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  • pixelfanboy

had this phone for almost 2 years now (November 2019). Not the fastest, not premium feeling, feels cheap to be honest. But the best camera i ever had. i was blown away. battery took a big hit sometimes need to charge twice in a day but as per the SOT still getting 5 to 6 hours so the battery drain is probably due to my usage. still love the phone hoping to upgrade to the upcoming P6.

  • W

Superb phone. Fast and reliabel. Great camera with natural looking colors. But a bit fragile, I smashed the screen after one year. A bit sluggish software experience due to updates. Heavier grams than 4a, but not a big deal. 8/10.

  • Skyzie

Anonymous, 23 May 2021Bought in July 2019, an update bricked my audio after numer... moreSamsung? Light skin?
That's far from what you want, I have a note 9 and it's gotten pretty slow because how much they change the UI each update, always 4.5gb out of 6gb of my ram being used. Just go to OnePlus, I made my mistake of switching from them

Anonymous, 23 May 2021Bought in July 2019, an update bricked my audio after numer... moreHave to agree with you. Phone is ok, but ruined with Google"updates" Because of this I tend to stick on older versions as long as they working without any issues.

Bought it because it was on sale. Didn't had big hopes, but surprisingly a very good phone. Battery great, camera great. Currently running Androis S (12 beta) and still great. However, Google's latest updates screwed Maps, Gmail, Phone apps big time.When the "tech guys" fix the issues caused bytheir updates it would be 10/10, for now 6/10 due to screwed apps.

  • Anonymous

Could someone share thoughts on this phone after updates and long term use. Thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 May 2021Bought in July 2019, an update bricked my audio after numer... moreSame exact thing, same updates and results. Now looking at Samsung or even Apple. Google support is non-existent and don't really care that I paid $350 a year ago for this phone to be ruined by them. Pretty frustrating.

  • Anonymous

Bought in July 2019, an update bricked my audio after numerous repairs, calls/ texts Google tech support and finally getting a refurbished phone after less than 9 mos of usage. Cut to May 2021, another update and it bricked my signal and network. Love the phone not the updates. It's now a paper weight...what a shame. Sometimes slower updates gives companies time to iron stuff phone will have a lite weight skin OnePlus or Samsung

  • Anonymous

Kalka, 18 Jan 2021I have been using P3a for one year. Today, the energy ran ... moreDead battery, sh*t happens

  • Anonymous

phyllis rop, 09 Apr 2021how's the battery and speed?I usually get the whole day out of it with light to medium use. In heavier use, like music, bluetooth, google maps, screen on a decent (possibly full) brightness, I can get probably get 3-4 hours, maybe a bit more.

  • Salinko

no one telling truth, 13 Jan 2021bad phone. so bad!!! 1. very fragile + bad hardware. i hav... moreAm using pixel 3a since 2020 and i have no problem using it

  • Chandler

phyllis rop, 09 Apr 2021how's the battery and speed?Speed so good and excellent battery life

  • phyllis rop

Darius, 18 Feb 2021I buy 10/06/2019 and i have no problem. Good phonehow's the battery and speed?

This has the exact same display as the Galaxy A8 (2018)

  • GP3A

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2021this is an outdated device.Are U Sure? This Device Getting Up To Android 12 (3 Update) With Security Patches. Never Felt That Outdate More Like Up To Date.

  • Darius

I buy 10/06/2019 and i have no problem.
Good phone

gollygeewillikers, 20 Nov 2020Everything in the 4a is nicer than the 3a - except for the ... moreHow could it be a downgrade? In terms of what? The size and resolution are the same and both are OLED. I want to upgrade from the 3a to the 4a so I'm interested in such details

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2021Another update, another no-new-fixes... So the Pixel 5 had ... moreThe unlimited cloud storage is still unlimited with Pixel phones, that hasn't had changed. Now it's exclusive to Pixel phones

  • Anonymous

G.G, 30 Nov 2020S8 or 3a?I used both phones (currently using the 3a actually) and i would say you should go for the 3a. Crazy good camera (same level as i11p), good performance (i didn't see any difference with the s8) and best UI, so easy to use.

  • Anonymous

this is an outdated device.