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  • Anonymous

Overall average phone. After 4 months of usage it started behaving weird sometimes, I had to restart it couple of times to fix that. Most probabl cause was usage of live wallpaper.
Battery is just fine, if u use 4G data for 4 hours having 2mbps download/upload then battery will go down by 50%.
What's app application send button sometimes doesn't works when emojies are inserted.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 May 2021I have been using this device for over 6 month and i have n... moreHeating while using cam, record video taking photoes
While watching YouTube
While using music player
While using charging

  • Anonymous

I have been using this device for over 6 month and i have never expirienced overheating problem, not once. Truth to be told i dont play games...

  • anas

Evelyn Evee, 05 May 2021I've been using this phone for 14 days now and it'... more, Heating is a major issue

  • Evelyn Evee

I've been using this phone for 14 days now and it's not worth it in my opinion. There has been a constant overheating issue and it has been slowing down tremendously. When it overheats i can feel it start to pulsate which maybe might lead to it exploding anyone of these days. I would not recommend it to anyone honestly.

  • Anonymous

Those who say low battery backup. Just go and buy some other brands which were always ready to fool you by releasing a new phone by adding pro, plus, lite to very last week released product. 3140 mAh can only hold the limit of every 3140 mAh battery do. And heating is not a big issue. Have you seen any android phone which never heat.

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2021I've just brought one brand new and it's amazing ... moreRunning 17 apps and having the one you use slowing down is not an issue, thats just the RAM struggling to make all the apps work

  • Anonymous

Prasad, 01 May 2021Recently switched to pixel 4a just because of its size, as ... moreYes, Heating is a major issue
Also low battery backup.

  • Prasad

Recently switched to pixel 4a just because of its size, as I was looking for smaller size with performance after using 3 months I am suffering with same kind of issues as of my cheap old phone, heating issues, very very less battery backup, ok kind of camera. No doubt sound is pretty good. But rest all are not up to the tagged price. I think we can get better and reliable options in 10k to 15k branded phones no need to invest in 4a.

  • Steve.

Mik, 30 Apr 2021Hello guys, can you please suggest me a from these google ... moreI changed from iPhone to pixel 4a myself.
If the screen is a decision maker the pixel 4a wins hand down.
Camera is a close match, the SE takes fantastic pics as well. But pixel has astrophotography and night mode if that is something you do with the camera.
Iphone is more steady as I find Google very glitchy.
Reason I stayed with the pixel is camera and it has always on display with a headphone jack.

  • Mik

Hello guys,
can you please suggest me a from these google 4a or iPhone se which is better?
I need budget phone i like iPhone se and i have never used google phone before, is there anything special in google phone.
1.I'm not a heavy user
2.small battery is not a issue for me
3.Camera and performance does matter to me

  • Anonymous

It's a good phone, has a good amount of software updates
But as it has worse spec than phones such as the poco f3
Don't buy it now

  • Rathod

My pixel 4a battery sot only 4 hours only 9 hours of usage

  • scndh

I've had mine for approximately two months now and I'm very happy. Pictures range from very good to fantastic, and it is more than fast enough for anything I use day to day. Notes, maps, social media, news and a browser, the camera... I love the smaller form factor, and the headphone jack. The Google Assistant can be quite useful as well. It runs lighter games such as Stardew Valley or Love Live absolutely flawlessly. As such, it fits my usage profile to a tee.

If you want performance beyond that, look elsewhere. It is still a 350€ phone. It's not the snappiest. It got pretty hot when I tried running Genshin Impact, and the graphics were already scaled down a lot.

If you're an average user, if you use your phone as a daily companion more so than as a piece of tech or a luxury, I think this is an outstanding choice. It's like a Toyota.

  • Anonymous

Jlms, 18 Apr 2021Guys pls give ur opinion.... I am confused between pixel 4... moreCamera is great, there are heating issues only if you game. Battery is good if you don't game. Very user friendly. Dual speakers sound pretty good. Overall the 4a would be better if you are a simple user, if you want to game go for the Samsung for sure.

  • Anonymous

Overall it is pretty good, the software you get is amazing and mostly makes up for the meh hardware. Pretty durable I've dropped it many times and no cracks. I was running and it flew out of my pocket on a very hard tile floor and slid far. I was scared it was broken, but only a few scratches on the back that wiped off. Made sure to get a case after that though.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2021I want to buy pixel 4a but im worried about the camera prob... moreI've just brought one brand new and it's amazing and very fast I have had only one issue which was if running to many programs at once Google maps got slow but I was running 17 apps in the background so not really surprising.

Joi of use

  • Anonymous

Performance gaps do show up under heavy loads as in the camera app while processing portraits.

  • anas

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2021I want to buy pixel 4a but im worried about the camera prob... moreNo such a problem, but while using cam phon heating more more heating