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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2019Is it true that Pixels don`t get the same software support from ... morePixel still is supported in countries where no GG stores. I bought Pixel 3 in Canada, brought back to my country and just updated it to Android 10

  • Abe

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2019I was wondering if the so called "not pink" color is suitable fo... moreTo be honest the pink is barely pink, it is a pleasant white with off beige with a pink hue in my opinion and is perfectly normal in a guys hand. I personally have the black only because was the only color available on my visit to the USA where I got my device, it gets monthly security updates the same day as all other Pixels as well despite being overseas.

  • Anonymous

I was wondering if the so called "not pink" color is suitable for men, what you think?

  • Anonymous

Is it true that Pixels don`t get the same software support from Google in countries where there aren`t official Google sales stores, or not, anyone knows???

  • jlp

what?? I cant use head phones while im charging? Yikes! there are only 24 hours a day and I need every minute of it for both of those things.

I was seriously railroaded into buying this and after all was said and done, I realize that not only does it have a different plug than anything else, you are only provided one cord to use for all settings, despite having been given a car adapter and two other adapters that make no sense. plus a cord that goes to nothing.

I was given 3 days to decide and could exchange only for another pixel if this one is faulty.

and so on, and so on

better than Pixel 4

  • Anonymous

Can you schedule a reboot like Huawei and Samsung?

  • Anonymous

No SD card, no headphone jack, a Thanos notch with a silly price tag?


Kingslayer, 20 Sep 2019Pixel 3's in-hand feel is amazing. Matte finish on the back. Rou... morePixel 3 is a real deal! I switched from pixel 2... Next is pixel 5 when 5G is available in big cities...

Pixel 3's in-hand feel is amazing. Matte finish on the back. Rounded sides. Not too tall but narrow. Only 148g. The iPhone 11 Pro weighs 188g! That's 3 more than the Essential Phone.

Pixel 3 is the best phone I ever had now that it is back on Pie. I've considered getting an original Pixel or Essential Phone again. But I keep asking myself, why bother? They're both inferior to the Pixel 3? The og Pixel in black is known to have chipping issues.

Pixel has the headphone jack and slightly shorter and lighter. Essential Phone feels awkward to hold and even with the GCam apk, the cam is clearly inferior to my Pixel 3. I feel I'm just wasting another $100-$180 on inferior devices that I've owned before already.

Both the Pixel 3 and 3 XL can be so underrated. They're both still superior to the poor man's Pixel, the 3a and 3a XL. They have less bezels and feature the Visual Core chip. The GPU blows the 3a's out of the water.

Even with the Pixel 4's imminent release, I still think the Pixel 3 looks way better. People just hate on the Pixel 3 because of the 3 XL's hideous notch or the fact they're too expensive. I love my Pixel 3! Never had the issues. And I love Pie.

Pixel 3 is the most refined Pixel ever in both software and hardware. The 4 took a step back in design. The 3 introduced us to Night Sight, High Res Zoom, Call Screen, etc. Might be the last to offer a fingerprint scanner on the back..

Hopefully, Google returns to the frosted glass back by the Pixel 5 or 6. That's the most appealing aspects of the iPhone 11 Pro. I love the back to have a matte finish. I don't like the back of the X and XS. And my black Pixel 3 seems to self-heal if scratched with keys.

  • david lightman

my Previous phone was a pixel 2 (still in use) i loved that phone, it is perfect, people have problems with the big bezel i'm not i like it.
now I have pixel 3, one week and counting, the machine itself is very powerful, snappy as hell, which is what i pay for, so i'm happy with that, camera, as to be expected, top notch, battery.... meh.. ok, screen .... i don't like it much, round borders, come on google, this is not apple, if i want apple i'll go buy one, i want a pixel, the sucessor of the very great nexus line which i also had several.
the screen is ..well round in the edges which i don't like, the aspect ratio is weird, to the poin where most apps are chopped at the right because the screen is taller than wider, the colors are waaaay too saturated, too shiny, whydid you do that? pixel 2 has a fantastic screen with a great aspect ratio, color precision, quality, in that tinysize i loved it!, i don't understand why you changed the aspect ratio, now most apps don't fit the screen, and the saturated colors are, not painful, to watch but annoying yes.
next thing, case. round shiny borders, again copying apple, google pretty please, i don't want apple, i want a pixel phone, why!, the case of the pixel 2 was great, feels great at touch, very nice details at the corners, subtle but clear signs of a quality product, now the 3 case, is all glass, so extremely delicate, extremely round, extremely shiny, i don't like it.
again the machine is fantastic, but the screen and case, i don't like it at all.

Pixel 3 is back being my #1 favorite phone ever now that I'm back on Pie (September 2018). My LG G5 has better all-around features and hardware but I always go back to my Pixel 3 because it's ridiculously smooth. Everything just opens up instantly.

My Pixel 3 is going to be my main daily driver until it no longer works anymore. Or at least for another five years or until I see some real changes and innovations with smartphones. So far, I haven't seen much innovation for the last 3-4 years.

I've seen people use a Nexus 4 or 5 for years. Heck, even iPhone 4 from 2010. I see no problem using this Pixel 3 for a minimum of five years as long as I change the battery every 2-2.5 years.

