Google Pixel currently going for $625 in US - a $24 price cut

Himanshu, 22 December 2016

If you are in the US, and are planning to purchase the Google Pixel, you'll be glad to know that the device is currently going for $625 in the country. Specifically, Newegg has the 32GB, Quite Black variant listed on its website for that price.

A quick look at the Mountain View, California-based company's online store reveals that the device is being officially sold for $649, meaning purchasing from Newegg will save you around $25. The promo runs until Tuesday next week, so those interested in availing the offer have a few days at hand.



Reader comments

Cloud storage for a phone is only good if you have a large monthly data allowance, 5 GB or so. I have 1GB a month so I'd rather store stuff on my phone or SD card.

  • Anonymous
  • 23 Dec 2016
  • nGA

I thought that too which is why I went for the 128gb. But with their unlimited cloud service I've found that I don't really need that much space. All my music is streamed and all my videos and pictures are backed up in the cloud. Unless you live in a...

  • sarantis
  • 23 Dec 2016
  • LaT

are you wasting your time telling us for 25 dollars discount...!;(#&&£(£

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