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  • Dan

Why do Android phone manufacturer keep on copying iPhone?

I've been using Google phone since the first Nexus 1 and bought my Pixel 4 XL when it came out directly from the Google store with extended warranty. I love the phone, the frequent updates, fast unlock, great camera and overall look and feel. However recently it started crashing when I put the phone in the back pocket and sometime the battery indicator is stuck at 50%. It seems that either the battery or battery connector/support circuits developed a fault. After researching it online, I'm clearly not the only one with this problem. All this isn't be that big a deal - stuff sometimes breaks during warranty - if the Google service wouldn't be such a disaster. The reps are ok but they are forced to follow a rigid script even if it doesn't make any sense. First they asked me to start the phone in Safe Mode. Not surprisingly the issues didn't go away. So despite the fact that physical pressure causes the problem (= hardware problem) and others have tried and failed, they now want me to do a factory reset. Again, this makes absolutely no sense (I'm an engineer with numerous software patents) and again others tried and failed. Unfortunately due to Covid 19, I'm on a remote location with only a metered and slow HotSpot and a factory reset will burn through 5GB or more which I don't have. And it would disable the phone for the better part of a day.To make things worse, they already indicated that the only remedy if/when they finally decide to honor their warranty is to send in the phone in for repairs. Giving shipping times where they are right now that means two weeks or more without a phone.So until Google steps up and backs a great phone with a service worth a premium device, I can't recommend the Pixel 4 XL.

  • Istiak

Mata, 23 Jan 2020I bought Google Pixel 4 XL in the beginning of January 2020 and ... moreHow about charge?

  • Anonymous

vans, 29 Mar 2020how the night sight about this phone? is better than night mode ... moredude,you living in a cave?if i ever wanted to buy this phone,it will be for its nightsight,it is insanely known for the fact that this phone can beat ANYTHING in lowlight,except huawei phones,but yeah,it is better than iphone 11

how the night sight about this phone? is better than night mode by iphone 11? need ur opinion

  • picodreamer

I got the 4xl because I prefer android over ios and google doesn't install the bloatware other companies with android phones tend to do. The phones aesthetics are not particularly important to me, though I do recommend a phone case because without one the phone is incredibly slippery.

  • Anonymous

Weight ekkkkkkk

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2020P4XL has pathetic screen brightness. Same as the P3XL. Are they ... morethat seems to be somtething software related, google already said that the current patch is gonna fix that, also afaik these LG PO-LED Panels
although i agree on the fact that it hasnt been great up until now even if it doesnt bother me perosonally

  • Anonymous

Nik, 11 Mar 2020Pixel 4 XL has Samsung made OLED. Comment above has to for small... moreP4XL has pathetic screen brightness. Same as the P3XL. Are they buying Samsung's B-panels?

  • Nik

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2020I've been using this phone for 2 days and here are my first im... morePixel 4 XL has Samsung made OLED. Comment above has to for smaller Pixel 4 which has great color accuracy but grainy image most of the time.

-XL is smooth as butter in both image and speed. A little bulky overall.
XL's OLED is one of the most color accurate I have ever seen.
Battery on XL is notably better based on my usage.

great phone, although if you're not a software person probably not the best choice
having the fastest updates is great and android 11 is gonna add some awesome features

im not that big of a fan of the face recognition, dont get me wrong it works great. But id prefer a back mounted finger print scanner any day

it has been my daily driver for 2 months now and over all its been serving me very well, no regrets buying it
but the p4a leaks seem really attractive to me

Great phone Terrible service We have one 4XL each my NFC stopped working 5-6 weeks ago. Google has take three weeks to do nothing. including two different "supervisors" who said they were going to sort this issue only to never be heard from again.
Have had to revert to an old Sony as i still don't have a resolution

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Feb 2020I’m iPhone user over the last year and I don’t know why people... moreCheaper than Samsung Pixel 4xl 128GB cost more than note 10 plus 5G.

  • Anonymous

So, 23 Feb 2020This phone or Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus??? S20 is probably the better all-round phone but Pixel 4 is being sold at discount at the moment. I have the P4XL and I'm loving it. Battery life is meh but I'm never far from charger and have Pixel stand.

  • So

This phone or Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus???

The Pixel line changed the mobile landscape forever for me. I've had every generation and they only get better! I love the Pixel 4 XL and recommend it over any phone, period. I love the Face Unlock, the hang features for snoozing your alarm or changing the song, now playing, call screen, squeeze assistant and so on. So many great things about this phone!

  • Anonymous

I've been using this phone for 2 days and here
are my first impressions:

-very fast and smooth performance (even lightly smoother than on Galaxy note 10+)

-Ugliest home screen that I have ever seen on a phone! I thought new Samsung phones had ugly home screens but this one is the ugliest of them all.
ANOTHER HOME SCREEN (Launcher) and another icon pack is a must download for this phone.
-File manager is terrible! No way to create folders inside the file manager. So you must download a third party file mamager ( Asus File manager is my top choice but you choose for yourself )
-Settings of the phone are even more complicated than on Samsung phones.
-Horrible looking LG OLED display! Looks like OLED display from Galaxy s6! GOOGLE: You must switch to Samsung OLED displays or order high quality LCD display!

There is no way that Google is thinking to beat apple unless it provides straight forward easy experience like iphone does.

  • Anonymous

I’m iPhone user over the last year and I don’t know why people hate google phone.
It’s an excellent phone and cheaper than Samsung.
- Flat screen! ( unlike stupid curved screens on Samsung phones ).
- Cleaner software
- Good enough camera

I personally don’t like how stock android launcher looks like. I like Samsung’s s6 theme.
So I would download Nova launcher, plus S6theme and together would me this phone look like galaxy s6. In nova launcher you can even make icon shape look exactly like on iPhone ( rounded square shape).

  • Matteo

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2020Pixel 4XL or iPhone XS Max? Unbiased answers please In this case it's mostly a matter of iOS vs Android. Both phones get the best cameras you can get on a phone, day one updates with long term support(no other manufacturer do this, not even Samsung) and both use super quick face unlock and neither have bloatware.

Pixel has a higher refresh rate display(90Hz vs 60Hz), radar chip for even faster but less secure face unlock and a better telephoto camera

iPhone has a Ultra-Wide Angle camera, better video recording and a 2 year longer update period(5yr vs 3yr) and from what I can tell, the iPhone has considerably better battery life.

Everything else is dependent on how much you like iOS over Android or Android over iOS.

I'd personally choose the Pixel but I'm biased. I use a Pixel already and have never gotten an iPhone before.

This isn't a bad phone, but for a "cheaper flagship" OnePlus 7t is just more worth your money...