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  • nugget

this phone is an absolute disappointment, and I am gutted I have had to spend 24 months suffering with it. I bought it instead of waiting for the pixel 4 (I wanted stereo speakers and rear fingerprint scanner), only to find out that it is nothing more than a stretched pixel 2; same RAM (not nearly enough for its "flagship" status at the time), indistinguishable performance, and almost identical design. add in a worse battery and a much worse official case providing no front protection whatsoever, and I wish I'd never "upgraded". don't get me started on all the camera bugs, ram management issues, and general slow performance; I'm sure you can read all about that in the various articles published on the matter.

all filler, no killer.

  • aloha

Ashlyn, 17 Feb 2021My Pixel 3 battery is bloated and the frame popped out :( w... moremaybe due to water leaking into the battery

Flash, 23 Oct 2020WORST smartphone I've ever used OVERALL. I don't ... moreYou never owned it. No details to your comments suggests you are. Just a paid Samsung or Apple shill.

  • Anonymous

how can i active dual sim ehh so dizzy

  • Ashlyn

My Pixel 3 battery is bloated and the frame popped out :( whats happening? I need some advice please

  • Brick

We have had a pair of Pixel 3's for 2 years, one functions normally and the 2nd, which is already a warranty replacement (refurb) spontaneously decided to stop recognizing it's eSim 4 days ago. Depending how how Google decides to handle this, it may be time to consider an iPhone. We have never been impressed with the reception, voice quality, wifi-to-cell (and vice versa) transitions, steaming continuity, and battery life. Love the Google Fi service, hate the Pixel hardware.

  • Ricochet

Ringtone Volume is too LOW!

For alarm to sound, phone must be on.

Battery life couldn't stand for 1 full day even for just normal usage.

  • Anonymous

Pretty happy with this phone. It's incredibly affordable when on sale in early 2020. Battery life is definitely the weakest point but in terms of value it's hard to beat. The current Pixel 5 is well over double the price with a plastic build, comparable performance, fewer included accessories and only iterative improvements.

  • Anonymous

I've bought this phone before the pixel 4 drops
I like the software, camera, speakers, the screen resolution , the pink colour and the vibrator .
I hate the battery , the stupid camera app , the front design
And i had a problem with the charging port that seems like a lot of people also had
Anyway it will receive android 12 after that this phone will be dead
Don't buy it

  • geo

Peaches, 03 Dec 2020We can all have different experiences and should be able to... morethis is the pixel 3 forum not the pixel 3a's..

2years, 04 Dec 2020Well i don't know how some people ends up with bad exp... moreI thought Google Pixels were supposed to be the most stable phones software wise? It's almost as if Android itself is the problem.

  • Anonymous

Been using Google Pixel 3 for a year now.
No Lags, Fast Boot up, Great Camera(Love the Night Sight feature). What I hate is the Pathetic Battery Life. Needs to charge twice a day. I don't play extensive 3D games, only normal browsing Netflix, Facebook and Instagram.
Would consider if the upcoming Pixel Phones came with better battery life.

  • 2years

Well i don't know how some people ends up with bad experiences that are so extreme, not sure if it is the phone hardware, the software or the users' usage, maintain or what not that's really causing their bad experiences.

Having used and tried so many different Android and even iOS, and have been using Google Pixel since their OG 1st gen till the Pixel 4 now, so far things are great. Yes there are occasional software crappy glitch after updates but are quickly fixed. Else in next update, nothing breaking. I am still sticking with my Pixel 3 after 2 years plus because it's so good, that i ditched my Pixel 4. I am only gonna change out Pixel 3 after their software update support ends. The front wide angle is the best.

