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  • Anonymous

Any genuine users (because the past few posts here seem to be wannabes / spam). Has anyone updated to Android 11 on their 3a? I'd be keen on feedback in terms of performance (speed increase / decrease / no-change), and big changes from 10 that you might consider to be a learning curve. My 3a (G020G) just advised that 11 is available for updating, but I'm holding off and waiting for some reviews.

  • Anonymous

I purchased my phones less than a month ago, and it worked well up until two days ago.
battery drain is crazy even when the phone is on idle without wifi or location or anything.
applications always get stuck. camera app won't open up. I didn't even update the adnroid version, so what's the deal? i barely have any apps on it. brand new, clean device.
what the ??? I just switched from iPhone and already have bad experience. Had similar problems with a previous android phone.

  • Someone

My phone has slowed down tremendously within usage of less than one year. Even worse, now I can no longer even use it, the fingerprint sensor is still working, but even after using it the screen still doesn't turn on. I've tried factory resetting it but all efforts are futile.

  • Paca Delivery

Never regret buying this phone. Only RM900 at Shopee. 2nd obviously but great condition. Superb camera. Battery lasts whole day. My previous Redmi 4 Prime got 4000mAh but cannot last whole day. Planning to buy another one for my wife since she loves to take photos. Recommend to all of you that tight on budget but still wants to experience vanilla android.

  • Anonymous

chicoliver717, 14 Jul 2020For the price, the Pixel 3a is a fantastic phone. If you li... moreI second that. I wanted a decent all around phone, and honestly, this phone shines next to the expensive flagships. camera is amazing ! video is less good, but still decent. battery is decent, better than apple phones that's for sure. 4gb ram enough for general purposes (probably not gaming).

  • Haad

Chris, 09 Jul 2020In my experience, no.No google like software company is one of best bu hardware is so bad . i had 3 pixel phones only problems with them. Quality control is bad my opinion

  • Anonymous

Luke, 28 Jul 2020Omg I've been thinking to buy one from Shopee Malaysia... moreYes and I'm from Malaysia too.

  • Alex

anshath1, 01 Jul 2020Is buying a second hand pixel a good option?No.

  • Luke

Pixel 3a Owner, 14 May 2020Bought a used Pixel 3a from Shopee Malaysia. My life had ne... moreOmg I've been thinking to buy one from Shopee Malaysia too! Is it reliable and how has it been working for you until now?

  • Deanie

It's getting worse and worse. 80% of the time Chrome won't open, and that's with all updates applied. So slow. Piece of crap. Selling

  • Anonymous

why google phones have so many repairs?? should be top qaulity.

  • chicoliver717

For the price, the Pixel 3a is a fantastic phone. If you like Android, but you don't have a fortune to spend on a smartphone, then this is the phone for you! The battery life is decent, and despite the mid-range Snapdragon 670, it still preforms great for this price. The part of this phone that stands out the most to me though is the camera. It's hands down the best camera that you can get in a budget Android smartphone, possibly the best for any budget phone. the new iPhone SE can take good shots too, but the night sight feature on the Pixel 3a blows the iPhone out of the water in terms of night time photos. If you're looking for a good budget Android phone and you want good battery life, decent performance, and a spectacular camera for the price, then definitely get this phone!

  • Pixel3A unsatisfied

I purchased from Bestbuy, Nov 2019, the phone did not start in Jan 2020, after trying to get it repaired, Google replaced it three weeks later In June 2020, the replacement went in for repairs. Apparently screen was replaced. In 8 months I asked for refund as the product has some issues.

  • Anonymous

I've had mine for 9 months and not had one problem with it until now, my only gripe is I've noticed the battery gets eaten when ever I make a video call, This didn't use to be a problem. I love this phone and will deffo be getting the 4a when it's finally released.

Raj Kumar Arora, 19 Jun 2020Hey everyone, I want to buy pixel 3a but confused about t... moreMy experience was not good as it stopped working after a bit over a year. Repair shop said it was a motherboard issue.
While it worked it was fine. Maybe I got a lemon or google has build quality issues. Good luck

My pixel 3a stopped working on Google Fi; it on works on wifi. There is no phone access to Google Fi, and their website failed to help so I brought it to a repair shop and they tested it with their sim and carrier and said it was a motherboard issue.
While the phone worked it was great but for it to have a motherboard issue within a year or two says build quality or I was just $400 unlucky.
I would be cautious about buying a Google phone.

  • Chris

anshath1, 01 Jul 2020Is buying a second hand pixel a good option?In my experience, no.

Fuzzyshade, 27 Jun 2020I bought this phone because I thought it was a good budget ... morelol

  • Kdp

anshath1, 01 Jul 2020Is buying a second hand pixel a good option?If you want a good camera and excellent stereo speakers which produce beautiful bass from the songs..then go for this phone..Another good thing is it's handy..5.6 inch.
But the battery backup is not upto the mark but still ok on regular use..

Is buying a second hand pixel a good option?