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  • Qwerty

paco2x, 27 Oct 2020Google should bring back the Nexus strategy... because the ... moreCouldn’t agree more! 👏

poor battery life despite this tiny display, where is google's optimization?

  • Anthony

trollers be gone, 27 Oct 2020just to add: 1) I mean oled in general instead of amoled. ... moreOLED uses less power than LCD due to not having a backlight. Not sure what you're talking about. And the battery is 4080mah and also powering a Snapdragon 765G which uses much less power than the 865 or any other top-end chip.

  • Xiaomi

In my opinion, simple! You want better phone, best smart phone? Spend more! Producers and manufacturers with their own branding has their own specification and quality guidelines to comply for quality assurance and warranty purposes. For each models and series type of device. We only pay what we are buying. They had been with these business for so long. We want devices with our own specifications and standards? Then we produce our own! We cannot and it is not possible to make a device with the specs of all brands in one unit. Like Appple, Google, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus, Realme, Xperia, Motorola, LG and Vertu to be in one phone. Not possible. "TRADEMARK" and ©®, these are some ponits to consider. It will "crash" the device. They have their own difference and indifference. Like US, humans. We also have our individual differences. So, be contented of what you had bought. We pay for that, we desreve that. Or, the next one might be worst! I almost used all types and brands of phones from analogue to Nokia series to Android and iPhone. And "VERTU" as the most expensive, yet not so powerful enough. But i'm a very FAN and loyal user of XIAOMI phones. To be honest, there's a lot better than my Xiaomi Brand. But expensive and i "only use for purpose" phones? Call, SMS, Browse and simple photo taking for remembrance. So agian, "Love your own device, the next one might be worst"! Good luck and PEACE OUT!

  • eli

$ 200 Amazon is a mistake. Wrong phone

  • trollers be gone

trollers be gone, 27 Oct 2020had it for a week or so now. my impression in bullet points... morejust to add:
1) I mean oled in general instead of amoled. it is a power drain and visually only looks a little bit better;
2) with it's 4000mah battery, it's battery life is not better than my xperia xz2p which has just 3500mah. And before you challenge, no the xperia xz2p screen is bigger in area. it only has 5.8" diagonal size but it is a more squarish screen which mean bigger area. pixel 5's screen is tall, and thus has smaller screen area.

  • trollers be gone

had it for a week or so now. my impression in bullet points:
- good size and the quality feels good.
- the CPU although being mid-range, is decent in performance. have no issue with usual apps. But, I am no gamer.
- battery life is just ok. definitely not amazing.
- camera is good compared with my previous xperia xz2 premium. But not amazing. i think two camera is enough and no tele is reasonable choice. But google should really have upgraded the hardware. come on it is still a £600 phone.

My suggestion:
- they should replace amoled with ips panel to save cost. it will be definitely more energy-efficient (I know some people will argue that but please do your proper research. AMOLED is really battery thirsty), and personally, I don't think AMOLED display is that much better than ips.
- with the money they save from panel, they should upgrade camera hardware. photo quality was one of the selling point of the pixel. with pixel 5 it is barely on par with competitors.

  • google flagship

with sloooooow 2.1 UFC memory? Who will pay £ 699 for this ?

Google should bring back the Nexus strategy... because the iphone like aproach is a total fail.

  • yakuzah

Pixel 5, 24 Oct 2020What about the screen issue (gab. Between screen and the ch... moreI've seen no Gap so far, must be sporadic models.

  • Good luck

Your pricing will be the end of you Google. I van never buy a phone with 765G at those rediculus prices when there 865 chipset phones with the same exact price and even cheaper. GOOD LUCK you will need to compete with other vendors

  • Anonymous

As a previous owner of a Nexus 5, that was a great phone with 2 major flaws, the battery sucked and it took bad pictures. The best thing about the Nexus 5 was that it was the goldilocks size, not too small, not to big but just right. The Pixel 5 has good battery life and takes good pictures, where it errs is in size. The height of the device is too tall at 144.7 mm. What Google should do in 2021 is make the Pixel 6 with a height of 137.9 mm to match the old Nexus 5. To satisfy the people who like phablets also make a Pixel 6 XL version as well. Give them large batteries and good cameras and a lot of people that bought other Android phones will buy the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 XL.

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2020Wireless charging works a treat, showing a charge of 2.2A u... more2.2A is more than enough 👍

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2020"cameras are still very impressive even by today'... moreAnd yet the results from it beg to differ.

  • Anonymous

Juvz , 19 Oct 2020How the wirleless charging on this phone? Please help. Thank youWireless charging works a treat, showing a charge of 2.2A using Ampere.

  • Carol

I like the fact that it is compact, but i do not like the cheap feal to it. Now it is more expensive then Nokia 8.3. That one is huge but offers better quallity and design at lesser price.

  • Pixel 5

What about the screen issue (gab. Between screen and the chassis), does anyone notice it

  • robsi

Pixel, 22 Oct 2020Is the battery bad ? What about the screen issue (gab. Betw... morehe was saying the opposite, battery is long lasting ;)
i love this phone, if only it came without punch hole... ;(

  • Pixel

Me, 22 Oct 2020The battery just lasts. Can’t get it under 50% in a dayIs the battery bad ? What about the screen issue (gab. Between screen and the chassis)

  • Me

The battery just lasts. Can’t get it under 50% in a day