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  • SV

Google says ; "We aren`t in your region yet" ... Well then i buy iphone ok google

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2022Pt 2 of why the pixel 6 pro is not worth it and should be a... moreI charge my Pixel 6 Pro with my old Huawei charger at work and have no problems. What is this bullshits about chargers problem? If you have Pixel 6 you will know all chargers can charge your phone. Don't be hater at wrong place, OK?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2022Pt 2 of why the pixel 6 pro is not worth it and should be a... moreNobody cares about ur huawei

  • Anonymous

Pt 2 of why the pixel 6 pro is not worth it and should be avoided.

Selfie quality (P40 pro vs pixel 6 pro) :- P40 pro wins easy. Has less noise, probably best bokeh/depth effect on any phone currently available (with having a 3d TOF IR camera), pixel just ruins the picture with bokeh effect, which is far too strong, and I saw noticeable noise in the pictures (actually it's the same for night picture and zoom pictures, P40 pro just wins all round its quite a bad showing for the pixel, definitely not as good as they say in the adverts just like MAGIC ERASER that ruins the picture if you use it)

P. S pixel has no actual gallery app, uses Google photos or some built in picture viewer when using camera which can sometimes "improve" picture quality but then instantly revert back to a raw, noisy and blurred picture, no idea why it does this 1st time I've seen it on a phone.

The pixel 6 pro also has a problem which it'll meter your mobile connection (not turned a setting on for it and Ive checked for the setting, none) so sometimes I can't use features on my phone or even download apps off play store on mobile data.

Sim connection/mobile data speeds:-

My P40 pro destroys the pixel. I'm on a network that officially since I've had the sim and phone, didn't have 5g r(an off 3's connection). Used to be able to pick up actual 5g signal in my town on the outskirts of a city and I get 200mb 4g signal. My pixel can't pick up 5g in the middle of Manchester City centre (same sim card and they now officially support 5g) and seems to get on average, 10-20mb slower than my Huawei plus its using more power running the modem in pixel.

Side problems of the pixel, the ear piece speaker gap is big enough to get crums and bits of dirt in, but too small to use anything to get it out (like say sim tray ejection tool) so get used to dirt and fluff and crums etc stuck in your ear piece that too. Also headphone quality is worse than both P40 pro (noticeably worse even after I've mixed it to my liking through equalisers) and my Huawei mate 10 pro.

P. S. About phone charging:-
won't use other chargers or only very specific ones (maybe slow, rubbish ones I don't know) so if I hadn't had a wireless charger then my pixel would be now with no battery and unusable (again even Iphones will use my charger and to the max speed they can take). Also it takes about 2+ hours to charge on my 40w wireless charger (takes 40 mins from 80%, this is with all different battery settings to see if it affects charging) yet Huawei takes about an hour, about 45 mins on wired charging (from 5-10% battery left for both phones).

The best things of the pixel literally:-

1.outstanding build quality and probably perfect weight distribution.
2. Speaker quality is incredibly good, quiet but good.
3. Outstanding video recording ability.

That's it. 5/10 phone at best that has about 3 cool features, handful of useable ones and like apple and Samsung, just completely over hype the phone and its "useable" features ( like Samsung with 8k recording on 1080p/QHD screens or casting to 4k screens with 4 times less resolution... Pointless!). If this is the quality the "top dogs" of the mobile world produce, I'll stick with my xiaomi's, OPPO's/Oneplus and Realme's and use actual quality products that understand the end user needs so give the right hardware and software (instead of just convincing you that you need them). Other than my old Sony Xperia z1, I've never been so disappointed or fed up with a phone ever.

  • Mayus

Sohrab, 22 Jan 2022I have to disagree for the first time with gsmarena enduran... moreSwipe the home button downwards for one-handed operation

Just got one on the 21st of January. So far, so good.

  • AnonD-1016845

leart78, 17 Jan 2022i'm proudly traped in apples echo system and will neve... moreIf Apple system is so good, why can't it tell you 'traped' is not a word. Looks like you need a Pixel for it's state-of-the-art transcription capabilities.

  • Anonymous

So Ive just upgraded from a Huawei p40 pro to pixel 6 pro purely because of the Google/Huawei problem and I've got to say the p40 pro is a better phone and it's not even close.

