Google Pixel 8a in for review

Prasad, 14 May 2024

Google recently announced the Pixel 8a and today we have the device in for review.

The Pixel 8a is the company's latest entry-level option for the Pixel series. It features an updated design over its predecessor, along with a newer Tensor G3 chipset and a 120Hz display.

Google Pixel 8a in for review

Starting with the packaging, the Pixel 8a comes in the same basic white box as other recent Pixel phones that is barely bigger than the phone itself. As you can imagine, there isn't much to find inside, and the only accessories you get are a USB-C charging cable and a USB-A to USB-C adapter.

Moving on to the phone itself, it looks fairly similar to the Pixel 8, with roughly similar dimensions. The Pixel 8a is slightly larger and heavier even though it has a slightly smaller display and battery. The back is also made out of plastic instead of glass. You still get an aluminum frame around the sides but the camera bar on the back is plastic.

Google Pixel 8a in for review

One of the notable design elements of the Pixel 8a is the bezels. We kind of assumed they would be large based on the pictures but they really are exceptionally chunky by modern smartphone standards and make the display look smaller than it is.

The display itself has been updated over the Pixel 7a, with higher peak brightness and refresh rate. The display can get quite bright outdoors and the higher refresh rate is appreciated, even if you have to enable it manually as the phone is set to 60Hz out of the box.

Google Pixel 8a in for review

What's not updated over the 7a is the cameras, all three of them. This means you can expect largely the same image quality, albeit with some niceties, such as Ultra HDR.

Main camera samples Main camera samples Main camera samples Main camera samples Main camera samples Main camera samples
Main camera samples

The rest of the phone is, for better or for worse, your typical Pixel experience. We will have more to say at a later date in a full review so check back in a few days.


Reader comments

  • vs88
  • 16 May 2024
  • SnY

hard pass :( its ugly

  • Markoni
  • 16 May 2024
  • pUX

Entry level in the pixel series, not entry level in regard to the whole market. Since Pixel phones only have 3 models.. xA is the entry level model within any generation.

  • Anonymous
  • 15 May 2024
  • 0fU


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