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Jb, 12 Dec 2023Are you kidding 😂...can you remove safari from iPhone?are you kidding? comparing one OS to other?

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    • Patrick Sullivan
    • IKe
    • 05 Jan 2024

    I've had the pixel 6 pro for a year or two and I liked the phone but I switched to a s22 base model because of the more powerful chip and I hated the screen because of the curved edges and the in the corners the frame was losing paint and the curved edges caused it to Crack but besides the curved glass I really liked the phone it had a great camera, great speakers and my dad didn't care so me and him traded phones and now I have a base s22 and I used to have a base s21 before the pixel 6 pro and the software on the pixel 6 pro is great but too bland and I prefer one ui because of the good lock services that you can download and my pixel 6 pro was good in water because I was in a slip and slide in the summer and my pixel 6 pro was jn my pocket and the phone overheated alot after that and I had to replace it one time because it quit working for no reason but overall the phone was good

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      • Bob
      • x87
      • 05 Jan 2024

      Rubbish Battery, 24 Dec 2023" Endurance rating 84h" This spec is in Motoro... moreWhat you talkin' 'bout Willis?

        It remains a solid phone for me in 2023, and I've stuck with it. There's no compelling reason for me to upgrade to the latest Pixel 8 Pro, as even its battery life is almost the same as my Pixel 6 Pro, perhaps slightly better but not significantly different, according to reviews. The Pixel 6 Pro, especially in Cloudy White, looks much more premium than the Pixel 8 Pro. However, its battery life is just mediocre, particularly when using mobile data; it's not reliable for lasting an entire day. If battery life isn't a major concern for you, you're okay with charging your phone twice daily, you take a lot of photos, and you find a good deal, then this phone is definitely worth choosing over the Pixel 8 Pro even in 2023.

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          • Goat
          • myn
          • 25 Dec 2023

          Good for it’s time and price def recommend

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            • Rubbish Battery
            • 7M@
            • 24 Dec 2023

            " Endurance rating 84h"

            This spec is in Motorola territory, that is..mediocre at best. Amazing google still can't get this right or get anywhere close to the fast charging solutions by other manufacturers like Oneplus etc.

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              • gazellepunch
              • 7t0
              • 24 Dec 2023

              Does this really has Always-on Display? I cannot find it in settings. TIA.

                Kujtim Zymeri , 20 Dec 2023Does it worth to buy it in 2023. still good bro

                  Kujtim Zymeri , 20 Dec 2023Does it worth to buy it in 2023. I forgot to say that with this phone you can take pictures against the sun, I don't know if another phone can do it. And you definitely need a quality back, silicone or glass for the front!

                    Kujtim Zymeri , 20 Dec 2023Does it worth to buy it in 2023. Hello, the only thing that can be considered a minus is the slow charging of the battery, which is about 1h40min, and that there is no 5G in my country, which is Bulgaria. But right now I don't need 5G in any way. The cameras are second to none even now! There are some things that should be turned off or done to save battery, there is information about them in the I readdit. My phone was purchased on the 21st year from Germany, to this day absolutely everything is at the top level. Of course I keep it and take care of it. I'm currently on android 14 absolutely everything is top phone runs like crazy. Yes, for me it is worth buying it in the 23rd year, next year you will have android 15, you can use it for at least another two or three years. Even now it is at a very low price.

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                      • Kujtim Zymeri
                      • 8rJ
                      • 20 Dec 2023

                      mitkodh, 19 Dec 2023Pixel 6 Pro is getting better not worse where are you seein... moreDoes it worth to buy it in 2023.

                        Pixel 6 Pro is getting better not worse where are you seeing these problems I just can't figure out I've had a Pixel 6 pro for over two years now and have had absolutely no problems, my battery is at 410 cycles and still lasts all day without any problem, the Pixel 6 pro is an amazing phone that will probably last at least another two years without problems. when you use a pixel you have to learn to use it and not to spit. Well done to Google, I hope they make more good phones like this. Don't listen to anyone do your own research and read more. May you all be alive and well!

