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  • Darius

I buy 10/06/2019 and i have no problem.
Good phone

gollygeewillikers, 20 Nov 2020Everything in the 4a is nicer than the 3a - except for the ... moreHow could it be a downgrade? In terms of what? The size and resolution are the same and both are OLED. I want to upgrade from the 3a to the 4a so I'm interested in such details

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2021Another update, another no-new-fixes... So the Pixel 5 had ... moreThe unlimited cloud storage is still unlimited with Pixel phones, that hasn't had changed. Now it's exclusive to Pixel phones

  • Anonymous

G.G, 30 Nov 2020S8 or 3a?I used both phones (currently using the 3a actually) and i would say you should go for the 3a. Crazy good camera (same level as i11p), good performance (i didn't see any difference with the s8) and best UI, so easy to use.

  • Anonymous

this is an outdated device.

  • Anonymous

devils468, 07 Jan 2021if u want one of the best cameras and stock android in a ph... moreDon't forget the Nokia 8 and OnePlus 5!

I have been using P3a for one year.
Today, the energy ran out in minutes. I loaded up to 60% and it was 0% in a few minutes. Although until then everything worked fine.
I didn’t even manage to figure out what happened. Has anyone had this?

  • Anonymous

superb phone ...

  • no one telling truth

bad phone. so bad!!!
1. very fragile + bad hardware. i have internal screen damage out of nowhere, after 4-5 months of use. phone did not fall, and at any rate always with a case and screen protector on.
2. bad speakers- low sound in calls / ringtones / etc.
3. bad screen brightness. you can't see anything outside in the sun.
4. battery isn't that good compared to other phones in that range.
5. price is too high for what you get, i guess it's because of the camera.

only good things are the camera and the size of the phone,
but what good is it enjoying them for 5 months then the phone is dead and requires fixing in half the price of the phone itself???

G.G, 30 Nov 2020S8 or 3a?if u want one of the best cameras and stock android in a phone, go for the 3a, but if u want the performance get the S8

  • Anonymous

Another update, another no-new-fixes... So the Pixel 5 had the Dialler dial-tone issue fixed (where the dial tones were always max volume regardless of system volume). The 3a had a 33MB update waiting for it - I installed immediately, but issue remains unresolved.

I think the 3a is now fully in the back-burner at Google, just getting security updates and nothing else.

I upgraded from a Galaxy S6 which I used for over four years. I moved to a Pixel for the updates, hoping to use a decent phone as long as my S6. But like I've said, what's the point if the updates don't fix things (and sometimes make things worse)?

While the S6 was a flagship, and the 3a is a mid-ranger, the only thing I have liked the 3a for is night photography. The 3a software remains unpolished after over a year of ownership and more often than not I am quite disappointed (Photos losing unlimited cloud storage, Play Music now unusable, Recorder has been broken on the 3a for three months now, and the Dialer situation...). And that list grows every month. I might just downgrade (or upgrade, depending on how you see it) back to my old S6 which I fixed fully and retired...

  • After 5 months

Do not buy this phone! to think that google would manufacture junk like this.
it's a mid range phone but you can find better specs of xioami phones for the same price, maybe except the camera. the phone lags sometimes, expected from android phones, but
the phone got a small hit and was fully protected by screen protector and case, and yet, the screen is busted. No scratch but underneath everything turned purple and black.
After I get my screen replaced I wonder when the next small bump will turn this horrible device to unusable, and then I won't even have a warranty anymore.

  • Deomatic

It's now a year since I got my pixel 3a but I haven't had any issues. The battery is nice, fast processor, fantastic cameras , fits well in hand and pocket etc.
I recommend you guys to have a try

  • George

I have had mine for 9 months and it is the worst piece of junk I ever purchased. The latest is it won't allow me to send pictures once I have taken them to anyone or any email address. It has been something constant and tired of living at the T-Mobile store.

  • Polds

Bought this phone for review.
So far it's excellent for the price 350 USD for 3a xl. 90% similar to pixel 2xl. Camera is excellent, better than even the flagships I reviewed before. Performance is impeccable for a renewed phone. In my opinion, instead of buying new midrange phones, this is a better buy.

  • Peter

The phone is shit all round never buying a Google phone again can't do owt on hereb

S8 or 3a?

  • Rareman

I bought a Google Pixel 3a for my partner in NOv 2019 .The phone worked well and the camera was good .Suddenly the phone went haywire and although we got some assistance from Google support They were unable to fix it and offered us to exchange the phone ,as it was still under warranty.We agreed and asked for assistance to transfer the information still remaining on the old phone to the new phone .This was on the 6th of November We also sent them the information that they asked for .We still haven't got the exchange phone ,They keep sending e mails asking for the same information over and over again and will not return phone calls .When we asked to complain to a supervisor we were tolthe supervisor would call us back but never did even though we waited 2 days
When we complained by email they said that the supervisor would NOT call us back
The service from google in my opinion is non existent and The phone doesn't work well as I have seen many complaints about the same problem.Extremely disappointed

Coming from a Pixel 2, its basically the same but slightly better battery.
it's a nice size, nice pictures, performance has slowed down for me over the year of using it which is very disappointing and it's rather replaceable within a year. The price of this phone has went down massively and could be worth getting now as used for half off.

Everything in the 4a is nicer than the 3a - except for the display - I would consider the screen quality a slight downgrade, but that's just my opinion. Go see for yourself!