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  • ehh

ahh..... they should've use snapdragon 855 or MediaTek Dimensity 820/1000+ which is miles faster than SD 700 series in both CPU and GPU performance. I don't like the core designs in SD 700 series (2 performance cores and 6 efficient cores)

  • Mahboob Siddiqui

No Telephoto
No 258gb storage

  • chad

Drew, 30 Sep 2020I don't get how a cheaper chinese phone is better . Mo... moreThis is what people don't seem to understand, the exact reason why people buy this phone is cause of these 2

  • davidd

seriously SD 765g??? what happens to google phone?

  • xperian

Great compact size, but the rear fingerprint reader hard to reach if mounted to car dashboard when driving. I hope sony make phone similar to this spec with side button.

  • Anonymous

Komer, 01 Oct 2020Specs vs. price sounds reasonable. Especially in a few mont... moreWith 128 gb of storage you really don't need SD expansion, and there are usb headphones right now, if you insist there's the pixel 4a 5G that has the headphone jack and the 4a too which is really inexpensive.

Pixel phones are really about the camera which will kill anything on the price range and most above it's price range, get wiser comparing spec list is one big mistake most people do.

The dimensions and the screen size is just perfect

No sd card, 3.5mm jack, selfie stabilization, and SD865? THAT'S NOT GOOD

  • Anonymous

Cheap chipset, cheap fast charge, but over price

  • Anonymous

Aluminium,, $700

  • An.on.

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2020How does it have wireless charging with a aluminum back?I think they made a mistake in what the back actually is, it's almost impossible to see aluminum back phones in 2020

  • Google Fan

Aluminum back, wireless charging :is perhaps a new creative idea that has never been seen in any smartphone so far.

Google going back.

Specs vs. price sounds reasonable. Especially in a few months with some discounts. But.... omission of headphones jack and SDcard is something I can't forgive. From my point of view: fail.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2020How does it have wireless charging with a aluminum back?Aluminum no stop zippy zaps from going into phone not magneto !

  • Lee

70.4mm width is disappointingly big compared to predecessors. And no WiFi 6?!

  • namake

mm I think I'll go for the S20 FE ?

  • PX3U

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2020How does it have wireless charging with a aluminum back?the metal is coated, and there will be a cutout where the wireless pad is. (i saw this somewhere so it may not be 100% fact)

  • Anonymous

Let me say what everyone is thinking.Snapdragon mid tier Soc,ufs 2.1 storage,90hz screen.This is a mediocre flagship phone.

  • Dan T.

So, will the video be like the Pixel 3 with an awful "Auto fps" when shooting in 1080, or can we MANUALLY choose higher frame frame rates, like we could with the Pixel 2? I won't make the jump from the 3 unless I can choose 60fps or greater manually.

Socks, 01 Oct 20204000mAh is probably fine specially for a phone this size, s... moreScreen and processor of Pixel 5 are not power hungry like flagship devices and don't forget the top notch software optimization of Google. So I am aslo quite positive that 4000 mAh would be enough.