                          Pixel 6 pro is becoming worse as days go by. Sometimes the back button stops working, the recent apps open button on the right doesn't work until you restart the phone. The brightness is pathetic while using the phone outdoors. Apparently with new updates the apps are freezing for no reason. IF YOU'RE PLANNING TO BUY ONE PLEASE DON'T. GO FOR THE LATEST PIXEL 8 ATLEAST

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                            • PixelFan2010
                            • pPw
                            • 16 Dec 2023

                            I love this Phone, because I went to a Mobile shopto test this Phone. And it had 0% issues
                            I'm also excited, that I'll get this Phone on my Birthday.

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                              • Jb
                              • CGH
                              • 12 Dec 2023

                              Kriegsherr, 03 Nov 2023Just a basic Google search bar can't be removed, how c... moreAre you kidding 😂...can you remove safari from iPhone?

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                                • Lmao
                                • X95
                                • 12 Dec 2023

                                Anon, 05 Dec 2023Hello anyone trying to buy a refurb or second hand Pixel 6 ... moreYour experience may not be everyone's else's.

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                                  • Anon
                                  • 64i
                                  • 05 Dec 2023

                                  Hello anyone trying to buy a refurb or second hand Pixel 6 Pro, don't do it. The overall experience of the phone is great, but once you get into the nitty gritty it is pretty unbearable. For starters, my phone will NOT charge with any usb-c cable, I needed to get specific cables with enough juice to charge my phone. This is one of the main reasons why I will be changing phones soon.

                                  The display and everything is great. Refresh rate is great. The brightness is NOT. It is super dim even with not that much sunlight out which doesn't make much sense. It is fine when you crank it up, but what's the point. This leads to a big issue that the phone has which is overheating. The phone gets HOT HOT. Even with just regular use, not even gaming, it can get pretty steamy. When you play a casual game or even just charging the phone, it becomes alarming hot. This is especially the case if you accidentally sleep next to it or leave it open for too long.

                                  In conclusion, software, display, camera, everything is pretty great other than a few REALLY BAD details. My phone chargers don't even go all the way in anymore and the phone could really use some basic changes. Really can't get used to my charger being so far out of the port and randomly disconnecting as well as it getting hot from just charging at times. If these issues were fixed I wouldn't be so quick to jump ship on the phone. I only got mine for about $250, so it wasn't a big investment anyways. Switching to the ThinkPhone if anyone is wondering.

                                  Next time I buy a phone, an easy way to tell is by going to google and doing "x phone issues/problems reddit". We'll see with the ThinkPhone though. Big reason I'm switching is bad battery life, bad charging, annoying cables, and just bad user experience. The Pixel 6 Pro is perfectly fine despite these aspects, but these really affect your day to day especially the bad battery life (only like 4-5 hours of actual use).

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • UUJ
                                    • 02 Dec 2023

                                    Robw, 18 Oct 2023pixel 6 pro or s21 ultra or note 20 ultra or iphone 12 max ... more6 pro best of U switch screen quality to 1080p

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                                      • User
                                      • 42e
                                      • 30 Nov 2023

                                      ArT, 28 Nov 2023hi guys. i want to purchase this phone. is there any major ... moreHello came across your comment and wanted to share my experience with the Google pixel 6 pro. It's an awesome phone with an amazing camera. At launch it did have some bugs that have been resolved through software patches one of them being the phone overheating during normal use and charging. There's one inherent flaw (atleast with mine) where it looses signal at random times never more than one or twice a month. I just switch to airplane mode, then back and issue resolved. To me It's annoying but can live with it seeing all the positives on the phone. I have my phone connected to a work profile (Microsoft teams calls and chats, all Microsoft apps including outlook) a full 14 hour work day has me leaving with 44% battery life left after a heavy usage day. The only other phone I'd consider would be the Google pixel 8 pro (once prices drop) or the nothing phone 2 with its specs it easily beats the pixel 6 pro. Hope my honest opinion helps you make an informed decision on your next device, happy hunting!

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                                        • AnonD-1061076
                                        • 8XA
                                        • 29 Nov 2023

                                        ArT, 28 Nov 2023hi guys. i want to purchase this phone. is there any major ... moreI would not recommend it, it gets hot easily and this further amplifies its battery life problems. You will rarely get through the day without recharging and even if you are able to charge your phone at any time, keep in mind, thanks to going through charging cycles rapidly and no headroom to compensate for this issue, your battery will degrade in a blink of an eye and this will make your smartphone completely unusable without being frustrated at its outrageously short battery life.