Google will require all devices launched after January 31, 2020 to run Android 10

Yordan, 08 October 2019

Android 10 was launched in early September and Google has just confirmed that all phones launched after January 31, 2020 must have the new OS. According to XDA Developers, Google will authorize the use of GMS (Google Mobile Services) only if the OEM has provided a build, based on the latest Android 10.

Google Mobile Services in action Google Mobile Services in action

The step, made by the Mountain View company, is to ensure all manufacturers will provide up-to-date software to their users and Google will be able to issue timely security updates. However, the documentation says builds must be approved before January 31, meaning it's technically possible for a phone to launch after that date with an older Android as long as its software was ready earlier.

The GMS is basically the Google apps package, including Google Play Store and Services that all phones outside of China come with. One major exception is the Mate 30 series, which is launching across the globe without them due to the Huawei US trade ban.



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  • Anonymous

Why the ageism? The older folks I know are still embracing new tech . Don't have to be old to appreciate slightly older tech if it could still be used for work or everyday basics. I use older (banger) phones when out on treks or for work, when...

I personally still have a working smartphone running Jelly Bean. It's slow, and even Whatsapp isn't supported. Calls and SMS still work and you can go to internet. So I guess it's better than nothing, and is still OK for old people.

The also should require that all aplicable devices which would and should get android 10 would have it before 31.1.2020.

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