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  • Anonymous

Pixel 3 (non XL) has no notch, better speakers and screen brightness, but worse battery life and only FHD+ display. If battery life, screen size & display are important to you, choose the XL version. Or alternatively, spend your money elsewhere. Both phones are overpriced iphone wannabes.

  • sk

Anonymous, 30 Mar 2019Just go S10e can't beat it best phone on market.Pixel 3 is having very very low Ring Volume.Totally unusable. Dont lose your money like me.You will not get a replacement in India.

  • Anonymous

Just go S10e can't beat it best phone on market.

  • Martin

Nice phone, but undoubtedly Google is becoming more “evil” than Apple and no one bats an eye.
How, you ask? Phone is made to appeal to Apple user – clean slate with no aesthetically appealing cameleon / colour changing features, but very recognisable as a phone. In addition, very clean and uncluttered systems is an Apple like.
Yes, the phone takes stunning photos, but like all other Android phones is great in one area, but rather poor in overall. I managed to freeze several apps in a span of 3 weeks, phone is often unresponsive, or less responsive than my Iphone 6s.
What I find the most annoying is how Google treat their customers. Apple was slated online for not having memory card slot, for removing headphone jack, adding the “notch” (famous Samsung “Genius” parody) or for trying to sell a very expensive phone in general. Pixel managed to achieve the same, however people suddenly forgot how much of a nuisance it was.
But that’s not the biggest problem. Most Android users claim that this system is very open and not focused on profit. Well, think again, as Google is set up on maximalisation of profits!
1. Charger. Do you have a generic Qualcom Fast / Turbo charger to quickly charge your phone? Well, it won’t charge your Pixel quickly. The only quick charger is the original Google charger, which cost more than £30.
2. Pixel doesn’t have the jack port, but you can use the provided earbuds. What you can’t use is a generic USB C / jack adapter. It won’t work.
3. People complained how poorly Apple USB cables are. After having Apple for couple of years, I didn’t experience damaged cable, however I have already noticed a bid crease / bulge on the Pixel earphone cable close to the USB plug. It will get damaged easily.
4. Wireless charging. I can understand that a company adds extra features to own product to sway consumers, but they should never remove features to force them to buy own branded product. Only the google charger (£69!!) will charge Pixel at higher rate. All other fast chargers will limit this to 50%. On top of that, this charger will not charge other phones as fast charger.
Don’t get me wrong, this is a good phone I don’t regret buying it, but after trying many Google products I see that those are not worth the hype, most reviews look to be paid by Google, considering that our privacy is also “sold” to Google

  • Imtiaz

davede, 24 Mar 2019Hello guys, my daily phone is iPhone 8 but I am thinking abou... moreUse iphone x instead.

  • Anonymous

davede, 24 Mar 2019Hello guys, my daily phone is iPhone 8 but I am thinking abou... moreno get the pixel 4 these phones have very little ram for their price

Hello guys,

my daily phone is iPhone 8 but I am thinking about moving to Pixel 3. Is it worth? The main thing I am afraid of is battery. I have read a lot of reviews and poeple say that the battery is really weak.

  • John

Anonymous, 16 Mar 2019So google wants you to buy their "special headphones," when my h... moreIt does sound like that

  • Anonymous

So google wants you to buy their "special headphones," when my headset is likely superior in quality... 2019 sure is strange.

  • cwk92

I just got my phone last week, now in my first week of using it... The only problem I had with this phone is battery optimization... I don't know whether because is a new phone. I heard some people says that it takes time for the OS to optimize battery life based on user usage (true or myth?)... Everytime after fully charge my phone, within 5 mins just without any usage, simply idle there, the battery started draining,

  • Anonymous

Please add camera sensor details as well!

  • Anonymous

This phone has given me sooo much annoyance that I'm getting piss. It seems like Google is purposely making the pixel 3 be bad at every small corner that most people won't easily not care about. Why did I even buy this phone.....

1) Why on earth is exfat external thumdrive not support but my other android 9 sony phone does work.
2) battery management on the pixel 3 sucks alot.
3) how on earth did my gboard prediction gone worse
4) why can't I edit the specific letter on chrome omnibar( recently fix)
5) the phone crash like no tomorrow
6) memory/ram management is bad/ random
7) I thought Google were genius in software so why isn't there a default tasker mode for example at 2300 make phone bright to low and turn on night light then turn back to original when it's 0600, make use of your software skill to improve our daily life's, I don't even care about digital wellbeing.
8) why is there no AM/PM on the clock on the notification top screen

Things I actually appreciate
1) flip to shhh/ flip to on do not disturb mode is very handy
2) Camera is good

D, 13 Jan 2019Small battery, 4 GB RAM, no headphone jack, 1080p screen, no SD ... moreits 2019 and world is making the jack disappear. by 2020 u should buy motorola if u want the jack.

Between the Pixel 3 and the iPhone XR which one has:
1. Support compressed file format (HEVC)?
2. Record video in stereo?
3. Audio in video is recorded at a higher bitrate i.e. 128Kbps or above?
4. Louder speakers?
5. Stabilization in both front & rear cameras?
6. Has better dynamic range, low-light, overall sharpness & detail, less noise, less oversaturation/overexposure, etc.?

  • spokey

D, 13 Jan 2019Small battery, 4 GB RAM, no headphone jack, 1080p screen, no SD ... morewrong, you can plug in headphones. I do. Just needed to plug in the included 3.5->Type C adapter and put the headphones on.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2019Not when you can get Samsung S10e Samsung camera isn't even close to Pixel 3...especially in night mode and especially on 10e!

  • Sajawa

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2019Press the volume button (up or down), click the settings button... moreAnd cross your fingers. Did not work for me.

  • Sajawa

No, no no. Not ready for prime time. I'd go back to my 2013 Droid mini in a heartbeat if the system was still being supported.

The Google Pixel 3 seems like an iPhone wanna be. And I did not want an iphone. That's why I went with what seemed to be the most Android of all systems.

But all the operating system seems slick, the phone functionality is really unsatisfactory. Volume controls are particularly vexing.

Albany can or so ringtones that come stock on the phone I have not yet found one that I can actually hear in my relatively quiet office. I miss every call that comes in. and no it is not my hearing that is at fault.

I like to use the media feature at night as I'm falling asleep. I said a volume that is comfortable for that purpose. But somehow even when I set the alarm volume at its highest level it gets knocked back down and I have a hard time hearing it.

So what good is a phone if it can't tell you if I can wait when you have a call, or when your alarm is going off.

It's good to make calls. Sort of. Or at least to no better than my 6 year old phone was capable of doing.

But it does take nice photos.

  • Anonymous

Cristy, 23 Jan 2019is ist worth to buy the pixel 3 for 600 euro ?Not when you can get Samsung S10e

  • Anonymous

I notified FedX to not even bother to deliver the device after running into Google customer service trying to sort a problem. My favorite point in the exchange is when they tried to blame their problem on me and then this quote "we've not faced any such issues with Store in a while" . Honestly you can't make this stuff up. Needless to say, while the phone looks awesome it's not worth dealing with their customer service. And that was when I could still return the phone. Can you imagine what it would be like after?