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  • Anonymous

Blaccpanther, 15 Sep 2020Would you get this or rather wait for the 5G version? Need ... moreIf it had 4000mAh, I would have bought it in a heartbeat. The 5G model is larger and supposedly has only 3800mAh which is still bad, especially for $499.

Would you get this or rather wait for the 5G version? Need a new phone badly and I'm really tempted to order for this.

What do you think guys?

  • Sumit

indian price, 15 Sep 2020what do you think Indian price for this phone would be?31999/-

  • indian price

what do you think Indian price for this phone would be?

  • Imran Yousaf

When it will be available in Gulf countries?

  • Trailesque

I had one for a little over 2 weeks before it broke. It stopped charging up. I was kind of glad to send it back, because I was not happy with the battery life. This over-rated phone had me back to carrying a portable charger around with me, which I did not have to do with my Moto G6. In other ways it was good - plenty of RAM and space, it started up quickly, and the screen was responsive and well-made. Using finger swipes rather than back and recently used buttons took a little getting used to.

  • Con B

From what I gather, android 11 has improved the battery somewhat.

Can anyone confirm this?

  • anon

It's a pretty great phone, coming from a mate 10 lite holy is this thing small. I personally like it though. I keep accidentally swiping on the fingerprint sensor, it's pretty hard to tell the difference between the back of the phone and the sensor. Also, this thing gets pretty warm with not a lot of usage, so in the winter it's a good hand warmer. Great screen, OLED, not high refresh rate but for only 350 i'm probably asking too much. Also, has great stereo speakers.

  • Eastwood

Any Pixel 4a user experienced any display color issues while looking at the display from corner?

  • Barpaca

Jazzer, 11 Sep 2020Preordered my pixel 4a here in Belgium ! Can't wait... moreWhere did you preorder it? I thought it wasn't available in the Benelux.

  • Anonymous

Great phone, especially for the price.

  • Steeve

Please can someone tell if this smartphone is suitable for VR and gaming ?

Preordered my pixel 4a here in Belgium !

Can't wait for the pixel experience !

  • Anonymous

Perry Jameson, 11 Sep 2020I bought a 4a sight unseen. I am very happy with it. I ... moreThanks for such a wide review, bro.
Really appreciated. ^^,

  • Perry Jameson

I bought a 4a sight unseen. I am very happy with it.

I need to be able to take high quality images for work and Google One makes it easy for me to transfer full resolution images as well as for free up to 20GB.

I am not a gamer, prefer streaming on a big screen, and am otherwise not a heavy demand smartphone user. As such, I can go close to three days on a single charge. Even better, my phone charges surprisingly quickly on a low wattage charger so I that I can go easy on the battery in an era when user changeable batteries are a thing of the past.

The phone feels very solid to me while within a better quality protective case. In turn, given the protective case, I could not care less about case design features other than its narrow bezel and so good screen size in a relatively compact phone.

I am quickly becoming skilled at using Android 10 and I say this as someone who usually does not deal well with change.

I also love the display but I still need to spend some time so I can better figure out the display power saving software. I also fully expect to uncover all manner of useful software features in due course.

While not a bench spec superstar, Google has clearly maxed out the performance of the Snapdragon 730 and related circuitry via smart engineering such that real life performance differences from more expensive phone with faster spec processors are all but indistinguishable.

Granted, 5G, water resistance and/or wireless charging would be nice, but for $350 unlocked the 4a is a great value.

Net/net, Google made very good decisions so as to meet the needs of typical smartphone users on a budget or otherwise don't care to spend big bucks but who do want to be able to take high quality photos and don't need yet to be fully realized 5G speed.

  • plsanswerme

Hey guys. Recently I got my Pixel 4a , brand new from the Google store, I updated it to Android 11 right away. And one thing that really annoys me is the vibration buzz is TOO intense/loud. Has anyone faced this issue yet?. Btw, I don't know if it's a software issue because I didn't tried Android 10, I updated it once I got it in my hands lol.

  • Drew

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2020To the Pixel 4a owners: any overheating issues so far? I ha... moreMine gets a little hot at the top of the phone when I have the brightness turned all the way up and doing things like youtube or using chrome. I don't know how many other have the iss8but chrome is using 2x the battery of brave

  • get this

germa, 10 Sep 2020hello everyone I'm looking for a phone that takes good... moreget pixel or the f2 pro by poco / xiaomi

  • Anonymous

Con B, 09 Sep 2020I love the concept of this phone. It's just a shame th... moreWait for Pixel 5 - it has allegedly 4000 Battery, it should be good regarding battery Life.

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