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  • AnonD-729345

For starters, it has
- A higher resolution display (2560 X 1800 pixels)
- A state-of-the art keyboard. (sticks to the tablet magnetically, communicates and charges itself wirelessly).
- The most widely used operating system on earth.

  • AnonD-59657

Why you want this 3 years old device if you can get latest iPad 32 GB for similar price.

  • AnonD-37099

AnonD-37099, 09 Dec 2017although its two years old i applaud the direction google t... moreand people remember its a tablet and not your phone... even if it doesnt have an external slot it is not your daily burner phone its a device for entertainment and work which im sure you would not store on your device! right?

  • AnonD-37099

although its two years old i applaud the direction google took with this tablet because 1 the tablet has a Nvdia GPU... over 9000! mAh battery and best of all the features on this thing is that resolution though! thank you google!

  • AnonD-715347

wow huge battery there

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Oct 2017np gps, no storage, no dealThis tablet is almost 2 years old, what do you expect?

  • Anonymous

np gps, no storage, no deal

  • Anonymous

Dhoniram, 04 Oct 2017Where to buy this device ?use olx to buy

  • Dhoniram

Where to buy this device ?

  • Michael C- age 32 CA

Pixel C tablet: I would not recommend this product to anyone. It is probably the worst electronic equipment I've ever owner, and I grew up with Dell computers.

The issue is completely because of the wifi connection speeds. After I purchased it new, I noticed how slow it was compared to my phone's wifi speed. I did some reading on forums and came to find a lot of people were having the same issues. It is so bad that I can be standing literally next to my wireless router and not have enough speed to play clash of clans or load simple pdf documents, while my phone sitting in the same spot loads these in seconds.

After spending about 10hrs in deliberations with Google, they refused to refund my purchase, and would only agree to send me a replacement pixel c. The replacement device was actually labeled (refurbished) on the shipping order I received and the screen even had a couple pixels visually burnt out.

To no surprise, within 1 week of using the replacement tablet, the connection speeds were equally as slow as the 1st tablet, and Google refused to refund me. So after almost 1yr of having this product, the connection speeds have continued to slow leaving me unable to open most websites homepages within 1 min, some will simply not load at all.

I seriously hope nobody else had to deal with this product. Make a better decision than I did.

  • AnonD-694401

dracula, 29 Jun 2017There should be a function where we can use a stylus for it.There is. Get an active stylus from Amazon or any other major electronics retailer. They start at roughly $20 for versions that don't offer pressure sensitivity. If you want that function, the price will tick up a bit, but will likely be cheaper than many of the branded options from Apple or Samsung.

  • Bibek

I like this phone but its to cheap and its various part of the mobile


NO sim connectivity
HOTSPOT for what ????????????

  • dracula

There should be a function where we can use a stylus for it.

  • Jelle

I can't figure out where to how to get that vibration working working on the pixel can't find it anywhere. Did however find a place where you can read the template sensor, weird that they didn't list it in the specs.

Also and now without joking around, great specs in this thing, battery is super. Only issue would be that it has a small hardware issue that Google (or LG) does look to solve. One of the sides of the screen cable can get louse and you will lose that side. Send a free new one for you send the old one back, but still a pain for some people.

  • FrodoUK

Does the jack socket allow connecting TRRS microphone (like Rode Smartlav+) to record sound?

  • 517 grams

517 grams is heavy.

Google should make a 2560 x 1920 resolution 7.9" tablet to complete with the iPad Mini. Charge a little more because it would be better!

  • AnonD-668199

AnonD-659365, 05 Apr 2017I have bought a pixel C 32 GB a year ago. Since than the ta... moreHad the same model for around a year now and had no problems to date...

  • ggfjdffjjdfjdfifjdm

  • AnonD-659365

I have bought a pixel C 32 GB a year ago. Since than the tablet WENT WRONG 3 times! The problem was with the display all 3 times: it didn't respond or didn't refresh correctly. I also had problems with the wifi, it disconnects sometimes.
I just had to send it back, and they replaced it, but it is NOT a stable device in my opinion. If you want a ready-to-use tablet DO NOT buy this one, it's not stable.
I won't buy first generation products in the future :(.