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Google Pixel 6 Pro

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  • LaMe
  • e@6
  • 10 Dec 2022

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2022The casing feels cheap and plasticky. The silver coating ar... morethe 5G slows down most phones with 5G atm. true that the 6 range pixel had growing pains which theyve fixed in the 7 range. my pixel 6 range works fine with 3rd party charger worth £10! armour cases trap hot air that escape the phohne which would cause bubbling and the casing to wear. buy a better case next time.

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    • Pixel 6 Pro
    • xAk
    • 10 Dec 2022

    Used the phone a few times and put it away in favour of another Device. I put the 6 pro away in a drawer. Days later a weird light would begin to emit from the drawer. Then noises. Opened the drawer but did not witness anything. A few more days and then the phone would make errant calls. Next thing it began to speak to me; telling me feed it and bring it sultry women to slake it’s lust. Finally put sim back into phone to fix. My soul was then transferred into the phone. I am now the embodiment of the Pixel 6 pro. I am in the phone. GIP tech has been complete. Do not cry for me. I am home.

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      • area51thc
      • mvg
      • 08 Dec 2022

      arash, 27 Nov 2022in my country, I can exchange my used iPhone 13 with a bran... moreI sold 13 Pro and got Pixel 6 Pro. No regrets.

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        • Ali
        • mye
        • 05 Dec 2022

        Arash, 22 Nov 2022Hi. I've been using my iPhone 13 for quite a year and... moreThere's no point, they're basically the same. It all depends on whether you want android or iPhone

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          • arash
          • dMg
          • 27 Nov 2022

          Anonymous, 23 Nov 2022Iphone 13 much more expensive keep in mind and I'm usi... morein my country, I can exchange my used iPhone 13 with a brand new pixel 6 pro +150$.
          but for the pixel 7 i should pay 150$ more!
          so with that being said, what do you think about pixel 6 pro? worth it? is the pixel 6 pro a good phone for everyday use?

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            • Anonymous
            • NMv
            • 23 Nov 2022

            Arash, 22 Nov 2022Hi. I've been using my iPhone 13 for quite a year and... moreIphone 13 much more expensive keep in mind and I'm using pixel 6 pro right now it's a beast

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              • Arash
              • GXs
              • 22 Nov 2022

              I've been using my iPhone 13 for quite a year and I'm considering upgrading to pixel 6 pro or the regular 7.
              What do you guys think?
              Is the pixel 6 pro a better choice than iPhone 13?
              I would be thankful if someone could help...

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                • Anonymous
                • 86Y
                • 22 Nov 2022

                People who say battery bad it's not use battery saver it lasts 2 days u can still use the 120 Hz to it only just disables always on display worth the trade off if u ask me

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                  • Omid 46
                  • dMu
                  • 18 Nov 2022

                  Without a memory card slot this Google smartphone is the best for 3 years of updating and upgrading.Good luck.

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                    • karsh
                    • r3b
                    • 08 Nov 2022

                    Anonymous, 05 Nov 2022The worse flagship experience I had ever own. Cannot even b... moreWhy were you having the worst experience?

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                      • Guy Incognito
                      • ysE
                      • 08 Nov 2022

                      Good phone to have when you need a little anonymity to do secretive things. I don’t mean doing anything illegal, just fun silly things to do with the phone

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                        • FINDX
                        • QPh
                        • 07 Nov 2022

                        Its a pretty dope phone... Very addictive due it magical software. I tried and cant leave it now :) ... Everything is perfect but battery could be lil better but its good. Best Phone!

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                          • Anonymous
                          • Kec
                          • 05 Nov 2022

                          The worse flagship experience I had ever own. Cannot even beat my kid range backup phone. Wasted 1k, I am iphone now, no problems, no worries over a bloody phone.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • LaM
                            • 02 Nov 2022

                            The casing feels cheap and plasticky. The silver coating around the edges has bubbled and worn ( despite being kept constantly in a tough armour case ) it very light but that's probably due to the small battery, the battery life is poor. I have to be plug it in every evening when I get home from work or it won't make it through the evening. The software is glitchy. Google are clearly using the new pixel range as beta testing for development. The weirdest glitch is the fact that when the phone picks up 5g signal the internet connection becomes unusably slow and the browser freezes unless you close all apps and pages. 4g is absolutely fine but there is no way to stop the phone connecting to 5g. It didn't come with a mains charger just a usb-c to usb-c cable and will not work with most standard usb-c chargers we already had in the house. I had to fork out another £35 for an official Google mains plug to actually charge the phone. I normally go for flagship Samsung phones and my last phone was a huawei P30 pro. In comparison the Google pixel 6 pro is poor and I will be replacing it as soon as my contract allows.

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                              • lieton upson
                              • m{C
                              • 30 Oct 2022

                              I.P. Freelee, 06 Oct 2022It’s true I find this phone to be far too heavy for regular... morethat why sony xperia 10 range is best allround android phone ,fits in pocket and arm friendly to hold ,good camera's and long lasting batteries with right settings. good advertiseing can negative if you d'not do maths b4 buying.

                                got mine a week ago...missing the vibrate alert when a call is picked up or ended..... fast... camera is brilliant

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                                  • monchma coochy
                                  • xIH
                                  • 12 Oct 2022

                                  great phone except for the battery. ended up testing li-ion with coworker who knows what theyre talking about when it comes to batteries and turns out it's not quite 5002mAh and a lot closer to 4996mAh. will be pondering when it comes time to get the 7.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • mxH
                                    • 09 Oct 2022

                                    Bruno Drundrich , 27 Sep 2022Bought pixel here in Sydney. When attempting to call number... moreWhat do you mean by "backwards"?

                                    Would you be able to share screenshots? Maybe you accidently enabled RTL (Right-to-Left) instead of using the default LTR (Left-to-Right). It's under developer options.

                                      Qliphoth Tree, 06 Oct 2022Camera on this phone honestly blew me away. Here are a few ... moreWonderful shots, Qliphoth! Very beautiful and autistic. The third picture could be an album cover, so gorgeous. Please do not stop your efforts for they invigorate me with love. Uggghhh I looove it so much I’m about to buuuurrrrstttttt

                                        Pixel 6 pro 210g, Samsung s22 ultra 227g, Apple 14 pro max 240g, Apple 14 pro 206g, which phone is heavier haters!?