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  • Rae

I bought a pixel 3a last year around July and thus far it has been functioning immensely although earlier this month the charger wasn't charging the phone no matter what I did, I figured it was a connection problem probably the cable shortened or something so I ordered a new cable but it would have taken a period of time to reach in my region so for the meantime, I began charging my phone with another charger the first one made it hot the second took hours to charge honestly didn't know what to do. Earlier on yesterday, I found a difference with the phone it felt weird the battery was pushing the back cover of the phone swelling it greatly. I have been digging trying to find a solution to fix this problem

Recently British stores have begun to collect preorders for Sony Xperia 10 II for about $350 - and this phone looks like a closest competitor to the Pixel 3a for it's characteristics, size, 128 GB flash and IP68 rating. BUT I have lost my respect to Sony company, cause my Xperia XA2 has been 2 times already in a waranty repair (more than 2 weeks each repair in Russia) in the last year for screen replacement caused by long yellow spots on the left edge.
I know this is a common issue for the "budget" IPS phones, but now Sony is went out of my trust, so I have chosen Pixel 3a although Google phones is not available in Russia unfortunatelly.

  • Phonesearcher

Dolanescu, 21 May 2020false propaganda bro... get used to this for now... all the comp... moreGot it new in may 22nd 2019 in Spain. Over one year of almost flawless experience. Some lag in Chrome sometimes. Not the fastest to open games or process pictures. No crashes. I use Android auto a lot. Battery is ok. Original charger goes to 20 to 80 in 30 min. Camera is great great great. Google photos free storage top. Never problem with storage. Long screen fits Netflix expanded in excellent way. Oled is good. Dark mode excellent. Night shift on screen helps with tired eyes on the night. Speaker volume not high but excellent quality. Dragon trail screen no scratches after one year. Best phone I've ever had.

  • notbydesign

I just got this phone about 2 weeks ago because my other one crapped out. I was realy hoping to get a 4 in the summer but my old phone died and I had to get something more affordable. Long story short, I wanted something better, but it's still the best phone I've ever had! I can tell it's not the fastest phone in the world, and the screen has a trippy colour shift thing going on at all angles but whatever, looks cool man!

Yeah idk, I still kinda wish i had something a little more "premium" but I'm at least not depressed with how this phone has been holding up for me.

Main thing I wanted to make sure I had when I bought the phone was AR capabilities and Minecraft Earth has been good times!

Anonymous, 21 May 2020I heard bad battery 3x day charging ??? T/F lol .. bad joke

What is the Endurance Rating for this one?? Anyone has any idea...

Darka, 23 Mar 2020I read bad reviews and can't understand. I have been using the ... morefalse propaganda bro... get used to this for now... all the companies know that product quality is not the selling point... the selling point is what you find on youtube and what reviewers say... and big amounts of money are paid only for propaganda...

  • Anonymous

I heard bad battery 3x day charging ??? T/F

  • Pixel 3a Owner

Bought a used Pixel 3a from Shopee Malaysia. My life had never been better. Sub 6 inch is the best size for me. Juggling between 3a & 3a XL, finally chose 3a for the size.

Battery life has been great. Lasted about 1 day at most. Latest update of Android 10 (5th May 2020). Been dreaming of collecting all of the Google devices for their ecosystem, slowly starting from 3a.

Camera has been awesome in every way. Night sight is so perfect. Loud speaker, but cracks in the full volume. Now, waiting for Rinoshield case for extra protection. 1st time owning an OLED phone, colour's been great.

Overall, great phone for someone who wants to own the latest and greatest stock Android but on a budget constraints. Thank you for listening to my TEDtalk.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2019Is it true that Pixels don`t get the same software support from ... moreNot true

  • part_timer

Bought a Pixel 3a 2 weeks ago. Seems pretty good for the money. One big issue with data usage when in range of local WiFi (especially a problem with whatsapp video and google hangouts that use lots of data). Inexplicably, the Pixel 3a uses the phone data in preference to local WiFi. Yes, the local WiFi is on and the Pixel 3a states it is connected. Only solution that I can find is turning off the mobile data when in range of my WiFi. Not the end of the world, but a real nuisance to have to turn mobile data off when going out and back on when using at home to avoid large chunks of data coming from the monthly allowance. Anyone else had this issue? Anyone know of a fix?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 May 2020what about the storage? its not able to use sd card. someone men... moreI said it had 43GB available with all updates applied (and nothing else installed). Fine for media storage, but I'll likely backup and empty the storage onto my PC once a year or so.

  • Anonymous

Darka, 23 Mar 2020I read bad reviews and can't understand. I have been using the ... morewhat about the storage? its not able to use sd card. someone mentioned the app storage took up 43g of the 64 avail. that doesnt leave much room. how is this for music and pix storage?

Anonymous, 16 Apr 2020Lol sorry. Yuck return it .. so font tiny mmmmm no good for me You can increase the size of the fonts/text in the display settings and accessibility settings.

  • Paul

Waiting for the Pixel 4a. Pixel 3a looks like a very good deal at 300 Euros, however, I need dual nano SIMs and at least in the rumored specification, Pixel 4a looks to have it whereas Pixel 3a does not.

For me the a-variants have almost everything I want from a smartphone, which is a more compact form, a clean Android experience, a reasonably powerful processor, decent cameras and battery life, and the certainty of getting security updates for 3 years from the moment of launch. The main gripe I have is google's Android missing some key apps, which in my case are a non-cloud/local sound player and recorder, however, I am willing to purchase those.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Apr 2020I don't know where people are getting their info about this phon... moreLol sorry. Yuck return it .. so font tiny mmmmm no good for me

  • Anonymous

I don't know where people are getting their info about this phone but my experience was awful. The phone came with the screen partially separated from the body, had to use electrical tape to hold it together. The battery lasted no more than 7 hours. The characters on the text screen are tiny and very difficult to use. The camera is either very hard to use or defective. Very, very poor quality! You will be extremely disappointed if you purchase this phone.

Absolutely great device.

  • Anonymous

Moorte, 07 Apr 2020I am considering buying this phone, coming from a samsug galaxy ... moreI'm coming from a 128GB S6.

Biggest "upgrade" for me is battery life. The 3a is a lot more efficient. Performance and screen quality is comparable (a big plus given the 3a is a midranger). The only "negative" for me is the fixed storage. I had my S6 for five years and was using 90GB of storage (mostly my audio playlist and photos from travelling around the world). The 3a being fixed at 64GB (43GB usable out of the box with all built-in app updates) will likely come back and bite me. Cloud storage isn't an option for me as I travel, and roaming costs prohibit constant data use overseas. I also miss wireless charging, but none are deal breakers.

Camera on 3a has a more neutral colour output compared to S6. I've also noted that general quality is a tad lower when pixel-peeping (tad more blurry - not helped by a lower res sensor), and it doesn't have many manual controls (vs. the S6 manual mode). 3a excels at AF speeds, and bright and clear night shots, but that's about it. Passable in quality I'd say.

Build quality for me isn't a major factor, as I use a case for all my phones. I have a skin on my 3a as plastic is more prone to scratches, and then put it in a minimalist case as extra protection.

For me the choice was a refurbished S7 or the 3a. I opted for the 3a for the updates (S6 stopped at 7.0 - I will be able to use the 3a for five years as well like my S6, if not longer), and a pure Android experience. That and Black Friday had the 3a for US$300.

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2020There are plenty of better phones for that price in my opinion, ... moreThank you for the tips!