Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3

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2400fps ???????

It looks like ugly scamsung S8 with so called infinity display.
So ugly design nothing speciala bout the phone just a super high price like usualy google pixel way.

Lence, 27 Jun 2018That is one ugly phone... I think it looks OK, at least no notch, and it has stereo speakers.

what, no notch?
Google must be crazy

Nothing special here, just another android phone

  • Anonymous

I feel that Google-branded phones are a bit like Apple-branded phones. They ask $800 for a $400 phone - $400 for the hardware and another $400 for the Google or Apple icon on the back.

I'll take Nokia or Huawei over that daylight robbery any day.

  • Lence

That is one ugly phone...