Google Pixel 4 XL receives extra year of warranty due to battery issues

20 July 2021
Eligible to users in US, Singapore, Canada, Japan, and Taiwan.

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  • TNS

Obvious question: Why not the P4 also?
I love mine which I've had for a bit longer than a year and a half. However, in the last couple of months, battery life has degraded significantly.
I plan to upgrade to the P6 when it's released, but I will miss features like Face Unlock which has worked almost flawlessly for me.

  • Alex

BJRG, 20 Jul 2021Why are Pixel phones always plagued with hardware issues?Because Google is a software giant, they have little clue about hardware. They believe their software (and brand) will compensate hardware deficiencies so they don't invest much in hardware.

  • Bob

Why no Australia in the list as in the contrary I bought mine. Luckily I perform slow charging of the phone since 2019 and so far did not notice any degradation to battery life.

I've been using my Pixel 4XL for 19 months now and haven't felt anything like being a beta tester or anything. The phone performs perfectly and has done so in the past. There was only the glitch with not being able to face-unlock sometimes but that has long gone.

Woahhh, 20 Jul 2021Where do you get from article that mentioned beta version? ... moreAll pixel phones are full of beta flaws, after release. But people sadly still pay apple price for them. 9 out of 10 flaws after the models release, was stuff that should have been fixed before the phones got out.

Google phones lost their stability and magic, after nexus got renamed to pixel.

  • Woahhh

Olym1mk2, 20 Jul 2021Extra warranty on a beta phone? Why? Where do you get from article that mentioned beta version? It says pixel 4 XL. Nothing about beta/ftu unit.

  • Anonymous

BJRG, 20 Jul 2021Why are Pixel phones always plagued with hardware issues?Because of crappy hardware.

  • Wil

Dang it, I literally swapped my own battery last weekend.

  • Anonymous

"Google warns users that it may charge extra for battery replacements if there are other broken components on devices like cracked screens that prevent its repair team from addressing the battery issues."

Hmmm.... Ok Google ...

  • Anonymous

Stock android was better. But now skinned android is miles ahead. And faster too.

Hm, interesting. I know at least 5 people who have Pixel 4 XL - no complains. I own Pixel 4. Can't complain about it at all. Especially considering that I paid just $260 for it. The best purchase ever!

Why are Pixel phones always plagued with hardware issues?

Lol really.
Who want to keep a phone 1 year extra, when it have some problems 🙄👀

  • Anonymous

Pixel is the worst

  • Mata

I am now using my Google Pixel 4 XL for 1,5 years. Luckily I had no random restarts, shutdowns, significant battery drainage or other problems with my smartphone. I am still very happy with it.

Extra warranty on a beta phone? Why?