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PwndByAChick, 26 Mar 2020After some updates, how is the battery life on P4? I want to buy... moreAfter the March update I feel that the battery life is a bit better for me. Not that I had a problem before but it feels slightly better. I have the phone since January with motion gestures and 90hz display on (not forced 90 which is always on), always on display off, dark mode on, battery saver based on my routine adaptive battery on, and the battery life is as good as my pixel 1 when I first got it. I am not a power user but with average charge every 20-24 hours it gives me consistent 4 to 4.5 hours SOT most of the times with 10% battery left. Never more than 4.5 hours SOT thought. If you are a power user I guess you could disable 90hz and motion gestures for some extra juice (easy way of doing it is to use battery saver mode when you know you will have I long day)
Example: 1hour of stardew valley or mini metro which is not the most demanding games consumes 13-15%
overnight standby (around 7 hours) 4-5%
camera unfortunately 10 minutes of use consumes around 8%
40 minutes browsing (chrome) around 8%
30 minutes youtube around 6%

  • Rushin

PwndByAChick, 27 Mar 2020I want a compact device what you recommend me ? Go for the S10e or the pixel 3a if you an android guy or if apple the iphone 6.

  • Anonymous

PwndByAChick, 27 Mar 2020I want a compact device what you recommend me ? battery is bad bruh,and looks are subjective,everything else is great,but there is a small problem,idk bout this phone but previous pixels are known to be unreliable,they start annoying after 1 year,so s10e,iphone 11 pro,xperia 5 are better deals

PwndByAChick, 27 Mar 2020I want a compact device what you recommend me ? Dunno, most flagship phones are massive these days. If you really like the pixel 4 you should buy it

TheWanderer, 27 Mar 2020NoI want a compact device what you recommend me ?

PwndByAChick, 27 Mar 2020Is it worth to buy on 490 euro ? No

Melodude, 27 Mar 2020I got this phone for free but I do gotta say even with 2800 mAh ... moreIs it worth to buy on 490 euro ?

  • Melodude

I got this phone for free but I do gotta say even with 2800 mAh battery I still get 6hr sot and that's with 2 hrs of gaming I was surprised

After some updates, how is the battery life on P4? I want to buy it please help me

  • No

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2020actually am going to buy a pixel 4 , somebody can suggest me if ... moreNo

  • Jd

6gb 64gb near 500$..but 6gb 128gb is 1100$...
This is so nice..
Pixel is trying to be like apple....low battery....4 or 5 hour gaming only.

I bough the Pixel 4 just over 3 weeks ago. Here are my toughts:
1. First, and most important, battery life - it is OK, not great, just OK. I switched to this phone from the Samsung Galaxy S10e and the battery life is the same, maybe even better on the Pixel. How I use my phone: I allways have Wifi, LTE, Location, Bluetooth and VPN on. I have dark mode on, always on display is on, so is now playing, motion sense turned off because I do not use it. I talk about 2 h/day, 1h of whatsapp, 1h of facebook, 1h of youtube and browsing the web. I get about 4-5 h of SOT and I usualy get home at 6PM with more than 30% left. So all the initial reviews are not correct anymore, not after some updates (maybe they were correct at the time the phone came out).
Software: I bought this phone because I missed the stock feel of android. I had in the past the Pixel 2 xl. The 4 is fast, fluid, and I did not get any FC or other software issues.
Camera: I didnt have time to test it to much, but I think it will be great.
Build and feel: It feels like no other phone. I cant describe the fell, but it feels perfect in the hand. I wanted a samller phone so I think this is one of the last "small" flagships.
What I think is not so good: Display brightness - could be better, I miss the Samsung dislays. Also the adaptive brightness sometimes gets the screen really dim for no reason. have to look into this. There is no headphone jack, witch I miss. Also, in my country it is very hard to find accessories. I even had to buy the phone from Amazon Germany because it was 100euros less then the cheapes one in my country - Romania...

All in all, I think if someone is looking for a great "small" flagship, they would have to pick from Google Pixel 4 and Samsung Galaxy S10e. I had the S10e and I think the Pikel 4 is better.

  • huh

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2020you belong in 2015No, the 2800mAh does belong in 2015.

  • plukkie

3800 mAh battery, nice.

  • Anonymous

2020 phone. 2015 battery.

  • Anonymous

Adrian, 28 Feb 2020Could not agree more, no headphone socket is stupid, no SD card ... moreSo name a pixel with expandable memory??? Do your research before bashing just sayin'.

  • Anonymous

"Non-removable Li-Po 2800 mAh battery"

No way.

  • none

brightness during daylight is not good enough
and needed to hav external memory slot pls

  • Kdu

JSn, 18 Dec 2019I regret the purchase of pixel 4 in Sri Lanka (Google not sellin... moreAll Type C Headphones support to it?

  • An

Jordash, 29 Feb 2020I've had my pixel now for a few months and I really love it at o... moreWhat about the battery life? Do you get through 1 or 2 days of normal usage?