Google will detail Stadia's pricing and title availability on June 6

Ivan, 04 June 2019

Google will finally reveal the pricing of its cloud-based Gaming platform Stadia on June 6 at the first Stadia Connect event.

We'll also get the spill on which games are coming to the platform and if the service will be a subscription one or a per-title one.

We expected to learn the pricing of Apple's own Arcade service but the only new info we got at WWDC 2019 is that tvOS and iOS will get Microsoft Xbox One S and PlayStation DualShock 4 controller support.

Check back in two days to find out more about Google's Stadia. Apple, on the other hand, will likely wait till this fall to give the game away on its Arcade.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

I hope they'll have servers all around the world. I wanted to pay for Shadow to play Kenshi but they only have data centers in the US and Western Europe.

  • AnonD-59899

Well... The joystick isn't the most important factor here... This is still primarily software.

  • Anonymous


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