Google guarantees Pixel Android updates through 2018, security patches through 2019

28 April 2017

Google’s update schedule has been mostly the same with any Nexus device in the past: Android updates for two years, security updates for three years or 18 months after the Google Store runs out of stock. Honestly, there’s nothing surprising about these numbers, only that Google has posted them onto its Android support page.

The Google Pixel was released in October of last year, so the Pixel and Pixel XL will both receive “guaranteed” Android version updates through October 2018. Notice Google says “Guaranteed” because it could decide it wants to update the Pixel to the most current Android version in 2019 (only If it wants to).

Strangely, Google still has a small section in this website dedicated to the “Google Play edition” devices and their update schedules. We haven’t seen any new GPe devices since the HTC One M8, launched on March 25, 2014; also the final GPe device to be removed from the Google Play website.

Google Play editions featured flagship devices like the Galaxy S4 and the Sony Z Ultra which shipped a stock Android experience and got updated directly from Google.

Many devices have launched since then! Which device would you love a Google Play edition of?

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