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  • Alex

plz add folder lock or individual apps lock in System UI nd also should consider dual sim capability

  • Jp

So does mine I hate it

Right now with galaxy s10. Dont like it over s9. Shall Pixel 4 have micro sd slot and wide angle lens?

As mentioned in the Essential PH-1's comment section, this Pixel 3 now becomes my new favorite to use because I broke my Essential Phone by accident yesterday.

Was jogging back to my car after a DoorDash order and the Essential flew out of my loose holster case. Accidently kicked it too while on pavement. Never broke a phone after nearly 20 years until yesterday. And it had to happen to my all-time favorite.

In fairness, the Pixel 3 is the superior device to use as a phone. Better reception and camera. That's always the one I pick to put my SIM inside. You always need reliable reception and camera anywhere you go.

Like I mentioned before, my only qualm with my Pixel 3 is the battery life is mediocre if you browse using mobile data. It lasts longer on Wi-Fi though. And I love the in-hand feel of the Pixel 3. Rounded edges, narrower, and lighter.

My love for Essential Phone vs Pixel 3 is very, very close. I could easily flip-flop them every day on which one I prefer. As of today, I have no choice but to love my Pixel 3 the most since my Essential is dead. My Essential won't even turn on anymore.

Google Pixel 3
Design - 8/10
Comfort - 9/10
Display - 8.5/10
Reception - 9/10
Camera - 9.5/10
Audio - 8/10
Software - 9.5/10
Battery - 7.5/10
Value - 5/10 (at $900)... 8/10 (at $450 I got it for)

I loved this phone though. The first Google phone without using a famous OEM like HTC or LG. Probably the best design among the three Pixel generations. And it really does feel good in the hand.

It did refresh for me on Twitter yesterday, so the RAM issues are there. But I have no other bugs for it. I'm on the April 5 update. I don't want to update it anymore because I could ruin its battery life each time. It's generally a smooth experience for me. Has never rebooted on me since I've owned it.

It's a great phone so far. The key words are so far. Every phone can deteriorate after six to eighteen months. I've only had this phone since May 2nd. Only six weeks. The good news is I can always go to a uBreakiFixit repair shop if I want the battery replaced. Costs $70. Can't do that for the Essential.

R.I.P. my Essential Phone
August 29, 2018 - June 13, 2019

Long live my Google Pixel 3
May 2, 2019 - Present

If using Wi-Fi, battery life for the Essential and Pixel 3 are about the same. It's noticeably worse on the Pixel 3 if using mobile data. I say about 20% worse. I did two orders yesterday and it killed over 30%. I could deliver 4-6 of those with my Essential with that same 30%. So the Pixel 3 is no marathon king.

I noticed yesterday that there is also this weird audio bug. Try playing a YouTube video and then when the notification comes through, the sound is softened. The video's sound is now coming from one speaker while the notification sounds comes from the other. I don't like that.

Pixel 3 charges a tad slower but it is still fairly fast. It also heats up a little more when I use it for tethering. I would say other than the camera and in-hand feel, my PH-1 beats it in most areas that are important to me. I also don't like how high the SAR level is while my PH-1 is over 3x lower for the head.

Do I regret getting the Pixel 3? No. It's actually a savior now that my LG G5 has been rendered utterly useless as a smartphone. I need it anyway since my PH-1 doesn't get the best reception under T-Mobile around my area. And the camera is ace. Got to have the best camera wherever I go just in case.

If I had to pick one phone to rely on, it would be the PH-1. If I had to pick one phone to rely on as a phone, it would be the Pixel 3. I've owned 40 different phones. I think I ended up hating nearly everyone of them. I loved them at first before hating them later. Hoping PH-1 (9 months) & Pixel 3 (1 month) doesn't get there and I will still love it years later.

Loved at first before hating -
Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone 4
Nexus One
HTC One M7
LG V20
Apple iPhone SE

I believe my Xiaomi Mi 3 which I had for 5 years might be the only one I haven't hated after all these years. It still runs pretty well. For every Apple product except my MacBook Air, I always loved it at first. Then as time went on, I ended up hating it. Alot of phones are like that. Breezy speeds. Then slow as molasses.

I'm worried my Pixel 3 will reach that stage where it runs like garbage less than 2 years later. I think Essential really put the effort in their first (and only phone so far) knowing it might not have a successor. You can tell the quality and effort was there.

PH-1 is not perfect either with phantom touches, weak digitizer, & weak reception but it is one of my few reliable device in years. The reception issues are actually a little bit overblown. I will miss the PH-1 when the battery degrades badly but surprisingly my Mi 3 still runs pretty decent after 5 years. It also runs the coolest of any smartphone I ever had.

