Google Pixel 4 may have 16 MP telephoto lens

Vlad, 05 July 2019

In an unprecedented step, last month Google wanted to stay ahead of the barrage of leaks and decided to show us the rough design of the upcoming Pixel 4's back, thus confirming the presence of dual rear cameras - a first for the line.

During this time you may have been wondering whether the secondary unit in there would be telephoto or ultra-wide, since for some reason Google can't get with the times and just have both of those options alongside a normal wide lens in a triple arrangement.

Google Pixel 4 may have 16 MP telephoto lens

The answer seems to be telephoto, which won't be great news for fans of ultra-wide shots. The presence of a 16 MP telephoto lens has been revealed through code in the Google Camera app, which is what you use to snap pictures on a Pixel of course.

The developers of the Google Camera app have already started to work on supporting the Pixel 4, with multiple references found throughout the code. A front IR sensor will be new too on the next-gen Pixel, which will aid in the new face authentication feature recently uncovered in the latest Android Q Beta.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

It really depends on what pictures you want to take. I do more portraits than landscapes, so I prefer a 2x telephoto to an ultra-wide angle lens.

  • Anonymous

Better zoom so can snap written lecture notes from behind the lecture hall. Or you're an introvert who does not capture group shots but that exotic blue bird from the trees

  • SorrySorry

I wish phone makers actually makes camera that has 35mm equivalent focal lenght

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