Google to phase out legacy apps with Android 14 to improve security

Ro, 24 January 2023

According to a newly listed code change, Google will set stricter measures when it comes to outdated apps being installed on new devices. Starting with version 14, Android won't allow even sideloading apps that target older versions of the OS.

Google to phase out older apps with Android 14 to improve security

As of now, Google doesn't allow newly listed apps on Google Play to target Android versions older than 12, but still allows users to sideload older software. Also, Google Play will still allow you to install older apps, which you have already installed in the past.

As we already pointed out, all that is about to change with Android 14. Sideloading apps will require above-average technical skills using the command shell and a new flag to allow installation. This way, users won't be able to accidentally install unsecure apps on their phones.



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Man yes its a big problem when a super fast phone is slowed down by ancient feature called micro sd card which is way slower than anything else within your desired 1000 eur plus device. About second point i was very clear you either arent very ...

Man people who never tried free from additives, perservatives, artifical colours and other things you can find in a low quality food. UI is likely same thing over a natural bio called pure android experience. So those people can judge only base...

Okay then, you and your "we" should do that. What a joke! 😂 Keep crying while One UI keep getting glowing reviews from more knowledgeable people, who also happen to handle a wide variety of phones and UIs. “I've found that from ...

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