I will likely stick to the Pixel line for good. I've owned the original and now the 3. I've had excellent experiences with both of them. I just never owned them long enough to know if they're reliable. Only had the og Pixel for 6 months. I may not know the quality might get worse until about 18 months later. Perhaps one of the speakers goes out or whatever.

Most phones are like that. They're ticking time bombs. Doesn't matter if you took really good care of them. Planned obsolescence is real. The good news is if I want to replace the battery or get my Pixel 3 fixed in general, there is always a uBreakiFixit store near me. That's the official store to get your Pixels fixed.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2019poor mans iphone? lmao the best iphone out is equal to a GALAXY ... moreget a smart band. That's what I did, because I have baby and need to keep phone on silent.

  • Cory

I arrive at work today and the entire left side of my Pixel 3 bleeds light. I go to Verizon and they tell me that I broke the screen. There are no visible cracks. The Verizon reps says that I must of broke the screen when sitting in my car driving to work can't put this phone in back pocket.
I dumped the iPhone because it's camera sucks,,,,I bought the Pixel 3 because of its picture taking capabilities....I never would have guessed that for a $1000 phone I can't place it in my back pocket......Well when I'm done making payments on this POS, I will find another phone and it will NOT be a Google product. FU Google and ripping me off a $1000 bucks for a phone that can't simply withstand being put in a back pocket..

how is this phone compare to galaxy s10? only what I miss in this phone- micro sd slot and wide angel lens

  • didaswiwaw

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2018What happens to all your photos and unlimited storage if you cha... moreYou still keep all your old photos in original quality, but any new photos that you upload from your new phone will be reduced in quality. Basically the unlimited original photo storage only works for the picture taken from you Pixel phone, and the photo will be kept forever

No issues with my overnight standby time. It drains like 2-3% like my other two main phones. The main culprit was probably not turning off the automatic email refreshing. I usually do that manually.

The Pi Music Player waking up in the background might have been the other problem too but I noticed I turned off adaptive battery and it still drained only 2-3% at most.

This Pixel 3 is a great phone. Zero regrets. This will likely be the series of phones I plan to keep upgrading to. There's nothing else out there I'm interested in.

Update on my standby issues. It only drained 1% after 7 hours of sleep for both my Essential Phone and Pixel 3. They're set up exactly the same.

The main culprits were probably not turning off automatic email refreshing and the Pi Music Player. Actually the Pi app would not play an entire song. I noticed it using headphones first and then through the external speaker.

I kept playing Journey's "Separate Ways" to test it. Even had issues using the player in the notification shade. Refused to change songs. Updated the app. The latter issue resolved but not the former of cutting off a song after a minute or so. Uninstalled the app and got a much better music player. Everything is fine.

Just make sure to manually refresh email. I do have adaptive battery turned on and have a few apps that are restricted like Play Store, YouTube, QuickPic, and Kiwi Browser. And I still use Greenify that I manually hibernate with the long-press home/pill button.

Problem solved. Standby time drain overnight is back to the usual 1-2% I'm accustomed to. Not the 7%-10%. Pixel is a great phone. That was really my only issue. My main issue with my LG G5 which is image retention could be resolved as well using a S-Filter Lite which is different from the S-Filter I used prior. We'll see because that stuff comes back all the time.

I'm having standby time issues with this phone. Battery can drain 7-8%% overnight after 6 hours. It wasn't like this initially the first two weeks. My other two phones don't have this issue. They drain about 2-3% after 8 hours of sleep.

I think the main culprits are Pi Music Player and Play Store. They remain active for hours in the background. We'll see how it goes. I already turned on adaptive battery and restricted both apps along with Kiwi Browser and YouTube.

I did everything else like turning off ambient display and even the one that recognizes songs. I also forgot to turn off my email account automatically refreshing. I always manually refresh that. If it doesn't change, I may have to turn on battery saver every night. If that doesn't work, then I'll just turn off the phone every night.

Anywhere between 7-10% drain overnight is not acceptable. I don't use Facebook or whatever resource hungry app. Most of the apps I use are efficient. I even had to install Greenify again and it still drained like that.

The Essential Phone is the one phone I have that has rarely given me problems. With that one, I just have to turn it off once every two weeks or the digitizer goes nuts or it freezes. Turning off phones weekly should be mandatory to clear the RAM usage.

We'll see because I only put the sim in my Pixel 3 because I prefer its camera the best in case I'm out and about. With Essential, I actually prefer the better notification shade layout (has all 9 when you pull down twice instead of 6) and the speaker is actually louder and sounds more fuller. P3's speakers sounds hallow.

  • JJ

Really disappointed in the Pixel 3, used it for 6 months and never been impressed with the mobile performance. Recently the radio failed and going on 10 days for support to 'determine' the issue. Meanwhile I am left with an unusable phone. Warranty is worthless if they never find the issue.

