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No need for Pixel 6 or 6 Pro, this Phone does everything you need.

  • MUCH22

Good phone is very safe phone with Android 11

  • khan

can i use pixel 5 images in my blog?

Using it since January 2021, and what a beast!!!! I'm lovin it!

OddSpud, 05 Sep 2021I've been searching for a new phone for a week already... moreOddSpud read my whole comment. Most people think the Pixel 5 is just a solid smartphone, a big improvement over the terrible value Pixel 4. Pixel 5 has good battery life, an ultrawide, a good screen with no unnecessary features like a big forehead and project soli. Now to help you, I'm guessing you want a phone with no notch. I can recommend the Asus Zenfone 8, Samsung S21. Sony Xperia 5 II and 10 III are also good. Pixel 4a 5G and 5a have great battery, but are not that compact. But I need to ask some questions. How fast do you need it to be? How good do you want the camera to be, what's your budget? and do you need water resistance or high refresh rate display (curved or flat)? or good speakers, or fast charging? Also where do you need the fingerprint sensor? (in display, side or back)?

  • Anonymous

neoflashx, 03 Sep 2021This phone is grossly over-rated. I came to a point that I ... moreOh and cheek to ask $900 Better of getting S21

I've been searching for a new phone for a week already and am so stuck on the process of finding the perfect one for me, and I thought I had, until I read what you wrote.
Could this be your specific phone? How come it's so highly rated...?
I'm looking for a SMALL (6 inch MAX with not home buttons...) android (no iphone ffs) with a GOOD battery and I really thought would be my final choice until you came along haha... ohhhhhhh why is this such an impossible thing to find

This phone is grossly over-rated. I came to a point that I am so frustrated with the phone that I have to replace it after 6 months. I made an account just so that it may avoid the hassles for anyone else.
Microphone - the microphone is terrible in all senses no one can hear me in speaker mode unless I shout
Bluetooth - Disconnections happen often and it is a hit or miss for it to work with my car. I own a very "standard" car Toyota Yaris - had no issues with previous phones
Call quality - this is the most frustrating one, a phone which cannot do normal calls over the sim is neither a smartphone or a phone. It's not the first time I got disconnect 3 times in the same call - tried updating and restart. Found a solution that I have to turn on/off the connection each time via Airplane mode.
Another issue with call quality, sometimes when I call someone line drops instantly for no reason, solution was same as above. I had no issues with previous phones on call quality - You would not expect these issues on any phone let alone for a 700eur phone

Yeah!! Dude, I have pixel 3a and I thought I had unlimited cloud storage cause I got a pixel. But I guess it's just 15gb. I think it's unlimited if you get a new one, 5a, 6

  • Anonymous

which one has better value, pixel 5 or pixel 5a?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2021Just came here after nearly 8 months of usage of a pixel 5.... moreDo Google limit the amount of photos or videos you can use out of it's storage? I heard you can only 15GB to store all of your photos and videos and you need to buy a subscription to use the rest. Is that true? It makes me think twice of getting a Pixel soon.

  • Outlaw

hamza, 24 Aug 2021use iphone 11 pro maxI had the same doubt. Which one should I buy? S21 (the "little" one) or Pixel 5. Last week I bought Pixel 5 for these reasons: better Android experience, the comfortable smaller size and the battery life is way way much better than S21. There. I hope this can help your decision.

Hello, i too have i pixel 2 xl and thinking about upgrading to the pixel 5 do you recommend it.

  • hamza

Tommy90, 12 Aug 2021I'm stuck between choosing the Galaxy S21+ or the pixe... moreuse iphone 11 pro max

  • Anonymous

Just came here after nearly 8 months of usage of a pixel 5. I can't say I ever owned a better phone. It's small in size, always smooth, battery lasts 2 days. Also it's still the only Android phone with a flat front with symmetrical bezels. I personally love the piezo-speaker. No dusty speaker grill anymore and the none directional sound is just my cup of tea. Photos are great.
On the downside I'm missing a tele-photo lense, but not much else. One doesnt need any faster processor right now, every game and app runs great. The fingerprint reader is what I dislike most. I want it in-display or on the side.

If you think about getting the pixel 5: do it, I predict the pixel 6 (base model) won't make a huge difference, with the same screen, bigger size, tad faster charging, bit better camera, but still lack of tele-lense, but at the same will be much more expensive!

  • Anonymous

Sohrab, 17 Aug 2021S21+ . It is a proper flagship unlike Pixel 5 which doesn&#... morePixel 5 was never called a flagship

  • Notif

Hey, Gsmarena? Pixel 5a has just released, could you mind putting a page for 5a?

Tommy90, 12 Aug 2021I'm stuck between choosing the Galaxy S21+ or the pixe... moreS21+. It has a better camera (telephoto), screen (120hz), battery, processor (SD888/Exynos 2100) but costs more. Both of them have the same number of years of software updates (3 years)

S21+ is a true flagship while Pixel 5 is more like a upper midranger, so unless u want the smaller size of the Pixel 5 or saving money, go for S21+

Tommy90, 12 Aug 2021I'm stuck between choosing the Galaxy S21+ or the pixe... moreS21+ . It is a proper flagship unlike Pixel 5 which doesn't deserve to be called a flagship. I mean it is overpriced for its specs.

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2021And by „specs“ you probably means „SoC“ because people aren... moreI am not into SoC thing. By slightly lower specs than Poco F3 I meant slower cpu, smaller battery, lower camera resolution, no physical dual sim, slower charging speed and smaller oled screen with no 120 hz refresh rate meaning slightly inferior display. I still kind of like Google phones as I recently had Pixel 4 XL but they are overpriced.