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  • guzzzz

such a great spec yet small battery, need to forget abt buying it

  • Anonymous

it all went down hill for me after the nexus 5

Anonymous, 29 Jun 2020I wish I read these reviews before I purchased the Google P... moreYou didn't try it out first before buying the car? What a fool😌🙄

Too small battery

  • Gojko

2800 MaH battery 💪😂

I never imagined myself saying this, but this is hands down the best Pixel phone ever. Holding one in my hand, it felt soooo premium like no other flagship phone, not even the S10 or S20.

Initially I looked down upon this phone, but the Pixel 4 slowly became more and more appealing.

  • Dave

A maximum of 128gb internal storage and no card slot?
Are we in 2015 again?

  • PaleAndy79

After much deliberating over which mobile to take the plunge with for the next 2 years (at least) and despite reports of poor battery life I went for the pixel 4. I got a good deal and a monthly discount on a tariff through Vodafone. I would have preferred a device with a larger battery but most of those devices tend to be unnecessarily large these days.

Over the first few weeks I was pleasantly surprised to find that the battery life was actually rather good and user comments suggest this improves over time with the adaptive battery. For my needs so the device tells me averaging 2-2.5 hours of screen time a day without power top ups the device lasted easily a day. The device reckons a charge for me goes just over 25 hours which is acceptable.

I'd taken to turning off the forced 90hz refresh and Soli sensor, don't really need either feature so that should improve battery further.

Now 2 months in without battery saver on, no soli or 90hz the device now reckons a full charge lasts 1 day and 4 hours.

A decent device, no issues aside Google Chrome occasionally crashes which i hear is no unheard of but not a problem.

The camera is absolutely wonderful, portrait mode though software driven does capture very good images, still not a patch on a proper DSLR and lens but still very good.

On the whole, very pleased with the Pixel 4.

Got this phone a few days ago. Found a nice deal for around 600 euro so decided to go for the flagship instead of waiting for the 4a to be available in my region. No issues with anything whatsoever. Did my research before I bought it so wasnt surprised when I noticed few things after using it. So yeah the screen is on the dimmer side in direct sunlight, but overall the screen quality is superb, very accurate colors and HDR support. Also I must mention the battery: Yes, it is smaller than other flagship phones, but I noticed that Im getting more screen on time with the adaptive battery setting turned on. It basically learns your use and is more accurate with time, so all in all Im actually satisfied with 5,5 hrs of screen on time and honestly for me personally charging it during the day to get some extra juice was never the problem. Especially with the fast charger it comes with. And the cameras, I think I wont say anything except that it was worth getting this phone. I bought it for the clean Android experience, software support and cameras. This phone is obviously not for everyone, but I dont understand the hate it receives.
Awesome phone, 8.5/10

  • Brightness

During sunny day, You can hardly see your phone because the brightness of the sun overpowering the phones brightness , so you can't see properly ur display you have to go somewhere dim places or dark places just to see your phone's display

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2020We believe you. The iOS software is superior, better qualit... moreNice joke

  • Sky9199

Anonymous, 31 Jul 20204k 60fps not possible with 700series snapdragon chipset :(Its 855 bro

  • Anonymous

Dometalican, 27 Jul 2020What I feel would be a great follow up (believing that Pixe... more4k 60fps not possible with 700series snapdragon chipset :(

  • Dometalican

What I feel would be a great follow up (believing that Pixel phones are only for those who need a simple Android phone will all the necessary hardware without going over the top):

Pixel 5:
Snadragon 768G with global 4G/5G bands (1,2,3,5,7,20,28,41,66,71,77,78,79,both mmWave)
5.8" P-OLED 1080p 18:9/19:9 display with 90Hz refresh rate, HDR10+, AOD, symmetrical bezels and in-display fingerprint reader

6GB RAM/128GB ROM; 8GB RAM/256GB ROM (LDDPR5 and UFS 3.0)
I wish for expandable memory but Google hates it so it's not happening

