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Can you tell where it is?

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    • Mantsino
    • anF
    • 22 Mar 2023

    It is currently around €450 where I come from. Do you think it's still worth buying?

      Mobilemaster, 20 Mar 2023I have a question. Does somebody of you know if there is an... moreOk, I have found it. :)

        I have a question. Does somebody of you know if there is an option to block private phone calls? On my previous phone I could block every hidden phone number so they can not disturb me, but on this phone I can't find this setting.

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          • jsp
          • MDR
          • 18 Mar 2023

          photo quality very disappointing while compare with pixel 3 xl, global reviews are fake

            I am seeing some really weird software problem with my phone since yesterday, and not even an update hasn't fixed my phone. For example when I was playing Fruit Ninja, the game is simply too fast to be able to play. I have tried some another game too, that is also very fast. I have tried a third one, the same thing happened. What I also see is that not all of the games are affected. This is really a weird thing, and not even a restart could help!

              I like it so much it's so unique how to get it Friends tell me what kind of phone do you think

                David 040882, 16 Mar 2023I believe it does haveWell to be honest I didn't find it, so I have downloaded an app. Of course a default app would be the best, so you don't have to enter the application to see how many steps you take.

                  Mobilemaster, 10 Mar 2023Hi guys! I am curious, does this phone have a pedometer? I ... moreI believe it does have

                    Ethan C, 26 Feb 2023Okay forget about any other comment on this phone. I switch... morefrom 6am to 10pm?? seriously? no way. the battery life on this device is average at best. it never gave me sot of 5 hours let alone 6. and i dont even play games. no 5g as well.

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                      • Chuckles
                      • ris
                      • 15 Mar 2023

                      Bruno Drundrich , 27 Sep 2022Bought pixel here in Sydney. When attempting to call number... moreSounds like Pixlexia. You might want to take your phone to a speech-language pathologist.

                        Tanjim suhana, 07 Mar 2023What type charger is best?Hi! I use a 25 W Samsung charger, and it works fine. The max charging speed is maximum 25 W, so it is not necessary to go for faster speeds. The original Google charger is expensive, but that would be surely the best solution.

                          Hi guys! I am curious, does this phone have a pedometer? I was trying to search about this, but I found nothing yet.

                            A Long Time User, 27 Feb 2023Been using the Pixel 6 Pro ever since November 2021, so far... moreWhat type charger is best?

                              Did u face any special problem in japanese variant?

                                Which chrgers are best for pixel 6 pro?

                                  Thanks by bros people are too confusing

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                                    • A Long Time User
                                    • nRv
                                    • 27 Feb 2023

                                    Been using the Pixel 6 Pro ever since November 2021, so far no issues whatsoever, I have to guess that all the people here that are saying shit stuff are either haters or expect more than they should get on a phone, the camera is amazing, it provides amazing photos, as for the battery, it works flawlessly, not needing to charge anytime until night most days (more than 15hours, 5 of which are screentime) and devices do not break by themselves... Even with a phone being in your pocket, it can get hit if you walk into something and break, as for with every device... Just stop the BS..

                                      Okay forget about any other comment on this phone. I switched from a OnePlus 10 pro to a pixel 6 pro and I have yet to regret it. The camera is amongst the best even in 2023. It does has slow charging times but the large battery really makes up for it. I start my day off the charger at 6AM and Plug it in Around 10PM and I usually have around 10% battery left with 6 hours of screen on time with the 120hz, always on, 5g. From 0% to 100% you're looking at 1 hour and 45 minutes ish. There has been minor drops but Ive always been able to have a data connection (Chicago Area) the fingerprint sensor is pretty accurate but it is a bit slower then let's say the S22 ultra but not by a lot. My complaints are. The phone is obnoxiously big and there is no smaller varent with the 12gb of ram, 4k 30fps front facing camera but aside from those 2 issues I look forward to see what Google has to offer for the pixel 8 and to see if it's a worthy upgrade.

                                        Absolutely true, my experience is same and the phone is perfect at all.