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tansel, 14 Jul 2023i prefer flat screen (display) phonesYou can wait for the Google Pixel 8 Pro then, which will have a flat display, as well as the 50MP 1/1.12"-type Samsung GN2 for its wide sensor and the 64MP 1/1.73"-type Sony IMX787 for its ultrawide.

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    • greg
    • Y6u
    • 19 Jul 2023

    I have both the 14 pro max and P7P. I like them both, but the iPhone camera sucks. Every pic I take with the subject is moving and is 100-300 feet away, blurry. The P7P, same shots, crystal clear. the iphone is fine with stationary shots up to 50 ft away, but forget night shots, moving shots or distance shots.

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      • Elijah
      • r3H
      • 19 Jul 2023

      Kumarjit, 17 Jul 2023If it's Android, it's gotta be Pixel - original, ... moreCan I have your OnePlus pls, my phone lags every minute and it annoying

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        • Kumarjit
        • Ech
        • 17 Jul 2023

        If it's Android, it's gotta be Pixel - original, unadulterated, just the way Google had designed it to work for the user. Shifted from OnePlus 11 to the Pixel 7 pro last month and don't regret a bit! The smoothness of UI, the intelligence of the device, the software experience, security updates and camera is unparalleled in Android world - standards that only apple could match really. I also purchased a Google 30W charger which fires up the phone from 0 to 100 in 1 hour 10 mins flat, which is okay for me. My professional and business apps including company portal, multiple mails, messengers, drives, docs - all work like breeze without any lag or stutter ever. Display is qHD and 1000 nits HBM which is great even outdoors for legibility. Great experience with my Pixel 7 pro so far!

          i prefer flat screen (display) phones

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            • Subin
            • JF5
            • 14 Jul 2023

            Sin, 09 Jul 2023Am so fed up with Google ads pop ups & malware they hav... moreTo avoid unwanted pop-ups & ads while browsing, I have added the private DNS host name with which can added in your settings > network & internet > private DNS. Once enabled restart your phone and enjoy your pixel without any unwanted pop-ups and annoying ads.

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              • Win23
              • Y7Q
              • 10 Jul 2023

              Anton., 08 Jul 2023I have it and I disagree with your comment! I have it for ... moreSorry to hear about your bad experience... I have no problem with it at all so far! already been 7 months for my 7 Pro n i love it. Get your device checked lol

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                • Sin
                • ask
                • 09 Jul 2023

                Am so fed up with Google ads pop ups & malware they have proven there a repeat offender of mind rape

                  Yong Farlight84, 08 Jul 2023How is the charging speed? Reaches what % in 1h?I never let it go down to less than 30% so when I put it on it takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach 100, the truth is that the more time passes the faster I see that it charges, I have an original 45w samsung cube and it charges it with esem au that the load only reaches 27w a lot... And it heats up like hell, the presence of exynos is noticeable in the latter

                    Anton., 08 Jul 2023I have it and I disagree with your comment! I have it for ... moreHow is the charging speed? Reaches what % in 1h?

                      Win23, 05 Jul 2023Bought this phone January 2023 and I am loving it so far. E... moreI have it and I disagree with your comment! I have it for sale and nobody wants it because of the bad reputation it has! not the phone itself, but the crap processor it has, I'll have to sell it cheaper if I want to leave this thing behind

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                        • q%Y
                        • 05 Jul 2023

                        Bought this phone January 2023 and I am loving it so far. Everything is perfect that one could ask for. I love its snappiness and animations and haptics. So smooth and my experience has been lovely and buttery smooth :)

                          Dadido, 01 Jul 2023I bought a Pixel Pro in October 2022, by March 2023 the Sim... more200 to repair a simple slot? I also made the mistake of buying this device for vacation photos, because yes, the camera is excellent but nothing else!! playing is rubbish, the presence of the exynos soc is noticeable at this point, and the heat dissipation is another rubbish... I already put it up for sale.

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                            • Dadido
                            • fu{
                            • 01 Jul 2023

                            I bought a Pixel Pro in October 2022, by March 2023 the Sim card slot broke.

                            First time ever I see this part of a phone breaking (I have an iPhone and gad Samsung phones previously).

                            This show how fragile the phone is.
                            Yes the Camera is GREAT but apart from that the phone is really not well built and will last much less than an iPhone or Samsung.

                            I bought it because of the camera but now I am looking for other options on the market.

                            In addition, I sent the phone for repairs to google and rhe experience with their repair team has really been awful. They try to automate everything but it's really not efficient. For instance, the slim card slot broken is not on their drop-down list and their form does not allow you to describe the problem you have.

                            As the result, I had to call the customer care for them to send the issue to the repair tram. To my surprise, the repair is not covered by the warranty and google is asking me to pay USD 200 !

                            So not recommending it for the price.

                              83h of endurance rating for 5000mAh is extremely poor, even the 2019 S10e's 3100mAh battery scored better than this

                              Tbh the worst Pixel ever after the 5 series

                                guys on extreme battery saver it lasts 72 hours

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                                  • Kxc
                                  • 30 Jun 2023

                                  Anton-, 28 Jun 2023i have had it since a few days, i always liked android stoc... moreSamsung? What type ?

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                                    • Brummie lad
                                    • 0pe
                                    • 30 Jun 2023

                                    Had this phone for a few weeks, it's actually rather good, music is quite loud, it runs seamlessly no matter what I'm doing. Overall I would give it a solid 9 out of 10 the only thing that in my opinion, let's this phone down is the charge speed, my last phone OnePlus Nord 2 charged fully in 20 mins, I'm yet to find a device that beats it.

                                      i have had it since a few days, i always liked android stock, clean screen without junk in the firware, but this phone is definitely not made for gaming!! the performance in any medium demanding game is very bad... i wanted to sell it and go back to samsung, i hope the pixel 8 pro comes with better performance for games

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                                        • Leonardo
                                        • 0p}
                                        • 27 Jun 2023

                                        I hope the next series will be given an audio jack hole.