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Google Pixel 2 XL

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  • Techie

Fantastic phone 2 years running and still have all the latest features. Battery is fantastic too. I have read some comments complaing about the camera but i think those are defective units as this camera is second to only a few.

I'm using this phone in October 2019. It's a mixed bag. I don't understand why it's camera specs have been so highly regarded. I used LG V20 and Oppo Find X before this one, camera versatility is nowhere near any of them. Almost every phone in late 2018 and 2019 came with wide or ultra wide dedicated cameras. The fact that this one doesn't have it, even rumored Pixel 4 doesn't show wide camera module, is a bummer.
When it comes to Pixel phones, first thing people talk about is the software updates being so timely. True. If you are not buying new phones every 6 months, chances the phone you have getting a software update before Pixel phones is slim to none. And software updates are so overrated to begin with.
Guys, there are still people and companies around who are using Windows 98, or 7... They are perfectly fine with it.
Only thing I noticed in first glance for Android 10 update is little visual tweaks. Like expected battery run out, emergency option coming out when you want to reset or turn of your phone off. Not like miles of difference from Android 9. It's like you take a road trip with your Prius and you have 3 quarters of a tank fuel than full tank... It's not gonna make it break it.
So my advice, if you're leaning towards Pixel phones of the past in October 2019, just don't...

vans, 26 Sep 2019is pixel 2xl still worth it in 2019? Yes, the pixel 2XL is definitely still worth buying in 2019. You can watch this to have detailed reasons as to why it is.

  • Broos from Aus

I've had one for 18 months now, works a dream, I got it mainly to fly my DJI Phantom 4 Drone, no complaints at all, excellent camera too.

  • tp

front cam photos yellowish on my pixel in homelighting

is pixel 2xl still worth it in 2019?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2018Soon, smartphone buyers will realize that phone upgrades every y... moreI agree that the upgrades are just incremental improvements.

Hi. Is it true that the 3 XL has better sounding speakers And have better audio recording than the 2XL?

Or are the improvements of the XL very incremental that it is barely noticeable?

Or the 3 XL is a better investment?

  • IceMan023

Hasan, 01 Sep 2019Which earphones will be supported by this devic?? My apple earph... moreHi,

If you are in USA, try Libratone Q-Adapt USB-C earphones made specifically for google.
I am posting the link below:­/q-adapt-usb-c-earphones/

Yep, 05 Sep 2019Wait till Pixel 4 comes out :) Probably a good idea.

Rohan, 15 Sep 2019My Pixel 2 xl is slowing down and it can't open apps fastly ...i... moreTry Factory Reset, otherwise your hardware seems show aging problem due to heat.

  • Rohan

My Pixel 2 xl is slowing down and it can't open apps fastly gets hang or frozen sometimes opening even low end games like Clash Royale and Subway Surfers plz help me

  • Ghendar

I love you!

Dinesh Raj RS, 25 Aug 2019Till 2020 October pixel 2 & 2xl will get software updates fr... moreI think Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will get updates until October 2021 or maybe 2022 with Android 11 / R.

  • 8lol

Perez, 04 Jul 2019Im going to buy pixel 2 xl next week, is this phone still awesom... morei think the phone is really good,i want to buy to but i dont enough money wkwkwkwkwkwkkw

  • Anonymous

great phone i love it 5 stars

  • Yep

brettt777, 19 Aug 2019Had my 2XL for about a year. Love it. Runs as smooth now as the ... moreWait till Pixel 4 comes out :)

Riha, 01 Sep 2019Guys! It may sound silly, but is this phone will update like pho... moreYes is the short answer.
My phone updated to 10 this morning. (Sept 3)

  • User1234

Riha, 01 Sep 2019Guys! It may sound silly, but is this phone will update like pho... moreEven faster than android one devices

  • Riha

Guys! It may sound silly, but is this phone will update like phones from Android One programm??? I know it is stock Android and it is made by Google, but still - i cann`t find any info that will prove this argument --> yes, it will update like phones from Android One lineup...