Google Pixel 4 XL receives extra year of warranty due to battery issues

Michail, 20 July 2021

Google’s Pixel phones have had their fair share of hardware issues and the Pixel 4 XL is now getting a warranty extension after countless user reports of significant battery drainage and other power-related problems. Pixel 4XL owners in the US, Singapore, Canada, Japan, and Taiwan are eligible for a one-year warranty extension that covers battery replacements on affected units.

Google Pixel 4XL receives extra year of warranty due to battery issues

Users who experience random restarts and shutdowns, significant battery drainage or have devices that fail to turn on can file a warranty claim via Google’s support page. Google warns users that it may charge extra for battery replacements if there are other broken components on devices like cracked screens that prevent its repair team from addressing the battery issues.



Reader comments

  • ziogref

I suspect it's because Australia now has 2 year warranties on phone by law whereas most countries are still 1 year. (well probably those listed) This was brought in a few years ago since most phone contracts are sold on 24 months contracts.

  • TNS

Obvious question: Why not the P4 also? I love mine which I've had for a bit longer than a year and a half. However, in the last couple of months, battery life has degraded significantly. I plan to upgrade to the P6 when it's released, b...

  • Alex

Because Google is a software giant, they have little clue about hardware. They believe their software (and brand) will compensate hardware deficiencies so they don't invest much in hardware.

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