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The Pixel line changed the mobile landscape forever for me. I've had every generation and they only get better! I love the Pixel 4 XL and recommend it over any phone, period. I love the Face Unlock, the hang features for snoozing your alarm or changing the song, now playing, call screen, squeeze assistant and so on. So many great things about this phone!

  • Anonymous

I've been using this phone for 2 days and here
are my first impressions:

-very fast and smooth performance (even lightly smoother than on Galaxy note 10+)

-Ugliest home screen that I have ever seen on a phone! I thought new Samsung phones had ugly home screens but this one is the ugliest of them all.
ANOTHER HOME SCREEN (Launcher) and another icon pack is a must download for this phone.
-File manager is terrible! No way to create folders inside the file manager. So you must download a third party file mamager ( Asus File manager is my top choice but you choose for yourself )
-Settings of the phone are even more complicated than on Samsung phones.
-Horrible looking LG OLED display! Looks like OLED display from Galaxy s6! GOOGLE: You must switch to Samsung OLED displays or order high quality LCD display!

There is no way that Google is thinking to beat apple unless it provides straight forward easy experience like iphone does.

  • Anonymous

I’m iPhone user over the last year and I don’t know why people hate google phone.
It’s an excellent phone and cheaper than Samsung.
- Flat screen! ( unlike stupid curved screens on Samsung phones ).
- Cleaner software
- Good enough camera

I personally don’t like how stock android launcher looks like. I like Samsung’s s6 theme.
So I would download Nova launcher, plus S6theme and together would me this phone look like galaxy s6. In nova launcher you can even make icon shape look exactly like on iPhone ( rounded square shape).

  • Matteo

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2020Pixel 4XL or iPhone XS Max? Unbiased answers please In this case it's mostly a matter of iOS vs Android. Both phones get the best cameras you can get on a phone, day one updates with long term support(no other manufacturer do this, not even Samsung) and both use super quick face unlock and neither have bloatware.

Pixel has a higher refresh rate display(90Hz vs 60Hz), radar chip for even faster but less secure face unlock and a better telephoto camera

iPhone has a Ultra-Wide Angle camera, better video recording and a 2 year longer update period(5yr vs 3yr) and from what I can tell, the iPhone has considerably better battery life.

Everything else is dependent on how much you like iOS over Android or Android over iOS.

I'd personally choose the Pixel but I'm biased. I use a Pixel already and have never gotten an iPhone before.

This isn't a bad phone, but for a "cheaper flagship" OnePlus 7t is just more worth your money...

  • AnonD-784107

In the pixels defence. I was going to get this.good looking phone amazing camera. Everything is top notch. And the most important thing first class updates. The only reason i got the Galaxy S10 is because i got a better deal on my network.

  • Anonymous

AlexP, 29 Jan 2020Agree, except good looking phone. It's uglyWhat's ugly about it?

AlexP, 29 Jan 2020OnePlus 7T pro is much better option than pixel or iPhoneI agree i just swapped to the OnePlus 7t Pro McLaren edition and I couldn't be more happier.

Mata, 23 Jan 2020I bought Google Pixel 4 XL in the beginning of January 2020 and ... moreAgree, except good looking phone. It's ugly

Smashd, 29 Jan 2020iPhone is better in every aspect. Unless you prefer android, the... moreOnePlus 7T pro is much better option than pixel or iPhone

  • Smashd

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2020Pixel 4XL or iPhone XS Max? Unbiased answers please iPhone is better in every aspect. Unless you prefer android, there are lot more options available

  • Anonymous

Pixel 4XL or iPhone XS Max?
Unbiased answers please

  • heth

It is a good phone but I would even like a fingerprint sensor.Please google bring the fingerprint sensor back in the pixel 5.

  • Mata

I bought Google Pixel 4 XL in the beginning of January 2020 and I am very happy with it. Of course, it depends on what expectations each individual has. However, this phone fulfils all my needs:

- awesome camera
- good looking phone design
- no edge-display and no notch
- large and sharp display with beautiful colours
- very loud stereo speakers
- good reception
- good call quality
- software runs smooth with android 10
- pure android with regular updates from Google

I self-optimized my phone so I get two whole days battery life on a normal usage.

  • Anonymous

Okay, school me on this phone, is it really worth buying? Looking for an objective review here. I know there are probably better value android phones out there but there's a few things I like about this phone, such as the squeeze functionality, now playing, motion sense, and the design appeals to me. I'm digging the panda look. However, battery life sounds mediocre and Google still running into QC issues.

Battery life Endurance rating 73h, what a shame !!! I assume
80% of smart phone users care about the battery in first place not latest CPU and the fastest. SD 6xx is fair enough for most of the users who use the mobile for texting, browsing and calling. Not for a high resolution games!!

  • I'mPhone

Jeff, 13 Jan 2020I'd agree with your judgement on the phone. Battery life is not ... moreYou should look at JerryRigEverything's video about the 4XL. It bent during his durability test. S10, Note 10 and iPhone 11 didn't bend at all. Now that actually shows how badly designed the phone is.

  • Jeff

Anonymous, 31 Dec 2019Let's talk buddy 2017 bezels: What happens when you put a cas... moreI'd agree with your judgement on the phone. Battery life is not as bad as people say it is. It's an extremely underrated phone

  • hassan

the white color is the best phone design
price is so high
screen to body ratio is poor
battery is below average

  • I'mPhone

Anonymous, 31 Dec 2019Let's talk buddy 2017 bezels: What happens when you put a cas... moreLet's talk buddy

iPhone 11 costs $100 less than the Pixel 4, maybe $200 compared to the 4 XL at launch.

Drawbacks include no fingerprint sensor, 818p LCD screen (only 60Hz), no telephoto camera (only 5x hybrid zoom), and only 2 antennas (subpar connectivity and GPS). But...

Face ID: definitely better than Google's face recognition, works flawlessly and very accurate.

Performance: ios is still more refined, Apple A13 chipset is still more capable all-around (maybe bested by Snapdragon 865). GPU is a beast, potentially still more powerful than Sd865).

Display: It's not that sharp, it leads to thicker bezels, and it's just 60Hz, but it has True Tone, and color accuracy is great. It also has no PWM flicker. Pixel's 90Hz display only works at a certain brightness, and it's poorly calibrated.

Build quality: iPhone is definitely stronger despite heavy. JerryRigEverything (Zack) has bent the Pixel 4 XL. Imagine if you put it in tight pants often, or accidentally sit or put pressure on the Pixel. The only weakness of the iPhone (all iPhones) are that fragile mute switch, which is a gimmick. Held the Pixel 3 and 3a before, and it is something to forget considering the price point.

Camera: Pixel 4 XL has telephoto, but Huawei P30 has done it better, and P30 has 30x (or 25, can't remember) hybrid zoom. P30 Pro has 50x. iPhone has only 5x, but video recording is peerless because of good OIS. Some Pixel 4 XL users seem to complain about purple tint in some cam shots (also according to Anandtech).

Design: There are many phones with bizzare design styles, so it's not a deal-breaker.

Again the price, unless you live in the US, the Pixel costs more than the iPhone. It is a tough sell in SE Asia countries, unfortunately.

OS: It is a personal preference, but ios is still more refined compared to even stock Android devices, though stock Android is already fast and efficient.

Battery: iPhone has a bigger battery and more efficient chipset. LCD screen may increase consumption by a margin, but the 11 Pro lasts longer, very long actually.

So iPhone 11 certainly is a better device, the Pixel 4 is not a good phone at all. Pixel 4 is only designed for Android purists but I wish Google steps up in terms of build quality and hardware.