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  • Anonymous
  • NHP
  • 05 Sep 2022

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2022How many sim card does Google pixel 3a takes?Only 1

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    • Anonymous
    • xjb
    • 01 Sep 2022

    How many sim card does Google pixel 3a takes?

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      • Anonymous
      • mHn
      • 27 Aug 2022

      Pell, 06 Jul 2022Pros: Great battery life Fast charging Great camera (tha... moreAnd the con can easily be fixed with a case

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        • Pell
        • x{6
        • 06 Jul 2022

        Great battery life
        Fast charging
        Great camera (thanks to a Sony sensor)
        Fast performance for non-gamers (like me)
        Fast internet connection (4G works well for me as 5G is not available in rural areas)
        Pretty much is has everything I need.

        Not waterproof

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          • Anonymous
          • 3@g
          • 02 Jul 2022

          Alexander, 06 Jun 2022Google pixel is not working with 5GNo way genius

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            • t@g
            • 29 Jun 2022

            Pitt, 03 Jun 2022When I use the Bluetooth in my car, I can the caller but th... moreOkay, so can the mic use normally without bluetooth? Or have you paired another phone to the car bluetooth? And what kind of bluetooth speaker? Branded or cheap price? Try to pair with other speaker or earphone

              Alexander, 06 Jun 2022Google pixel is not working with 5GThis phone only supports 3g, 4g and an e-SIM. There's no 5g because the phone came out before 5g went mainstream.

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                • Alexander
                • 7xn
                • 06 Jun 2022

                Google pixel is not working with 5G

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                  • Ron
                  • k4J
                  • 05 Jun 2022

                  This is an amazing phone for the money. I just bought a pre-owned one for $127 (in June 2022). It's in mint condition, plenty fast, excellent screen resolution and camera.

                  I do wish it was a little bigger, but I couldn't find a 3a XL in this condition at my price point.

                  Because the phone is a bit small, the battery isn't super long lasting. It will last all day with moderate use, but if you're doing a lot of Internet, videos, etc., you'll probably need to charge it before the day is over.

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                    • Pitt
                    • IbG
                    • 03 Jun 2022

                    When I use the Bluetooth in my car, I can the caller but they can't hear me. This just started. Also can not pair a Bluetooth speaker that also worked perfectly up untill recently.
                    Any thoughts, suggestions as to why and any remedies available.
                    I tried a hard reset but no luck.

                      good device to daily use

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                        • J boy
                        • xja
                        • 12 May 2022

                        Fazar, 15 Mar 2022I'm a pixel 3A user too, without doubt this best mobil... moreCan pixel 3a play dream league 2022

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                          • TopQ
                          • Kg}
                          • 07 May 2022

                          Thinking about replacing the defective screen of my pixel3a, is it still worth it especially with the last update will be on July 2022. Thanks

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                            • Anonymous
                            • t@g
                            • 14 Apr 2022

                            RGN, 15 Feb 2022I don't have Pixel 3a but somehow I want one. I saw th... moreIf you want a similar feeling like iphone go with Pixel 3 which have flagship processor and UFS, 3A on the other hand not bad but not great too because 670 isn't really bad but eMMC you may feel below your iphone performance which use NVMe (which still faster than UFS)

                            Let's say this people still can not differ between UFS and eMMC, UFS works serial interface can do both task at the same time, eMMC works pararel interface only do one task at the same time and limited to 8 lanes, you will feel worse bottleneck on Pixel 3A than 3 if you are heavy load user which run multiple apps at one time

                            So what are you choosing? Or the alternative there are many midranger with UFS more RAM and similar price

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                              • Fazar
                              • I@9
                              • 15 Mar 2022

                              I'm a pixel 3A user too, without doubt this best mobile phone i have ever. The camera is great, battery life good too i charged it at 8AM and then charge it again in the next 8AM at 40-50% battery capacity. User experience on android 12 fascinating, its running smooth and user friendly event sometimes a view apps crash but not often.

                              My final result is this phone is good for daily use, you can use this as daily driver. If you a hardcore gamer don't buy this phone. Event you can run PUBG and COD smmothly on this phone the battery life is not good for gaming. But if you are iphone user and want to cross the river to android this is a good choice to start it.

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                                • jutocol
                                • QZj
                                • 09 Mar 2022

                                MF8585, 28 Feb 2022Good day all. Can you help me out on how to set up an eSIM ... moreif your phone has an EID (or two IMEIs), it is esim compatible! check this link for more details

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                                  • Darius
                                  • mEw
                                  • 08 Mar 2022

                                  I will be buying a pixel 3a in 2019 06.
                                  And I had no problems. An update is in progress today ... I don't know, but I have no problem. The phone will soon be 3 years old and it is still new.

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                                    • MF8585
                                    • nC6
                                    • 28 Feb 2022

                                    Good day all. Can you help me out on how to set up an eSIM for the Pixel 3a on Android 12 update. I know for the fact Pixel 3a has that feature or does it depend on the handset the country it originates.

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                                      • Mrs. Fawkes
                                      • wHA
                                      • 18 Feb 2022

                                      Rox, 26 Jan 2022I'm not impressed with the most recent update to 12. L... morein my experience they're usually in great condition, just be prepared to charge the phone up

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                                        • RGN
                                        • Pxs
                                        • 15 Feb 2022

                                        I don't have Pixel 3a but somehow I want one. I saw that it's upgradable to Android 12. The specs still could keep up as "today's smartphone". I also looked at Ubuntu Touch (ubports) and somehow Pixel 3a is also one of the best supported phone for it. I might giving it a try. And if Google decided to stop giving Pixel 3a future Androids, I believe some custom roms such as LineageOS still could keep this device up to date. Tell me if there are some considerations beside the ones who already mentioned here in opinions so I could rethink about buying it as a secondary phone. My primary phone is an iPhone btw, so I might want an Android phone as my secondary.