Google to phase out legacy apps with Android 14 to improve security

24 January 2023
Android 14 will block the installation of really old apps.

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  • 02 Feb 2023

Guys, is it Harmony os privacy and securities are better than Android 11 or 12 go edition?.

    Cyberchum, 31 Jan 2023Read the comment you responded to again, and try one more t... moreMan i did but all i got its i am right you are wrong and those people have to try again.

      CptPower, 30 Jan 2023Man you very funny. No BS UI is just bloatware. All bra... moreRead the comment you responded to again, and try one more time to respond intelligently instead of talking a whole lot, but saying practically nothing. 🤡

        Cyberchum, 30 Jan 2023Oh, those writers don't have the experience of near-st... moreMan you very funny.
        No BS UI is just bloatware.
        All brands should come with pure android experience and UIs should be optional but forcing people to have them is big no.
        And yes you are right i used many brands some of them came with UI like mi Current Mi 11 lite 5G but apart from google apps i dont have there any other simmilar by MIUI.
        And thats a fact whether you trust me or not i dont honeslty care.

        Lastly for your funniest part i am rich enough to buy whatherwer i want.
        But just like Walamrt owner and CEO i dont like and honestly i dont spend or throw money out of window for nothing.
        If a 300-400 eur phones does its job i really dont see point of buying a 1200-1500 eur device which does same things like 300-400 eur ones apart is maybe faster and have nbit more storage and a little but better camera which on a 6 inch phone screen will make zero difference.

          Cyberchum, 30 Jan 2023Woman, you're yapping. 😂 Who compels you to use the... moreYe man i am a true hero but thats a very long story.
          And what i said i was right.
          Othervise for what sake is good even a 1TB memory SD card with usualy 10 class I.E. 10mb/s writting compared to a real hero like phone with USF 4.0 or better.

            CptPower, 29 Jan 2023Man people who never tried free from additives, perservativ... moreOh, those writers don't have the experience of near-stock android (sorry, woman, virtually ZERO phone comes with pure android, lol). Did you even comprehend the comment you responded to? As is often the norm with you, you just spewed a load of BS.

            Funniest part is that you are most likely not even using a phone with near-stock android. You keep buying phones with significantly customised OEM skin, yet keep on wetting gsmarena with your tears. What a toddler. What a joke!

              CptPower, 29 Jan 2023Man yes its a big problem when a super fast phone is slowed... moreWoman, you're yapping. 😂

              Who compels you to use the slot? Oh, you now install an OS on the microSD card? Or, wait, is it playing media files stored on the card that slows a phone down? What current use cases of the microSD card slows a phone down?

              Sitting on wire beaks wire? Wireless sounds better than wired? As if it's not enough that you love baring your poor thinking and comprehension skill, you do it effortlessly. You're a champ, a very slow one. 😂

                Cyberchum, 29 Jan 2023Woman, how does USB 4.0 speed negate the use of microSD car... moreMan yes its a big problem when a super fast phone is slowed down by ancient feature called micro sd card which is way slower than anything else within your desired 1000 eur plus device.

                About second point i was very clear you either arent very clever because you did not understand or you did understand but still dont want to hear either way its your failure not mine,

                A wireless audio will preform better than wired one. In case of wired breaking cables its the most easy thing you could stumble upon because just sitting on them could breaks them your device is done for. Wireless cant breaks this way.
                Clumsy people can loose wireless earphones but thats different but wireless audio cant break by breaking cable because they dont use any they will always works as they should as long as they have some juice in battery.
                Your desired wired audio can last even 10 years but as usualy people breaks the cable within few days or weeks so wireless will outpreform and last much longer.
                Even 5 years ago when JBL sports 60 pro were released there wasnt much wired audio to beats them and nowdays there is a plenty of wireless audio which are much better.
                You cant stop technlogy from evolving and your desired wired ones cant evolve because cable is cable and cable will breaks. Something wireless audio will never have.
                They will get better batteries, betetr sound, betetr audio, better other sound aspects, better charging within the case, much more to improve compared to wired ones where 5 eur wired ones sounds almost same like 100 eur wired ones.
                No matter what you say wont change the fact wireless is the future and will outbeat wired ones anytime a day since 5 years ago with above said wireless earbuds made back in 2017.

                  Cyberchum, 29 Jan 2023Okay then, you and your "we" should do that. What... moreMan people who never tried free from additives, perservatives, artifical colours and other things you can find in a low quality food.
                  UI is likely same thing over a natural bio called pure android experience.
                  So those people can judge only based from experience they have.
                  I have both experiences since by mine hands passed many phones from amny brands and honestly pure android experience is one and only possible way.
                  Man even GSMArena and Samsung confirmed that some low grade Samsung phones will come with lot weakened UI to not slow down whole device from first day of use.
                  We all know how it is.
                  To me all UIs should be optional but every single brand should begin with pure androd experience and minmum just base app rest should be optionable but forcing people to have something they never asked for and will not use is a big no.

