 2 it;s strictly about the specs, it's definitely more for the geeks out there IMHO, if you do't care about looks or build quality too much, it's an alright phone. Nothing really stand out as being great, but they are cheaper on the used market compared to some other phones (I think). Also with a plastic back phone no worry about shattering glass (so many phones have cracked glass from dropping it). And it's lighter than a metal phone which also is good (pros and cons).

Uses USB C of course.....which is a good thing. To me, the LG G7 thinQ looks like the best overall for the price but glass can get messy if you drop the phone (fragile).

  • User

The bad
-Battery capacity
-Miracast or share screen ,must to use chormecast only
But another brand can do it.

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2020does google pixel 2 support eac3 audio codec ?I used Pixel 2 and it support almost every format every codec without any issue

  • Anonymous

does google pixel 2 support eac3 audio codec ?

  • Bashir

battery life is not compatible with most google phone

Hi everyone

It is the best and last compact Android phone currently on market officially supported by Google till October 2021, just imagine iPhone with Android operating system then u found P2

1. It has Apple's beat audio dual front stereo speakers (previously htc beat audio)
2. compact and light weight with clean display
3. IP67Water proof
4. Side pressure sensor for Google assistant, (develop by htc)
5. Always on Display with now playing song unique feature work offline
6. World's Best single camera with 2x lossless quality in smartphone without optical zoom, (due to pixel visual core processor designed by intel inc.) and with recent updates it can make portrait mode video calling with single camera lens (Google duo)

7. good battery backup on Android 9 os,
8. Samsung amoled screen,
9. Best haptic feedback as standard like iPhone built by htc
10. Quick charge 18w in 1.3 hrs, dual tone back design, and many more...
It is last and best mobile from htc corporation


1. esim not unlocked by Google intentionally it restricted to Google fi network USA only
2. Removed 3.5mm headphone jack

Is the back camera crashing issue resolved ? Kindly help as I am planning to buy the same used one from OLX as the guy is selling cheap due to back camera issue

  • Jimbob

I have to say this is still the best compact phone you can get in 2020. It just does everything right... there is no other phone that comes close.

pixel 2 cons, 23 Jun 2020Coming from samsung phone, I find the following annoying wi... more"uses custom plug shape for recharging. I thought all androids used generic plug."

Um, what? First of all what do you mean by 'generic plug'? That's not even the right terminology because there are actually official names for these plugs. Everybody should know that.

Secondly, all androids now use Type C plug. If by 'generic' you mean standard, then USB Type C would be considered 'generic'. Hardly no phones use MicroUSB anymore, and if anything, Micro USB should be considered custom as it only fits in one orientation.