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  • Rareman

I bought a Google Pixel 3a for my partner in NOv 2019 .The phone worked well and the camera was good .Suddenly the phone went haywire and although we got some assistance from Google support They were unable to fix it and offered us to exchange the phone ,as it was still under warranty.We agreed and asked for assistance to transfer the information still remaining on the old phone to the new phone .This was on the 6th of November We also sent them the information that they asked for .We still haven't got the exchange phone ,They keep sending e mails asking for the same information over and over again and will not return phone calls .When we asked to complain to a supervisor we were tolthe supervisor would call us back but never did even though we waited 2 days
When we complained by email they said that the supervisor would NOT call us back
The service from google in my opinion is non existent and The phone doesn't work well as I have seen many complaints about the same problem.Extremely disappointed

Coming from a Pixel 2, its basically the same but slightly better battery.
it's a nice size, nice pictures, performance has slowed down for me over the year of using it which is very disappointing and it's rather replaceable within a year. The price of this phone has went down massively and could be worth getting now as used for half off.

Everything in the 4a is nicer than the 3a - except for the display - I would consider the screen quality a slight downgrade, but that's just my opinion. Go see for yourself!

  • tu

Is it worth buying FTU (factory unit test) version of Pixel 3a? I don't know the weaknesses of this version. All I could find when I searched for Pixel FTU set was about Pixel 4 XL

  • Dinesh

zilky, 09 Oct 2020Hey Pixel 3a owners! Should I buy this? Pixel 4a is REALLY ... moreGo with 4a. I am using this phone for a year, the performance is slowed down over a period.

  • Sats

It's just awesome top class camera with single sensor.
I'm damn sure it can be beat all mid range and even most flagship phones camera also.

If your camera lover then this 4 u but unfortunately there are no stock for this but 4a can be better option

zilky, 09 Oct 2020Hey Pixel 3a owners! Should I buy this? Pixel 4a is REALLY ... moreThis is total insult to pixel if you are comparing with Redmi phones. Get pixel 3a if you are not a heavy user.

Hey Pixel 3a owners! Should I buy this? Pixel 4a is REALLY expensive here, like 80,000 PKR, while 3a is near 30,000 PKR. That's why I'm considering this. I really want this compared to Redmi 9, which I was thinking of getting.

  • Anonymous

Few weeks in, some minor bugs to report.

Notification drawer is mixing up message threads. The music player here is also not present around 50% of the time (Google's own Play Music as well). The app drawer (rarely but definitely) lags and freezes for a second or so. Not a deal breaker, but indicates the OS (or the optimisation on the 3a) isn't great.

More generic complaint is Google's just killed their Play Music. I can't open it and points me to download YT Music. I can somewhat operate Play Music with the widget buttons, but opening the app just bars me from doing anything. Workaround is to uninstall all app-updates and that gives me full access to all the settings (and playlists). For now...

My 3a replaced an old Galaxy S6 128GB. I opted for a Pixel because, being a Google device, the expectation it would be optimized and supported for a long period. While I am happy with the frequent updates, they don't really seem to be optimizing / fixing the general bugginess the phone has. While none of the bugs have been critical, they're noticeable enough to be annoying.

Phone is perfectly usable, the camera is relatively good (though I miss manual controls), but the lack of optimizations irks me somewhat.

  • Anonymous

Just updated mine. Looks and feels like Android 10 with some minor visual differences:
- Music player in the notification drawer. Personally I like the old design.
- Messages now 'threading' in the notification drawer.
- The app drawer now has a black background (no longer semi-transparent)
- I have four apps on the bottom home-page row. The fifth position was filled by a 'recommended app'. Disabled immediately from the home settings.
- The home screen pages move slightly differently (they now 'bounce' a bit at the left and right pages).
- I've not noticed the privacy settings (but probably because I've turned off all of Google's trackable settings).
- The default Files app (blue icon) has been replaced by Google's other Files app (the red/green/blue/yellow icon).
- Screen record is now available (from the Quick Access panel up top). Haven't tried, but I'm sure there's a use case for some people.
- Chrome reactivated after the update (I had it disabled as I use Vivaldi). I re-disabled it from the App settings.
- Some of the preinstalled Google apps showed tips-and-tricks that I had disabled on Android 10. Easily disabled again.

My biggest complaint at the moment is Google's default Dialer (the Phone app). The dial tones are max volume, regardless of the system volume. The dial tones can be disabled (deep in the settings), however the volume of it cannot be controlled at all. It's either loud or silent. The concern is someone might be hiding / running away from somebody, and trying to call emergency services results in the phone loudly emitting the dial tones. This is a critical safety issue which Google must fix.

Performance-wise, no difference. Looks and feels like Android 10, and reading more and more indicates the update is more under-the-hood.

  • Emy

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2020Any genuine users (because the past few posts here seem to ... moreI just updated my Pixel 3a to Android 11, all good so far, no problems at all.

  • Anonymous

Any genuine users (because the past few posts here seem to be wannabes / spam). Has anyone updated to Android 11 on their 3a? I'd be keen on feedback in terms of performance (speed increase / decrease / no-change), and big changes from 10 that you might consider to be a learning curve. My 3a (G020G) just advised that 11 is available for updating, but I'm holding off and waiting for some reviews.

  • Anonymous

I purchased my phones less than a month ago, and it worked well up until two days ago.
battery drain is crazy even when the phone is on idle without wifi or location or anything.
applications always get stuck. camera app won't open up. I didn't even update the adnroid version, so what's the deal? i barely have any apps on it. brand new, clean device.
what the ??? I just switched from iPhone and already have bad experience. Had similar problems with a previous android phone.

  • Someone

My phone has slowed down tremendously within usage of less than one year. Even worse, now I can no longer even use it, the fingerprint sensor is still working, but even after using it the screen still doesn't turn on. I've tried factory resetting it but all efforts are futile.

  • Paca Delivery

Never regret buying this phone. Only RM900 at Shopee. 2nd obviously but great condition. Superb camera. Battery lasts whole day. My previous Redmi 4 Prime got 4000mAh but cannot last whole day. Planning to buy another one for my wife since she loves to take photos. Recommend to all of you that tight on budget but still wants to experience vanilla android.

  • Anonymous

chicoliver717, 14 Jul 2020For the price, the Pixel 3a is a fantastic phone. If you li... moreI second that. I wanted a decent all around phone, and honestly, this phone shines next to the expensive flagships. camera is amazing ! video is less good, but still decent. battery is decent, better than apple phones that's for sure. 4gb ram enough for general purposes (probably not gaming).

  • Haad

Chris, 09 Jul 2020In my experience, no.No google like software company is one of best bu hardware is so bad . i had 3 pixel phones only problems with them. Quality control is bad my opinion

  • Anonymous

Luke, 28 Jul 2020Omg I've been thinking to buy one from Shopee Malaysia... moreYes and I'm from Malaysia too.

  • Alex

anshath1, 01 Jul 2020Is buying a second hand pixel a good option?No.

  • Luke

Pixel 3a Owner, 14 May 2020Bought a used Pixel 3a from Shopee Malaysia. My life had ne... moreOmg I've been thinking to buy one from Shopee Malaysia too! Is it reliable and how has it been working for you until now?