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Everything looks fine, except they could have given some IP rating (with additional cost) and for god's sake a white coloured variant.

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  • X%D
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Anonymous, 8 hours agoEveryone is complaining about the chip but you have to reme... moreIts not cheaper on Europe, same price as Noord

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  • 50 minutes ago
  • 3T7

✍️,I love Google Pixel device due to it's best software optimization.Best part it delivers maximum potential with limited hardware.

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  • 55 minutes ago
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  • Bobi2.0t

Plastic frame? Plastic back? Only one camera? No in screen fingerprint? ITS HORRIBLE LOL

Lexgar, 8 hours agoWhat I cannot stand in why almost 400€ (389€ official), tha... more389€ is for Spain and Italy only, for rest of Europe its 349€

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Someguy, 5 hours agoThese YouTubers are stupid. They think that the only thing ... moreCalling MIUI crap is an understatement, especially when notification don't arrive xD. Wish I could have returned my Redmi Note 8.

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Areke, 4 hours agoCan someone please recommend me if I better rather get pixe... moreS10 Lite doesn't support RAW format and has the typical green tint issue (still). Don't know if the Pixel supports it and who the OLED supplier is. If it's a Samsung panel, it will probably suffer the same issue.

  • Vicky needs an s9

Anonymous, 7 hours agoIP68?Unfortunately no!

  • Vicky needs an s9

Areke, 4 hours agoCan someone please recommend me if I better rather get pixe... moreThe Samsung should be ok for you since you do more of social media. Battery life is better on the s10lite. Camera is more of a draw between these two devices. And price difference is almost unnoticeable.

Can someone please recommend me if I better rather get pixel 4a or s10 lite? (i look forward for a bettercamera and I don't really play much games, just social media)

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I think chipset should be shown as Snapdragon 730G instead of 730. Just being picky.

  • Someguy

maykelbembibre, 9 hours agoFive hours is very little. I've got a Galaxy M21 and I... moreThese YouTubers are stupid. They think that the only thing in the world is video editing and how good the processor is.
Instead of comparing call quality and the speed, they will rant endlessly about refresh rates and 0.000000001% noise in images.
Honestly 95% of the crowd doesn't even care about RAM and storage and camera and processor and OIS and whatnot
People instead care about the number of things they can keep, how good an average image is ,the responsiveness of the phone etc.
Ex Xiaomi: Has great spec sheets but the software is crap, the performance after six months is crap, has ads and why do they brand every random thing mi ? (Calculator looking at you)
In summary it isn't the specs but the the quality. Phones are tools and not toys. Unfortunately I made the mistake of buying a Xiaomi. Returned it in a week.

Pixel has hit the bull's eye with 4a.

Corning gorilla glass 3 ))) looool
Pixel what you dou? Want sell many dsiplay...? Back also same .

  • wtf

make a phone search at gsm arena for phones under 145mm height.
this one has the highest battery capacity.
please stop complaining and buy a 2952345 inch phone instead

Does it have any IP certification??

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No card slot and single sim :(, why????? why not dual sim nano

  • SerGoldenFish

maykelbembibre, 11 hours agoWith 3140 mAh of battery you'd better carry a car batt... moreDude thats consider normal.iphone se (2020) got 1821 mAh.Heck even 11 PRO got 3046 mAh.Then how much battery you want

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Everyone is complaining about the chip but you have to remember that this is $50 cheaper than its competitors and both the Nord, the SE, and the 4a have their own drawbacks which is why they have such a low price. If you want the performance of the SE, camera of 4a, and design of Nord and all the other little things then you shouldnt be looking for such a low price phone