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Just downgraded my Pixel 3 from Android 10 to Pie (September 2018) and my phone is back being AWESOME! It's actually smoother and faster now than before. My battery life is better than ever.

All my apps aren't broken and working perfectly again. My Call Blacklist Pro can now reject calls. My ES File Explorer can back up apps and capable being installed. My QuickPic can now upload to Google Photos and share photos to Viber. My Dasher app no longer freezes. My PiP for YouTube doesn't just stay black.

Android 9 (Aug 2019): 9/10
Android 10 (Sept 2019): 6/10
Android 9 (Sept 2019): 9.5/10

My tip to most people? Don't update. Even apps, go back to older versions of it. My Pixel 3 is basically acting like my Essential Phone when I first updated to Pie back in August 2018. Everything feels right.

Android Pie the earlier builds (Aug/Sept/Oct 2018) is the best Android software experience I ever had only followed by Nougat 7.1.1 on the original Pixel. By the time I kept updating the security patch, Pie got more bloated, a little slower and a little worse battery life.

The best software of any particular phone is the one they came with right out of the box. They were optimized for that particular software version. Everything after starts to get a little worse and a little worse. Only time an Android update cured my issues is when my LG G5 (RS988) went from Android 6 to 7.

If I ever get another Essential Phone, I will downgrade it to the August 2018 of Pie. And never update it beyond the October 2018 patch when it added back the notch settings. These early Pie builds are clearly the best and most efficient Android software experience I ever had.

I know many people hate on Pie. I don't care. I love it. I despise Android 10. My Pixel 3 is back and better than ever! I only got it last May and it already had the March 2019 security patch. It wasn't that smooth. The touch wasn't instantaneous.

I noticed my Essential Phone was smoother with the October 2018 build. With the September 2018, my P3 is very smooth like that Essential and the battery life is the best I ever had with this particular model.

Don't update. You get new features but you'll also get worse battery life, bugs, broken apps, and a more bloated OS. Dark theme is so overrated. There was nothing in particular I enjoyed from Android 10.

My Pixel 3 rocks again!

Kingslayer, 14 Sep 2019I'm at the process of downgrading my Pixel 3 from Android 10 to ... moreIt seems strange that Android 10 on Pixel 3 has so many bugs. Maybe factory reset is needed? I wouldn't recommend buying HMD flagships. All their flagships were complete failure so far. Nokia 8 is ridden with hardware and software bugs. They completely ruined that phone. When it comes to major updates, HMD prioritizes low and mid range phones. Sirocco, which was their 2018 flagship, is scheduled to get Android 10 in March 2020.

I'm at the process of downgrading my Pixel 3 from Android 10 to Pie.

The most frustrating parts from Android 10 are...

- Call Blacklist Pro or any call blocker is broken.

- QuickPic is broken where I can't even upload to Google Photos or share on Viber!

- ES File Explorer seems broken when it comes to app backup. If the app is backed up from the app, it will still not be installed.

- The touch response can freeze if doing DoorDash. And I don't mean just like a few seconds delay. As long as 20+ seconds.

Yesterday, it took nearly 10 seconds for my camera app to open up. Luckily, it opens quickly again. I hate Android 10. At least this early version that broke several useful apps I use.

Android 10 ruined my perfectly fine Pixel 3 on Pie. This happened to me before with the first Pixel. It was perfect on Nougat before Oreo ruined its battery life even after a restore and fresh install with the apps.

If Google keeps doing this by ruining their phones after one major update, I'm going to move to a third-party OEM like Nokia (HMD). The smaller Pixels appeals to me the most though and I don't like the glass backs without a matte finish of the Galaxy 10e.

I now have to learn how to downgrade Android software. I might buy a first gen Pixel again and flash that back to Nougat. I think 7 is my favorite Android version. Nougat helped save my LG G5 and it was the most stable Android release Google ever had.

My Pixel 3 was a 9/10 on Pie. Now my experience with it is a 6/10 on Android 10. Almost unusable for work because it freezes at times using the Dasher app. I'm so frustrated with Google.

Kingslayer, 11 Sep 2019Still mad I updated my Pixel 3 to Android 10 when it was working... moreFactory reset the phone and everything will work fine.

Still mad I updated my Pixel 3 to Android 10 when it was working fine on Pie.

- Touchscreen issues / freezes
- Call Blacklist Pro no longer works
- Can no longer upload to Google Photos via QuickPic
- Wi-Fi settings looks more complicated
- Battery life seems to be a little worse

I'm mostly mad with the first two issues. If I do DoorDash while receiving a text, the screen would occasionally not respond. I have to keep tapping on it. And Call Blacklist Pro is broken on 10 when just a week ago, I never ever got spam calls. Now the app doesn't work at all.