  • Peaches

emprssm, 01 Dec 2020Pixel 3 is the absolute worst phone I have ever owned. It ... moreWe can all have different experiences and should be able to state our experience with being called a liar simple bc another is not experiencing the same. This platform is to express our thoughts regarding our personal experience (so I thought). Hopefully our experiences might possibly assist someone else or hopefully pursuade the manufactures to do a better job. With that said. I am so frustrated at the issues that I am now experiencing which took place ONLY and IMMEDIATELY following the update (that normally I do not opt to do bc of what typically happens when I have updated other cells in the past). Updates are to better your experience with any product not to make the experience a worst - far worse. Updating my Pixel 3a has been the worst experience that I have ever had with any cell phone.
I can no longer screen shot as I so very EASILY did on a daily basis ....and yes, I used screen shot daily (every day).
During a phone call when someone else on the line with me, I could view other text messages and go to a site to look up something as we may have been discussing an item that we saw on Amazon or I could also do a search in my contacts while on the phone and the person I was speaking to never knew because they did not hear the clicking of EVERY word and/or letter that I typed. However this is now the case. My friends tell me that the sound is so loud and so annoying.
I had a number of alarms set for different event and reminders, which worked very well and was thankful for them bc I certainly would have been late or would have missed certain events if not for the alarms. I found that I had to reset them after the update and they still NOW NEVERRRR work.
My phone calls now sound like I'm under water.
Some days I receive all text messages and some days I do not.
I can no longer use group chat when sending attachments, this is also something that I did often. Now when I attempt to send an attachment to a group of friends, I receive a "Attachment Failed" message.
My apps that were easily accessible and readily available for use are whoknowswhere now???? I have to hunt for them and can never remember where they are so I have to do so each time I need one. I have to go to settings and find it. All were on my screen before as I out them there. Now, there is no option to simply put certain apps on my screen.
Even before the update (that I profoundly regret) - MY Pixel was not impressive at all, especially for the amount that I paid for it. I will be getting a new phone. For all users who have experienced anything that you should not have, I can relate and totally understand your frustration. To all those who have not had any bad experiences, you are fortunate - again, this doesn't make the users who have experienced a HOST of issues....liars. I will never purchase another Pixel or any high priced cell (for that matter) - The other reasonably priced phones give me what I need without the frustration or the feeling of being ripped off.

  • emprssm

Pixel 3 is the absolute worst phone I have ever owned. It is a phone at minimum you would expect that function to work. The sound quality on the phone is terrible! No one can ever hear me when I am using the speaker phone. And people I'm talking to complain that every few words often drop out. I have all bars and have never had any issues with any of my old phones in my house that I have lived in for seven years. Next the google assistant function quit working about six months into owning it. After being to told to boot into safe mode, then a factory reset, blah, blah it still doesn't work. So I still stuck with it for the next 1.5 years. Now the latest is that it doesn't charge! I finally agreed to the latest OS update and whammo can no longer charge my phone. Thankfully, I have figured out it will charge if I reset my phone while it is plugged in, but if this isn't Verizon or Google turning my phone into a brick I don't know what it is! Call me paranoid...but this same thing happened two years ago exactly after an OS update (conveniently over Thanksgiving/Black Friday deals weekend) with my first Google Pixel. DO NOT BUY unless you want to own a failing POS brick in two years.

  • nah

I've had this phone for a while now and the only real issue is battery life and charging. The charging port doesn't work correctly anymore. I'll plug it in (yes with the charging cord it came with) and it just doesn't fit right anymore. It was fine for about a year and now it's awful. When I finally do get the cord to fit right, it charges fairly quickly, but the battery will be dead in an hour if I'm using it. If it's just sitting in my pocket, it'll die in about 6 hours. No I don't have any background apps running. It's a great short term phone, but you'll start noticing battery issues within six months and then starts the downfall.

  • vosano

MeZoP, 30 Oct 2020Lol you payed 900 for a pixel 3 in 2020?? You either are tr... moreThe man said "after 2 years of using it" so i assume he pay that price back then.

Flash, 23 Oct 2020WORST smartphone I've ever used OVERALL. I don't ... moreLol you payed 900 for a pixel 3 in 2020?? You either are trolling or you got scammed. Because everything you said about your pixel 3 never happens to me lol. Its litteraly. like 250 or even 180 now. So please don't lie man. This phone is perfect for 2020. IMO

  • Flash

WORST smartphone I've ever used OVERALL. I don't usually write reviews on smartphones and this is the first ever I'm writing. Hands down this is the laggiest phone I've ever used and the only good thing about it is the Camera quality. However it is NOT worth the $900 I payed to get this piece of crap. Not even close. The battery life is crappy, the UI was laggy since I first started using it, and after 2 years of using it, the UI is even more laggy. Coupled with that is the crappy screen to body ratio that they thought was a good idea to do, and to put the final nail in the coffin, they even stopped giving pixel users free unlimited storage. This phone is definitely NOT worth the price it started out with, which was a whooping $899 which included the shipping and taxes. Please don't buy this piece of crap.

MeZoP, 20 Oct 2020Umm in 2020 the pixel 3 Value is just awesome. At a price o... moreNope