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Google Pixel 6 Pro

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  • Anonymous
  • 7t}
  • 24 Oct 2023

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2023Does it supports 5g band in indiYes.

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    • Anonymous
    • fI@
    • 22 Oct 2023

    pixel 6 pro still good now? saw a good deal at facebook marketplace. is it true some of its bad rumor of bad performance and material?

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      • Anonymous
      • CDB
      • 20 Oct 2023

      Robw, 18 Oct 2023pixel 6 pro or s21 ultra or note 20 ultra or iphone 12 max ... moreFor :
      cameras and AI + fast updates go for 6 pro
      ( i mean it's cheaper than 20u,21u,12max )
      Display + pen go for note 20u or s21u
      Cameras + chipset + software 12max for sure

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        • Anonymous
        • rKS
        • 18 Oct 2023

        Me, 04 Oct 2023I was using iPhone 13 pro for past 1 and half years and swi... moreDoes it supports 5g band in indi

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          • Robw
          • XUJ
          • 18 Oct 2023

          pixel 6 pro or s21 ultra or note 20 ultra or iphone 12 max which is best

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            • Anonymous
            • yaq
            • 05 Oct 2023

            It is a good phone. Best thing is no OneUI. OneUI is malware and a war crime rolled into one poor package on all Samsung phones.

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              • Me
              • IWR
              • 04 Oct 2023

              I was using iPhone 13 pro for past 1 and half years and switched to Google Pixel 6 pro 2 weeks back. This Pixel 6 pro is a great phone. The display, sound, Ai options after taking the pics all are great. I'd highly recommend this one over iPhone 13 pro even though both the phone released on same time period.

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                • Bembeng
                • tZ0
                • 28 Sep 2023

                Gatsby , 09 Aug 2023I will try to sum up the negatives ok : - heats up quickly... moreWish yo know,do u use it for gaming

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                  • J Albett Poorock
                  • ysE
                  • 27 Sep 2023

                  Beneath the boughs of an oak I saw a lovely vision
                  A phone fair green of cloak devoid of all division
                  Sought the shelter of the leaf for tear glistened in its eye
                  I asked “the dear phone of grief, what is the cause of thy sigh?”
                  Forlorns Samsungs have come to my shores
                  I seek the Pixel Reborn
                  I knew then God implores the broad spear I must adorn

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                    • Raul
                    • 7{L
                    • 27 Sep 2023

                    Can we use in the philippines,ty

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                      • this phone obliterat
                      • ysE
                      • 25 Sep 2023

                      I've had this phone for two years now and randomly one night I read that it was one of the top phones to crank to so I gave it a shot and let me tell you the Pixel 6 Pro absolutely obliterated me. Just another wonderful feature I found out about way too late. Google deserves a hand for the one they gave me. Busted. Will never be the same.

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                        • DSR
                        • f}I
                        • 22 Sep 2023

                        Yompaul, 22 Sep 2023Hello, can someone suggest between GP6Pro & S21Plus?If you're living in pixel 6 pro supported countries definitely pickup the 6 pro. Otherwise buy s21 because most of the unsupported countries doesn't allow you to turn on Volte and sometimes 5g. I'm using 6 pro quite sometime now in a unsupported country and I found a fix for volte, but it is always better to buy something that has features out of the box. But if your country support google pixels definitely go for the pixel 6 pro, great display, great design, smoother UIs, everything is perfect, battery issues and fingerprint issues are all fixed through many software updates.

                          Hello, can someone suggest between GP6Pro & S21Plus?

                            Hello, can someone suggest between S21 plus & Google P 6Pro?

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                              • Good news
                              • ysE
                              • 15 Sep 2023

                              The pixel 6 pro is now in the Top Ten phones to crank to list.

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                                • Arash
                                • gDf
                                • 14 Sep 2023

                                Ivan, 13 Sep 2023Pls help me to choose between pixel 6 pro vs Samsung s21+ o... moreI've been using Pixel 6 pro about 2 years
                                Battery life is quite average
                                soc not much powerful for gaming
                                Software top notch and so smooth
                                display awesome
                                cameras excellent
                                design imo is gorgeous
                                updates #1

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                                  • Ivan
                                  • XLk
                                  • 13 Sep 2023

                                  Pls help me to choose between pixel 6 pro vs Samsung s21+ or even ultra

                                    Hello house please those have tested android 14 on this 6 pro does it allowed 5g in non launch country like West Africa Ghana, Guinea and Nigeria

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                                      • cranked one
                                      • xEq
                                      • 10 Sep 2023

                                      I used this phone to crank one. Video was good with display. Couldn't help myself. Good experience overall.

                                        The game , 13 Aug 2023Pls if you are to chose between pixel 6 pro and pixel 7 wha... moreDefinitely the 6 pro over the 7

                                        Pros of 6 pro-
                                        Better cameras
                                        Better battery life
                                        Better Screen-to-body ratio

                                        Pros of 7-
                                        SoC Better by 15%