I had to move my sim back to my LG G5. Now the G5 (RS988) isn't perfect by any means but since mine never went beyond Nougat, Call Blacklist Pro still works perfectly and going from Marshmallow to Nougat actually got rid of the problems I had especially the overheating, Wi-Fi disconnecting, and slow charging.

It is so complicated to downgrade to Pie. I have no time for it. If Google doesn't fix these Android 10 issues, the Pixel 3 will be the last Pixel I will ever get. The original Pixel had some issues too after I updated. Perfectly fine on Nougat 7.1.2. Then battery took a hit with Oreo even after a fresh restore.

I just returned my HTC 10 too for a refund because eBay vendor sent me the silver one with white front when I expected the one with black front. I may have to put my Pixel 3 on the sidelines until Google gets these issues fixed. It's becoming unworkable for work.

May also need to pick up a cheap old phone from eBay. Maybe a Sony Xperia Z3 or something? I wasn't the biggest fan of the HTC 10 design. I may want something older, smaller, and cheaper.

Love Night Sight

  • AB2

After update to Android 10, Can't add esim. There is no 'add carrier' in the mobile network setting.
Any help please ??

Dav513, 28 Aug 2019Digital Wellbeing and auto brightness is not linked to battery d... moreI disabled it anyway since I don't use it.

As for all your other phones you have, I don't care for any of them except the Essential Phone. I used to rotate between 11 phones. It's a waste of time so I sold most of them.

Updated Pixel 3 to Android 10 today. Smooth as butter. Pie had some jank in it.

  • Dav513

Kingslayer, 25 Aug 2019I disabled Digital Wellbeing within the first month I started us... moreDigital Wellbeing and auto brightness is not linked to battery drain as people ASSUME...If anything Digital Wellbeing throttles the CPU in regards to overheating which negatively impacts battery life. I have an Essential PH-1, S10e, J7 TOP, Moto G7 Play and of course the Pixel 3 and the main reasons as to why I decided to purchase this particular phone was the so-called pure Android experience and mainly it being future proof with excellent support.

I disabled Digital Wellbeing within the first month I started using it and any AI monitoring especially with the brightness. I do keep Google's Shazam-like feature turned on. That's a fun feature to use to recognize songs without needing to open an app for it.

The battery life on my Pixel 3 isn't that terrible especially compared to older flagships with comparable sizes. My LG G5 and V20 never gave me more than 5 hrs SOT even with newer dated batteries. I can cross that with the Pixel 3 on both mobile data and Wi-Fi.

My HTC 10 is on the way from eBay and I'm already dreading it before I even receive it. The battery life seems terrible on it and declines fast after a year to 18 months. And the cost to replace it is high because HTC are such unpopular devices and harder to open up.

The Pixel 3 battery life cannot compare to those larger phones with bigger batteries but I cannot stand phones at that size. Even the smaller 3a just isn't the size I want. The poor battery life is overstated. It gives me 6 hrs on mobile data but it can give me 9-10 hrs on Wi-Fi. Double than what a G5 and V20 can ever do for me.

Plus, uBreakItiFixit can easily replace the battery for me after 2-3 years. Can't say the same for the HTC 10 or thr Essential Phone I once had. Pixel 3 is a brilliant smartphone, folks. The best one-handed smartphone out there. And based on the mock ups for the Pixel 4, the Pixel 3 looks better than its successor. No forehead to add 2 millimeters in height.

- Underrated battery life for its size
- Comfortable to hold
- Brilliant camera
- Best software UI experience
- GPS locks it fast
- Charges fast

I'm keeping my Pixel 3 on Pie forever. August security update will be my final update for mine. And I will keep my apps on the pre-September 2019 versions except for the Chase app which requires updates.

I'm going to miss that pill from Pie and Android 9 will have the final dessert name. I think Android 10 may have issues with that side swiping for the back button. I've used it for years before using All-In-One Gesture app and it gets annoying after awhile no matter how big and sensitive the gesture spot was.

Pixel 3 is my favorite smartphone ever and Pie is my favorite Android version. Don't want to break that up.

  • Dav514

Pixellian, 11 Aug 2019Just changed to Pixel 3 from iPhone SE. The camera system is rea... moreThose 2 apps are necessary functional apps for optimal performance of phone. Go to gestures and disable active edge(squeeze for Google assistant) and any other gesture of your choosing, turn off always on which u do not need if using lift to wake or double tap gesture and turn off NFC. My PXL3 is running Q Beta 6 and I'm getting almost 6 hours of screen time with beta version. Also, once the AI battery function learned MY USAGE pattern, battery life has been really good...U are smarter than a smartphone!