  • elenucola

I am very disappointed with Google Pixel 3 .
The phone is not worthy its value as it is very fragile - it fall from the couch to the floor (around 40 cm) and the back broke into crumbles...clearly not normal for a phone of this price range . Additionally, battery is not as good as expected, as by using, it lasts less than a day

  • Genzo

Shru81, 11 May 2019Google pixel 3 is the worst phone ever. I bought this phone from... moreYou got a refurbished device that's why they send it back have been using this device for about 4months

  • Shru81

Google pixel 3 is the worst phone ever. I bought this phone from the US and got it to India only to find the phone volume is not working at all! With all the difficulty and burning my pocket, I sent it back to the US for replacement with a new phone! What they do, they send the same and labelling it as refurbished with sim tray and charger missing!! I am yet receive the replacement again.. Being a premium brand, I never expected to experience this! What's the use of paying a bomb on this useless device!! DO NOT BUY THIS AND REGRET LATER! LIKE ME!

Already my favorite smartphone ever.

1. Google Pixel 3
2. Essential Phone
3. LG G5

Battery life isn't quite as long as the Essential Phone but still longer than my LG G5 (and V20). Very relieved this Pixel 3 syncs with Android File Transfer for macOS.

Everything just feels smoother and comfortable on it. I took about 5 days before finally putting the SIM in because I didn't put all my stuff on it right away and just used it as a backup. Today will be the first day it's going to be my daily driver as my main phone.

I think this is a great phone so far that I've had it. I haven't experienced the RAM management issues. I need the Pixels to succeed or many of us are stuck in the Android world choosing between Samsung or the Chinese.

I've owned Pixel 1 & 3 and enjoyed them both. This is the product line with smartphones I plan to stay on for life. It has to always be the non-XL one. Never again with iPhone. And I don't like Samsung or these Chinese iOS copycat skins.

This phone gets an "A" from me. We'll see down the road the type of problems it has or if they were simply overblown and started by paid Apple and Samsung fanatics ranting about Google products on the Internet.

  • Genzo

Kingslayer, 05 May 2019I love this phone so far! Its only weaknesses are battery life i... moreThe essential phone come with and LCD screen and the pixel 3 is a poled screen normally LCDs are more brighter than poled screens. I have seen so many comments about ram. I haven't encounter any of that I personally think 4gb of ram is ok for a pixel device the only downside of the pixel 3 is battery life 2910mhm power is not good enough for the device but it can make it through the day even if you are a heavy user. Camera and software is just magnificent

I love this phone so far! Its only weaknesses are battery life isn't the best and the display is quite dim. If the brightness is 31% on my Essential, I have to go 47% on the Pixel 3. If 50% in the former, about 66% in the latter. But what's weird is they start to nearly match by the 75%.

I use AMOLED LiveWallpaper with blank icons and only the name of the app is on display in white. I set the live wallpaper to only 15 FPS instead of 60 and it's smooth already. Conserve battery as well. I also don't regret the black one. I have no issues of the black scratching. I take really good care of my phones.

I still don't see the RAM management issues or other little quirks yet. I'm still on the November patch. The March one I've read brought back issues again. The camera is amazing and the software experience is great. Maybe in a few months, feelings could change.

My Essential Phone is still a great phone. I've had it for only 8 months. The fingerprint scanner doesn't recognize my fingers right away. Not all the time at least. So it's starting to show its age and I did clean it. I could have issues with this Pixel months from now.

All three phones I rotate daily (LG G5, Essential, and Pixel 3) aren't perfect. No phone really is especially the older they get.

My G5 has the worst battery life, overheats randomly, and annoying image retention. But tends to be great all-around and the only one with IR blaster and multiple batteries.

Essential has the fingerprint scanner issue and inferior digitizer. I don't have issues with call quality. That's more with T-Mobile's spotty coverage. The phone is awkward to hold but the actual design, build quality, and battery life is no doubt the best.

Pixel 3 has RAM issues and whatever else people have complained about. But I love the feeling of the phone when I hold it. An even narrower phone than my G5. It also has the best camera and noticeably the fastest.

I genuinely like all three phones and fairly equally even with all their flaws. Feelings could change in six months. My favorite brand of phones are now Pixels. I'll be sad if the Pixel 4 and 5 flop again, Google will get out of the phone hardware business for good. Their Nexus devices weren't exactly popular either.

We will all end up with Samsung or another Chinese copycat as our only Android options. Pixel may not be around for very long if it keeps flopping in sales. But so many people bash it. I get it. They have flaws but Google could always pull the plug and you will regret losing them.

  • Genzo

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2018Geeezuuus... no SD-slot, 2900mAh, a single camera on the back, f... morePixel 3 is and awesome device I have been using it for about 3months now the only downside is the battery life. 2910mhm power not good enough for a 850euros device but it can make it through the day. I don't need to talk about the camera and software because is the best. Awesome screen