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  • emprssm

Pixel 3 is the absolute worst phone I have ever owned. It is a phone at minimum you would expect that function to work. The sound quality on the phone is terrible! No one can ever hear me when I am using the speaker phone. And people I'm talking to complain that every few words often drop out. I have all bars and have never had any issues with any of my old phones in my house that I have lived in for seven years. Next the google assistant function quit working about six months into owning it. After being to told to boot into safe mode, then a factory reset, blah, blah it still doesn't work. So I still stuck with it for the next 1.5 years. Now the latest is that it doesn't charge! I finally agreed to the latest OS update and whammo can no longer charge my phone. Thankfully, I have figured out it will charge if I reset my phone while it is plugged in, but if this isn't Verizon or Google turning my phone into a brick I don't know what it is! Call me paranoid...but this same thing happened two years ago exactly after an OS update (conveniently over Thanksgiving/Black Friday deals weekend) with my first Google Pixel. DO NOT BUY unless you want to own a failing POS brick in two years.

  • nah

I've had this phone for a while now and the only real issue is battery life and charging. The charging port doesn't work correctly anymore. I'll plug it in (yes with the charging cord it came with) and it just doesn't fit right anymore. It was fine for about a year and now it's awful. When I finally do get the cord to fit right, it charges fairly quickly, but the battery will be dead in an hour if I'm using it. If it's just sitting in my pocket, it'll die in about 6 hours. No I don't have any background apps running. It's a great short term phone, but you'll start noticing battery issues within six months and then starts the downfall.

  • vosano

MeZoP, 30 Oct 2020Lol you payed 900 for a pixel 3 in 2020?? You either are tr... moreThe man said "after 2 years of using it" so i assume he pay that price back then.

Flash, 23 Oct 2020WORST smartphone I've ever used OVERALL. I don't ... moreLol you payed 900 for a pixel 3 in 2020?? You either are trolling or you got scammed. Because everything you said about your pixel 3 never happens to me lol. Its litteraly. like 250 or even 180 now. So please don't lie man. This phone is perfect for 2020. IMO

  • Flash

WORST smartphone I've ever used OVERALL. I don't usually write reviews on smartphones and this is the first ever I'm writing. Hands down this is the laggiest phone I've ever used and the only good thing about it is the Camera quality. However it is NOT worth the $900 I payed to get this piece of crap. Not even close. The battery life is crappy, the UI was laggy since I first started using it, and after 2 years of using it, the UI is even more laggy. Coupled with that is the crappy screen to body ratio that they thought was a good idea to do, and to put the final nail in the coffin, they even stopped giving pixel users free unlimited storage. This phone is definitely NOT worth the price it started out with, which was a whooping $899 which included the shipping and taxes. Please don't buy this piece of crap.

MeZoP, 20 Oct 2020Umm in 2020 the pixel 3 Value is just awesome. At a price o... moreNope

TheWanderer, 03 Nov 2018There's no value for money here. The pixel has lost its ove... moreUmm in 2020 the pixel 3 Value is just awesome. At a price of 180 dollars Its a awesome phone Good camera, Decent Battery that lasts me at least a day. It can do whatever I want it to do its a awesome phone. You may be bashing it now. But in 2020 its Defo Worth it.

Vineet290, 27 Jun 2018Can't believe this device is from Google, they're good at m... moreNah man the pixel 3 can't be that bad it isn't that bad. The only con of it Imo Is just its battery life. Thats all.

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2020Going on 830am the following day after release and still no... moreI can't trust you because I own a iPhone 7 and a pixel 3 and my pixel 3 is fine dude. What was the BS???

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2020Went from an iPhone 7 to pixel 3. 7 after a day's wo... moreThis review is so fake. You look like you never used a pixel 3. Camera Close to a iPhone 7? Man get Out of here Apple troll.

  • RD

Chris T., 25 Sep 2020All of you who have the low level sound (which is true), ju... moreDoes that fix the issues?

  • Anonymous

Finally sold this hot mess of a phone on kijiji.
Went back to my 2016 SE. what a joy of a phone.

moumo, 24 Sep 2020Still worth in 2020? Since rear camera of my Pixel 2XL unusable. For me, definitely still worth it because it has a secondary ultrawide front camera. Plus, it looks miles better than its notched big brother, the Pixel 3 XL. Since Google is giving three major OS version update, you can expect Android 12 to come in Pixel 3.

  • Tommy

New update makes the screenshot capability a lot more complicated

  • Chris T.

All of you who have the low level sound (which is true), just download ZEDGE from Play Store and search for a ringtone called: Sony Ericsson Cool.
You will then thank me :)

Still worth in 2020? Since rear camera of my Pixel 2XL unusable.

  • Anonymous

This is absolutely the worst phone I have ever had. I have been a long time Samsung Android phone user or Verizon. The salesperson talked me into this phone. Calls dropped, numbers not working, I just uploaded a new system for the Android and now I can't make a phone call I can't make flight reservations I can't do anything because of the shit piece of phone. Spend the extra money and buy quality like Samsung or iPhone

  • Anonymous

My Pixel 3 is less that two years old and has a very swollen battery that is pushing the back off the phone.

Support wants me to mail them my phone BEFORE they will replace it. I can't do that. It will just have to explode. I can't be without a phone. It is not safe.


  • Goku

Since my pixel 3 updated to android 11 incoming call max volume loudspeaker is tiny sound.does anyone have this issue?how to solve?

  • Anonymous

Mr Toon, 10 Sep 2020Easy.. Sell the Pixel and buy an iPhone. Exactly what I’m going to do. I so want the 12, small form factor but 5.4 inch screen.
Who’s knows when it will actually be available.