  • Pixellian

Jags, 20 Aug 2019The pixel battery life can be greatly improved by restricting ba... moreOMG thanks! I can feel the different after disabling both. I also enabled 'remove animation' that helps too and phone seems to be faster.

  • Jags

Pixellian, 11 Aug 2019Just changed to Pixel 3 from iPhone SE. The camera system is rea... moreThe pixel battery life can be greatly improved by restricting background battery of digital wellbeing and removing the AI battery monitor. these two background tasks suck up alot more juice than other android phones experience.

Biggest weakness to this phone is battery life especially if using mobile data. On Wi-Fi, it will last longer but on mobile data, it is very average. The display is also not particularly bright. I need to set it to 85% using the Notification Toggle app to see anything under sunlight.

Other than those flaws, I love it. Definitely far better GPS than my LG G5 and far better reception with T-Mobile than my Essential Phone. It is quite high with SAR and there will be times it can randomly overheat especially on a hot summer day. The camera and software experience is excellent.

I especially love its in-hand feel. Far more comfortable to hold with one hand than my Essential Phone. Lighter, narrower, and more rounded sides. My LG G5 is comfortable to hold too but it's slightly taller and wider which makes the Pixel 3 my favorite to hold.

Pixel 3 is currently my 2nd favorite smartphone ever behind only my LG G5. I just prefer the G5 more because it offers removable battery, microSD slot, IR blaster, and a wide-angle camera. And also, I prefer LCD over OLED. The camera and software experience is better on the Pixel 3 but the G5 isn't that much inferior.

My Pixel 3 is my current daily driver though because my G5's GPS is unreliable. I plan to move back to the Philippines in 2021, so I plan to get the battery replaced before going back there for another 5 years. My next phone will probably another Pixel again. Maybe the Pixel 10 by 2025 if the Pixel is still around by then.

I want to use a smartphone for years and years. A minimum of 5 years. I'm not into upgrading every 2 years like before. It's a waste of time and money. It means we are caught into these OEMs' endless loop of constantly upgrading.

  • BD

This phone is so expansiv... Please give offer.

  • Pixellian

Just changed to Pixel 3 from iPhone SE. The camera system is really brilliant, enjoy taking photos with it. The phone size is quite comfortable to hold. The downside is the battery life. It drains super fast, for eg, it dropped from 100-95% after using for 10 mins messaging. The other con is the screen brightness, it's not bright enough.

  • Anonymous

Lokesh, 29 Jul 2019Recently bought iPhone 7 Plus 128gb for $350. So far I am liking... moreIf you prefer android?

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Tom, 07 Aug 2019Pixel 3: Phone was fine UNTIL it got a black smudge (like a bla... moresounds like the OLED display has failed, possibly due to a hard press?. very rare at 7 months.

  • Tom

Pixel 3: Phone was fine UNTIL it got a black smudge (like a black fingerprint) on the lower left corner. Phone was 7 months old. Google tech representative attempted to analyze the problem and could not fix, the more we attempted (over 1hour) to ‘fix’ the black smudge which now grew to the point that 1/2 the screen was now black. He (John) ‘suggested’ I return phone to Verizon because Google could not fix / repair the problem over the phone. He (John) contacted Verizon and stated that Verizon would replace it quicker (under warranty). Verizon did indeed replace the Pixel 3 with a REFURBISHED phone, then (2-3 WEEKS later) sends me an email that Verizon will be charging my account $299.00. They, Verizon evaluated the phone and determined that I abused it! Bull! I used it, not abused it! Verizon also stated the phone will NOT be returned to me. The Google 3 warranty is a joke, Verizon evaluation practice/procedures is solely one sided! Neither Google, nor Verizon advised me about their warranty shenanigans / collusion’s ...warranty replacement is a refurbished phone, $299.00 charge, broken phone won’t be returned (so I could have it evaluated by a third party). This black smudge that grows over the screen is a systemic problem with the Google Pixel 3, and Google knows it! Go on line and see for yourself. Get an Apple, Samsung, LG and DON’T do business with Verizon unless you like to get ‘You know what’ via their warranty evaluation and no return policy. VERY DISSATISFIED👎🏻. BBB, FCC & Public Service Commission should look into their warranty procedures. My opinion: Google has fallen off their pedestal, while Verizon can only look up at a pedestal from their home in the 🤬gutter! And I’m a Verizon retiree.