Google's latest ad reminds you the Pixel 3a 'Is Google' while iPhone 'Has Google'

Ivan, 23 May 2019

Google's Pixel 3a/3a XL phones recently came out and they bring the Pixel experience at a lower price. That means mostly the same as a Pixel 3/3 XL (including the widely-renowned main camera) at half the price.

But Google's latest ads for the Pixel 3a shine a light that the Pixel 3a also costs less than half as much as an iPhone XS , claiming that Phone X "Has Google" for $999 while Pixel 3a "Is Google" for $399.

What that means is that while iOS has all the Google Apps you'd want - like Photos, Maps, Assistant, Home, Calendar, Gmail - they're just apps and aren't built into the OS.

Google's Pixel 3a has Google's deep integration - Photos sync in the background, Maps tracks your timeline, Assistant can be invoked by 'Hey Google' or a squeeze of the frame, and more.

Google's latest Pixel 3a ads Google's latest Pixel 3a ads
Google's latest Pixel 3a ads

This isn't the first time Google uses the iPhone to make its Pixel stand out. A few months ago it put out an ad comparing the Pixel 3's Night Sight to the iPhone's plain dark picture.



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I like your thinking.

This is why I bought a Windows Phone.

  • Anonymous

Nexus phones came with the then top-of-the-line SoCs so developers could familiarize themselves with the latest enhancements and features. They shipped with bone-stock android, forgoing customization or extra features. They were bargain priced, and...