Better battery:- my pixel can struggle 10 hours of battery with light YouTube and WhatsApp it's super inconsistent, p40 pro isn't the best but easily gets me through a busy day with battery spare and was consistent.

Quicker charging:- My pixel 6 pro WONT CHARGE with my Huawei charger, I can currently only charge it with wireless charger because like Samsung and Apple, no ear buds or charger in box just type c to type c table. Huawei charger works with all other brands including apple, specifically iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone 11.

Physical buttons perfectly positioned and correct placement on p40 pro, natural placement and easy shortcut access, pixel has 3 different shortcuts with holding power button for assistant, power and vol down for screenshot and power and vol up for power options (volume rocker is below the power button, why?).

P40 pro has a dedicated biometrics unlock with perfect accurate fingerprint Vs a terrible fingerprint scanner and NO FACE UNLOCK.

Pixel lacks features in the UK that US and Canada get (hold for me and call screening).

Pixel is so bare bones its horrible to customise/organise specially verse p40 pro which allows all sorts of gesture controls and side bar quick app access.

The auto brightness DOES NOT WORK on pixel 6 pro, I've had to disable it because it constantly gets levels wrong and is constantly changing in the same lighting conditions (very very very rarely had this problem with p40 pro or my mate 10 pro).

Low light camera on my p40 pro is far better, and actual picture quality is give or take, (pixel more natural, p40 pro imo better shadows and depth quality) I'd only say the video recording on the pixel is actually worth it (super stable, focus is about the same as my p40 pro).

One of the best phones of the year... REALLY? It wouldn't get top 5 phones of 2020 nevermind 2021. It doesn't come close to a phone (p40 pro) that's now so restricted because of Google ban it's almost unusable as a daily driver (in UK) so I'm going to be looking at selling it for a Xiaomi Mi or maybe oppo "find X" series, recommended the x2 pro to my friend and it's an outstanding phone.

I have to disagree for the first time with gsmarena endurance rating, which i trust otherwise. After using it for a month, i can say its battery life is good, surely 95 minimum rating if not more. I haven't encountered any deal breaking bugs. When it comes to point and shoot photography nothing can beat pixel series, this is my preference when i buy new phones, for this alone i sold s21 ultra which wasn't on its level in point and shoot photography. This phone feels premium on all fronts. The cloudy white color looks damn beautiful in real. Terrific phone overall, i am completely satisfied. The only thing i miss from s21 ultra is its one hand mode which was awesome, i hope google copies it.

  • Jesus

I was an loyal Google customer but after this I won't never ever going to get a Google pixel phone again, I waited more than 2 months for an order and when arrived the phone was damage I had to returned it a spent more than 3 hours doing all the process to get "another phone"

Nik, 20 Jan 2022And please lets be honest, if u can get this phone for 500€... moreWhere can you get it for 500 put a link here

  • Nik

And please lets be honest, if u can get this phone for 500€ its good,in any other scenario is bad

  • Nik

its still worst google front camera from the all time,I wasted 1100€

AnonF-1009694, 20 Jan 2022Ads????He is talking about some Chinese trash. I'm sure he never seen Pixel 6 pro.

  • AnonF-1009694

googleman, 18 Jan 2022trash product, overheat. forced closed when open lot of app... moreAds????

  • Anonymous

I myself have not experienced any significant bugs or problems that have been reported, just one or two minor glitches that never prevented me from doing what j wanted. I'm pretty happy with it after over a month of using it, the only thing I would say is the network signal is on the weaker side but it is not bad by any means.

  • EePee

Shame that from the looks of things the phone is pretty much unfinished. Its like the cyberpunk 2077 of handsets. Broken software on crappy hardware makes a big ol mess.
I had hope for this but sadly ive been let down

  • googleman

trash product, overheat. forced closed when open lot of app, too much ads on OS

leart78, 17 Jan 2022i'm proudly traped in apples echo system and will neve... moreWho cares if you love apple ? No one has forced you to come here to post your spam.

leart78, 17 Jan 2022i'm proudly traped in apples echo system and will neve... moreOnly you know this. All apple products are shit. From PC to phones and software. And if you love Apple so much, go to Apple products and comment their shits, don't come here to spam bullshits.