Front-Facing Stereo Speakers
Headphone Jack (seeing how well the 3a/3a XL sold, that's one of the reasons why)

16MP Ultrawide IMX499 with EIS and 2.2 aperture
16MP Wide IMX519 with OIS and 1.7 aperture
16MP Telephoto IMX481 with OIS and 2.4 aperture
Being able to record from 4K@60fps to 1080p@960fps video

16MP Selfie IMX519 with EIS and 2.0 aperture
ToF sensor for added depth, detail, and better facial recognition
Being able to record at max 4K@30fps

3,700mAH battery minimum
QuickCharge 4 21W wired charging
15W wireless charging
15W OTG and 10W reverse wireless charging

USB 3.1
All GPS Profiles
Bluetooth 5.1 with AptX HD
The obvious 3 years of OS updates and 5 years of security patches.

Sell this for the base $650 maximum and it will be the best compact phone of the year (not even the Huawei P40 nor Galaxy S20 could touch this). Simple, plenty of needed hardware without gimmicks or crazier things like 100W charging or Macros/Depth in the rear.

Anon User, 23 Jul 2020The phone is alright, still better than any other trash off... morethe "problem" is the face unlock.
Google does not provide alternative unlocks and on the Play Store, practically all the apps that require a biometric unlock, have not updated the APIs with the P4 face unlock.

  • Anon User

The phone is alright, still better than any other trash offered by most Android manufacturers. The stock Pixel experience is superb, true to what a phone running on Android should be like.
Security on the phone is really good, especially if you install a custom Operating system like GrapheneOS or CalyxOS (better than iOS). Easy to flash just like every pixel before it.

However, this phone has it's criticisms. Like every reviewer here so far, the main issue is that the battery is under performing compared to the flagships, but you could overcome this issue by having a wireless battery pack; NEWDERY offers a 5000mah battery case, and other companies have cases that are 7000 mah, more than enough to solve the battery problems. However all of these products are pricey for the average person and there are not currently any good "cheap" battery extension options at the time of this post.

If your considering to get a Pixel 4, I recommend the Pixel 4 XL just because of the extra battery, or wait for the Pixel 4a line coming soon. Pixel 3a and 3a XL at the time of this post are also good options, and they have the best bang for your buck.

  • Anonymous

Marly, 13 Jul 2020I have a Pixel 4. It is around 10 months old. Prior to that... moreWe believe you. The iOS software is superior, better quality.

You might have encountered a defect, a bug in Android which is hard for the management from Google to admit it, losing their jobs if so, and hard to be fixed by Google engineers due to random, unreplicable defect scenario. Some software code in this time is so messy written, being developed by many temporary contractors and diversity employees that nobody understands it anymore and despite everybody's wishes the software be bug free it is not possible anymore, it got out of control.

I am advising you to install a custom made Android OS and if possible avoid the Google cloud storage and services.

Otherwise, you could move back to Apple ecosystem and be safer and happier.

  • Marly

I have a Pixel 4. It is around 10 months old. Prior to that I have owned a Pixel 2 for two years and know how to operate these phones well.

I was deleting a single photo from my album and suddenly a huge number of my photos and videos were permanently deleted.

I have contacted the support chat who advise me Google Photos do not have any staff who can be contacted via phone, email or chat and the only way to seek help is to post a message on here. I asked to be put through to a senior and I was assured twice that supervisor Eric was investigating my case, however despite numerous requests I have not even received an email from Eric to confirm this.

Google chat is not working any longer, and the email option is also not functioning and returning with error messages.

I would like to repeat that my phone automatically deleted a large number of my photos and videos permanently, and that Google are unable to offer me any support other than to post in a chat forum.

As someone who has previously highly recommended (and converted) a number of friends from iPhones to Pixels previously I am highly disappointed.

  • a

Battery gives me full day of usage without a problem, and the camera is simply unbelievable....

  • User

Anonymous, 29 Jun 2020I wish I read these reviews before I purchased the Google P... moreuse `here we go' map and gps. no need internet for gps.