  • Anonymous

gatsu01, 17 Sep 2019If you disable the digital wellness monitoring, your performance... moreWe’re you on Android 10?

  • gatsu01

Kingslayer, 15 Sep 2019Just downgraded my Pixel 3 from Android 10 to Pie (September 201... moreIf you disable the digital wellness monitoring, your performance goes back to normal.

  • ruth

Not only is the phone so unstable tech support can't help other than to replace the phone... Pixel refuses to extend the warranty. I am on the third phone. The first two had the same issues plus unique ones as well. Phone would shut down, apps close on their own and the phone would lock up and not close or navigate. Two phones, same issues. Battery life was terrible even though I had taken off most applications. I was told if I didn't like the model to pay more and upgrade. I paid $900 for the original phone! Horrible customer service.

  • Zuzusuzuz

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2019pixel 3 or pixel 3 xl? price difference here is just 80 euros nowPixel 4 :D

Just downgraded my Pixel 3 from Android 10 to Pie (September 2018) and my phone is back being AWESOME! It's actually smoother and faster now than before. My battery life is better than ever.

All my apps aren't broken and working perfectly again. My Call Blacklist Pro can now reject calls. My ES File Explorer can back up apps and capable being installed. My QuickPic can now upload to Google Photos and share photos to Viber. My Dasher app no longer freezes. My PiP for YouTube doesn't just stay black.

Android 9 (Aug 2019): 9/10
Android 10 (Sept 2019): 6/10
Android 9 (Sept 2019): 9.5/10

My tip to most people? Don't update. Even apps, go back to older versions of it. My Pixel 3 is basically acting like my Essential Phone when I first updated to Pie back in August 2018. Everything feels right.

Android Pie the earlier builds (Aug/Sept/Oct 2018) is the best Android software experience I ever had only followed by Nougat 7.1.1 on the original Pixel. By the time I kept updating the security patch, Pie got more bloated, a little slower and a little worse battery life.

The best software of any particular phone is the one they came with right out of the box. They were optimized for that particular software version. Everything after starts to get a little worse and a little worse. Only time an Android update cured my issues is when my LG G5 (RS988) went from Android 6 to 7.

If I ever get another Essential Phone, I will downgrade it to the August 2018 of Pie. And never update it beyond the October 2018 patch when it added back the notch settings. These early Pie builds are clearly the best and most efficient Android software experience I ever had.

I know many people hate on Pie. I don't care. I love it. I despise Android 10. My Pixel 3 is back and better than ever! I only got it last May and it already had the March 2019 security patch. It wasn't that smooth. The touch wasn't instantaneous.

I noticed my Essential Phone was smoother with the October 2018 build. With the September 2018, my P3 is very smooth like that Essential and the battery life is the best I ever had with this particular model.

Don't update. You get new features but you'll also get worse battery life, bugs, broken apps, and a more bloated OS. Dark theme is so overrated. There was nothing in particular I enjoyed from Android 10.

My Pixel 3 rocks again!

Kingslayer, 14 Sep 2019I'm at the process of downgrading my Pixel 3 from Android 10 to ... moreIt seems strange that Android 10 on Pixel 3 has so many bugs. Maybe factory reset is needed? I wouldn't recommend buying HMD flagships. All their flagships were complete failure so far. Nokia 8 is ridden with hardware and software bugs. They completely ruined that phone. When it comes to major updates, HMD prioritizes low and mid range phones. Sirocco, which was their 2018 flagship, is scheduled to get Android 10 in March 2020.

I'm at the process of downgrading my Pixel 3 from Android 10 to Pie.

The most frustrating parts from Android 10 are...

- Call Blacklist Pro or any call blocker is broken.

- QuickPic is broken where I can't even upload to Google Photos or share on Viber!

- ES File Explorer seems broken when it comes to app backup. If the app is backed up from the app, it will still not be installed.

- The touch response can freeze if doing DoorDash. And I don't mean just like a few seconds delay. As long as 20+ seconds.

Yesterday, it took nearly 10 seconds for my camera app to open up. Luckily, it opens quickly again. I hate Android 10. At least this early version that broke several useful apps I use.

Android 10 ruined my perfectly fine Pixel 3 on Pie. This happened to me before with the first Pixel. It was perfect on Nougat before Oreo ruined its battery life even after a restore and fresh install with the apps.

If Google keeps doing this by ruining their phones after one major update, I'm going to move to a third-party OEM like Nokia (HMD). The smaller Pixels appeals to me the most though and I don't like the glass backs without a matte finish of the Galaxy 10e.

I now have to learn how to downgrade Android software. I might buy a first gen Pixel again and flash that back to Nougat. I think 7 is my favorite Android version. Nougat helped save my LG G5 and it was the most stable Android release Google ever had.

My Pixel 3 was a 9/10 on Pie. Now my experience with it is a 6/10 on Android 10. Almost unusable for work because it freezes at times using the Dasher app. I'm so frustrated with Google.

Kingslayer, 11 Sep 2019Still mad I updated my Pixel 3 to Android 10 when it was working... moreFactory reset the phone and everything will work fine.