Google Pixel 8 Pro gets durability tested, survives to tell the tale without bending

Vlad, 13 October 2023

At the beginning of the week, we showed you a video that was all about drop and scratch testing Google's latest and greatest, the Pixel 8 Pro. And today we're back with a slightly different kind of 'durability testing', this time from JerryRigEverything.

As usual with Zach's videos, there's a screen scratch test with no unexpected results. Then the metal frame is scratch tested, and is found to indeed be made out of metal. The display gets a permanent burn mark after being subjected to an open flame for about 17 seconds, and then it's on to the main event.

The bend test. Perhaps surprisingly, since it seems to have identically-placed antenna lines to its predecessor, the Pixel 7 Pro, the Pixel 8 Pro remains fully rigid. The Pixel 7 Pro didn't snap in half like some other phones, but did get way too flexible for comfort right under the camera visor. The Pixel 8 Pro is much improved, with barely any flex at all. So despite the similar looks on the outside, there are definitely some welcome changes to the inside structure.


Reader comments

if you spent a thousand dollars on a note20 ultra three years ago then you won't get android 14. how is that value for money

Not even that, depending on the region you at, you can get the worst chipset ahahah so that statement is worthless actually xD

Altough a lot of people has a lot of criticism in the chip etc, i actually think the pixel 8 pro is a very good phone, i have the iphone 12 pro and is good, but im thinking on getting the pixel 8 pro, cuz the system is like iphone, is better than sam...

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