                    CptPower, 26 Jan 2023Joke??? For who you??? Maybe you dont know but UI is ram a... moreOkay then, you and your "we" should do that. What a joke! 😂

                    Keep crying while One UI keep getting glowing reviews from more knowledgeable people, who also happen to handle a wide variety of phones and UIs.
                    “I've found that from my experience, most things seem to just work out of the box with Samsung's custom UX and hardware better than average.”~Victor of gsmarena said about Galaxy A33 5G.


                      CptPower, 26 Jan 2023Man USB 4.0 is 1000 times faster than currently fastest SD ... moreWoman, how does USB 4.0 speed negate the use of microSD cards? How does the presence of microSD card slot compel you to use microSD cards or prevent you from enjoying those USB 4.0 speed? Are you forced to use the card? Do you even think before typing? SMH.

                      About the second point, you definitely don't posses the intelligence of even a 15-year-old—you're very inferior.

                      *Any wired audio and/or device will effortlessly beat a wireless audio and/or device of the same price. Hold on for a second—the former would beat the former even when it's 100% cheaper (a pair of wired earbud that cost $50 will beat a a pair of wireless earbud that cost $100 in performance and longevity).

                      *A wireless earbud would get lost far easier than the wire of a wired earbud would break.

                      *A wired earbud would far outlast a wireless one. No wireless earbud will be usable after 5 years. The battery would give up the ghost before then. Even a $10 wired earbud could make it to more than 10 years.

                      More than 10 years from now, wired will still be far more ESSENTIAL than wireless, and no amount of you talking crap will prevent that.

                        CptPower, 26 Jan 2023Man had Huawei before and maybe will buy P60 pro anything b... moreI bet you typed that response on an android phone. Lol

                        You can't help yourself, can you?

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                          • 28 Jan 2023

                          Anonymous, 27 Jan 2023Why not embrace it all at once instead of having each Andro... moreYour logic is weird. You'll die eventually, so you should die now? Also, as stated in the source, you can still install legacy apps by using a command shell. I don't see how switching to a more restricted OS is a solution if you don't like restrictions.

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                            • 28 Jan 2023

                            SuperSpruce, 27 Jan 2023Not only because of this. iOS has some features that many p... moreYou can still install legacy apps by using a command shell.

                              Whitestrider, 27 Jan 2023Lo, switching to iOS only because of this? 🤣 Yeah, I woul... moreNot only because of this. iOS has some features that many people value, like iMessage, FaceTime, better software support, and most importantly a smoother and lighter OS.

                              Android is good because of its freedom, but taking part of it away gives it less of an advantage in that regard.

                              Yes, budget Android phones won't lose out because there isn't any iPhones at this price point. But what about all the $450+ Androids?

                                Anonymous, 26 Jan 2023So people will switch to a more restricted OS because the O... moreYes if the reason they're sticking with Android is because they value its freedom but like some of the iOS-exclusive features.

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                                  • 27 Jan 2023

                                  Anonymous, 26 Jan 2023So people will switch to a more restricted OS because the O... moreWhy not embrace it all at once instead of having each Android update take something else away?

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                                    • 27 Jan 2023

                                    The blocking of instructions of really old android apps

                                    I can't understand why is Google even allowed too do this

                                    So even sideloading of old apps will be blocked by Google is turning android into a garbage os

                                    Just imagine having too customs ROM a smartphone just because you need it too run a older version of android in order too run the your order apps

                                    The tool app VMOS ( android 7 emulator for android phones) a lot of people might relay on it soon

                                    Oh god almighty you're going need a lot of system ram too be able run a virtual android phone in your real android phone

                                    I don't like the bad path android is heading down future looks grim

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                                      • 27 Jan 2023

                                      No please no that's very bad and wrong no-one asked for this

                                      I really don't need stupid compatibility issues on android too with older apps

                                      I really hate Google android 12 & android 13 where bad enough now this

                                      Seriously This is messed up this is happening now people won't even be able play old game apps on there new smartphone with better hardware

                                      Now there's are good reasons too definitely not want too update you're smartphone

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                                        • 27 Jan 2023

                                        SuperSpruce, 26 Jan 2023This is exactly what I feared Google would do. Not even sur... moreLo, switching to iOS only because of this? 🤣
                                        Yeah, I would totally pay 500+€ for a smartphone.