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Google Pixel 4

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Anonymous, 23 Jul 2021Does this phone support 5G?No

  • Anonymous

Does this phone support 5G?

  • aaeps

it bothers me that the front camera have no AF. that's not worth it

  • Pixel4 user

Faseeh1498, 20 Jul 2021The battery is 2800 mah.Does it last an entire day?Yes it does with minimal gaming

The battery is 2800 mah.Does it last an entire day?

  • Jeff

Traxoai, 22 Jun 2021Did it worth for 200$ now?200$ ? Yes Worth It ! Where You Find This Price ?

Traxoai, 22 Jun 2021Did it worth for 200$ now?Yes

  • Traxoai

Did it worth for 200$ now?

  • User of Pixel

John be, 11 Jun 2021How is yours battery life after last security patch?Same as before 4-4.5 hours of SOT

How is yours battery life after last security patch?

  • Auwalcairo

Pixel 3 has feature than pixel 4 in my opinion I upgraded to pixel 4 but no 2 navigation button no alwayon display. While always on this is my must needed on Google device.

  • Kelly Sloan

pat, 22 May 2020its a 1000$ throw away phone, ive had mine for three months... moreGod I wish I had not wasted my stimulus check on this throw away phone. I liked it while it worked correctly for the first 3 months of ownership then one day at work I ran the battery down to 14% while listening to music, it cut off and won't turn back on. Google customer service has made it impossible for me to get any answers and or any help. I would have been better off flushing my money down the toilet, I could have saved the brain cells that were murdered while trying to get help from Googles worthless customer service representatives. After my experiences trying to get this phone to work I hate Google now I truly hate the company now and all their employees that didn't even try to help me.

  • Sammy

riverhead, 21 Apr 2021AgreedDownload back my pixel 4 high quality reso picture. It soo sad looking at the quality of the picture. No point to get unlimited hi quality better got bigger storage phone. Now adays plenty phone get better pic then pixel

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Sammy, 01 Apr 2021I think after this june with no free photo storage to other... moreAgreed

  • Anonymous

It seems like the budget pixels are better devices than the flagship pixels. It has less to no problem than the expensive ones.

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2020it all went down hill for me after the nexus 5Hahahahahahahaha!! I actually loved my Nexus 5x more than any of them! But Pixel devices are great as well. Just a year ago they make the first "budget Pixel" with the 3a and now the 4a.. Memories... :)

  • Sammy

Dave, 05 Sep 2020A maximum of 128gb internal storage and no card slot? Are ... moreI think after this june with no free photo storage to other brand. Pixel 4 128 gb will be more valuable than other brand that have larger storage. Just my opinion.

  • Sammy

beep bop boop, 17 Mar 2021the battery is TINY, look at what its powering!Yeah tiny. 2 previous phone was pixel 5 and xperia 5 ii, than switch back to pixel 4, this is 3rd time use back this model.

Worth for 350€?