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  • Chase75

Iamyourboss, 02 Nov 2020The pixel 5 cannot connect to a lot 5g network around the w... moreThat happens when you buy a phone that is not released for your region. Just because you can buy anything these days on-line, does not mean they are all good for every region. There is a reason why certain phones gets released in selected regions only.

  • Jack

Had now for two weeks. Phenomenal phone. Love the rear finger print, and will always go for this feature. Extremely quick. Speakers are far better than expected and reviewed. Display is sharp and crystal clear. Camera is exceptional. I moved up from Pixel 2 XL. I didn't get this phone because I wanted $1200 smartphone specs. For me, this is a great phone with terrific featurea packed into a slim sleak design at a price top end phones were going for 8 years ago, and that is fine with me. It won't be every ones choice, but from being an Apple fan for years, the Pixels won me over the last few years, and I don't plan on going back.

  • Coochiedestroyer

It looks like its a $200 smartphones,what is this

  • Pine

I can't accept the design.. the finger print look like 2015 phone

  • Marcos

Disappointing more and more disappointing. Seems that being a monopoly or oligarchy high-tech member ends in technical innovation freeze.

  • Ivek

I upgrade from pixel 2xl, there are definitely improvements but also failing.
Speakres and microphone are just terrible (if I compere it with pixel 2xl), and the speakerphone is unusable...

  • Anonymous

To Pixel 5 owners: There are complaints about the quality and Volume of Sound; Important for me is
that I can hear loud and clear conversation when making a phone Call - how about that?

  • bi-polar bear

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2020I'm so much looking for the comparisons with the iPhon... moreI bought the Pixel 5 and used it extensively for two weeks.
Compared to my iPhone 11(I don't have the 12, but I figured they're quite similar)
I think you will find out that 90Hz refresh rate on the P5 is just that good
Its really hard to go back to iPhone 11's 60Hz (and also 12's, for that matter) now...
Other than that, the iPhone 11 trounces the P5 in almost every way....
especially the Stereo speakers...its so bad on the P5 it might as well call itself a mono-speaker....

  • itsme

Please make a review about pixel 5 in Gsmarena YouTube channel guys.

  • Sid

This phone is perfect!
Its buttery smooth. That 90hz refresh rate is killer
Battery life of 1.5 days with 6 hrs SOT
Does everything a normal user needs and wants. Gamers can look elsewhere.
Just an absolute pleasure to use.

  • dade

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2020It's a shit phone. I bought it in hopes that it would ... morei think you bought some other phone :) or you just dont have the phone. Ive came from Samsung S20 and Pixel 5 is better in every single thing.. it DOES NOT get hot at all... Samsung was burning already when taking photos more than 15 at one time.. and photos were not better.. they were very oversaturated. and i wont even get to battery life.. it just makes me sad.. im very happy that i sold my s20 and bought Pixel 5.

  • Kris

As a user of Google Pixel phones I got very high expectations, but really received average phone. This phone is a joke. I can get a much better Chinese phone for 4x less the price. It doesn't even look premium. I'll never ever buy a Google Pixel phone ever again!

  • Anonymous

It's a shit phone. I bought it in hopes that it would be far better than my Samsung S8. I feel like I downgraded. I'm now stuck because I don't want to go back to Samsung, but Google outright failed me. I think I'm going to Sony Xperia or something like that.

My pixel 5 would get terribly hot during Whatsapp calls. In video mode, the camera was lower quality than the Samsung S8. I believe it's because the graphics power of the pixel 5 is antiquated but who knows... It's an utter disappointment either way. Once bitten, twice shy. Oh btw, this phone now has a cracked screen because it fell in the sand. How cheap and nasty can you get. Google seriously. Stick to search engines or something you're actually good at.

  • Anonymous

adada, 01 Nov 2020my phone is bought from Germany.. and it does not hve the gap.Google community experts have now released an official response. The response reads

“We can confirm that the change in the gap between the body and the display is a normal part of the Pixel 5 design and has no effect on the waterproof, dustproof or function of your phone”

  • Anonymous

adada, 01 Nov 2020my phone is bought from Germany.. and it does not hve the gap.u r lucky
someone had it.
other no problem.

maybe in future u wll exprience it too.

  • Iamyourboss

The pixel 5 cannot connect to a lot 5g network around the world.

People are experiencing issue all over the world. And there is no official word from google nor a fix plan is available.

  • adada

Pixel 5, 24 Oct 2020What about the screen issue (gab. Between screen and the ch... moremy phone is bought from Germany.. and it does not hve the gap.

  • adar

TSi Power, 31 Oct 2020poor battery life despite this tiny display, where is googl... morePoor battery life? Lol? I have used it 2 days.. and its 23.34 at moment.. and i got 11% left.. for comparisson i had Samsung S20 Exynos before Pixel and i had battery left 10-20% in the FIRST day evening..

  • Anonymous

Ordered it on the available date 15th oct. No idea when I will put my hands on it. Didn't expect such a slow delivery from Google